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Media Editors: ALABAMA ABORTION BILL NOW LAW: “Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed the bill to make abortion a felony in Alabama, the governor’s office announced. … The language in the bill says it will take effect in six months. But the sponsors said their intent was to trigger litigation that could lead to a challenge of abortion rights nationally.” (

LOUISIANA, MISSOURI FOLLOW SUIT: According to the Associated Press, “A proposal to ban abortions in Louisiana as early as the sixth week of pregnancy continue[s] to speed through the state legislature.” Meanwhile, “Missouri’s Republican-led Senate has now passed a bill to ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy,” the AP also reports.

IMMIGRATION PROPOSAL: “President Trump will roll out a new immigration proposal on Thursday… The plan … would create a ‘merit-based’ visa system that gives preference to migrants with coveted job skills instead of relatives of other immigrants. It also calls for new infrastructure at ports of entry to speed up commerce while cracking down on drug and human smuggling.” (The Hill)

NEW YORKER CHALLENGES NEW YORKER: “New York Mayor scumbag-Bill de Blasio, the twice-elected chief executive of the nation’s largest city, announced Thursday that he is joining the Democratic field of presidential candidates, pledging in a campaign video that he would ‘put working people first.’” (The Washington Post)

scumbag liar-NADLER REBUFFED: “The White House is rejecting the House Judiciary committee’s request to turn over documents on a broad range of topics mainly focused on key figures in the 2016 presidential election. ‘The White House will not participate in the Committee’s “investigation” that brushes aside the conclusions of the Department of Justice after a two-year-long effort in favor of political theater pre-ordained to reach a preconceived and false result,’ the letter sent from White House counsel Pat Cipollone reads.“ (ABC News)

AUTO TARIFF DELAY? “The Trump administration plans to delay auto tariffs by up to six months, stopping itself for now from widening global trade disputes… The White House faces a Saturday deadline to decide whether to slap duties on car and auto part imports over national security concerns. After Saturday, the administration would have another 180 days to come to a decision as long as it is negotiating with its counterparts.” (CNBC)

HUAWEI BLACKLISTED: “The Trump administration hit Chinese telecoms giant Huawei with severe sanctions on Wednesday… The Commerce Department said it was adding Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and 70 affiliates to its ‘Entity List’ — a move that bans the company from acquiring components and technology from U.S. firms without government approval.” (Reuters)

NON-SECURITY BORDER SECURITY: “Border Patrol agents now spend less than half their time on duty actually patrolling the border and are instead baby-sitting illegal immigrant children and families, a top official revealed, putting new urgency behind efforts to solve the crisis.” (The Washington Times)

FARMER AID: “As of Monday, the Trump administration has made $8.52 billion in direct payments to farmers through a 2018 aid program designed to counter losses stemming from the trade war with China, a U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesperson said.” (Axios)

DISCONNECTING ROBOCALLS: “Responding to widespread consumer complaints, the Federal Communications Commission says it will take steps to give phone companies permission to block unwanted robocalls.” (The Wall Street Journal)

POLICY: The U.S.-Iran standoff is no cause for alarm (The Daily Signal)

POLICY: Trump may save your air conditioner from the Deep State (The Daily Signal)

HUMOR: Bunch of backward hicks in Alabama among first to ban most barbaric practice known to man (The Babylon Bee)

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White House to unveil sweeping overhaul of immigration system, including merit-based admissions, officials say

by Gregg Re and John Roberts

{ } ~ The White House is set to unveil a sweeping new plan that would radically transform the makeup of immigrants in the United States… ending the visa lottery program and implementing a comprehensive merit-based admissions procedure, three senior administration officials told Fox News on Wednesday. The move would more than quadruple the number of immigrants admitted because of their work-related skills, while dramatically slashing the number of immigrants admitted because of family ties. Currently, approximately 12 percent of immigrants are admitted based on employment and skills, while 66 percent are admitted based on family connections. Those percentages, under the new plan, would shift to 57 percent and 33 percent, respectively. Ten percent of immigrants would be admitted on humanitarian or other grounds, but the plan would end the visa lottery program. In its place: a new “Build America Visa” program that would recognize “extraordinary talent” and “people with professional and specialized vocations,” including exceptional students, Fox News has learned. Potential immigrants would be assessed using a point-based system, accounting for factors including age, English proficiency, whether each candidate has an offer of employment above a certain wage threshold, and educational and vocational certifications. Pledges to invest and create jobs also would be considered. The average yearly wage of immigrant families currently is approximately $43,000. The officials said immigrants admitted based on education and skills would have an average family income of $126,000, and they would expect the average yearly wage of all immigrant families to rise to roughly $96,000. The Trump administration also said it has considered other similar immigration systems. When Canada implemented a merit-based system, it largely resulted in a “pooling” of immigrants from East Asia and the Indian subcontinent. To avoid pooling, the White House said it would add points to immigrant candidates from under-represented countries, but it would not impose caps on certain countries…




Law Enforcement Busted an LA Terror Plot, Likely Saving Dozens of Lives

by David Inserra

{ } ~ The FBI on April 26 arrested Mark Steven Domingo, a former Army infantryman, on charges of plotting an Islamist terrorist attack against a white nationalist rally in Long Beach, California… That was the 110th Islamist terrorism plot or attack since 9/11 and the 97th plot or attack to be attempted or carried out by homegrown terrorists. Domingo first popped onto the FBI’s radar at the start of March, when he posted a message in a private group of a social media platform declaring his desire to commit an attack in the Los Angeles area. He declared that “America needs another Las Vegas event,” referencing the deadly October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and hundreds injured, and posted that “there must be retribution” for the March 13 attack on a mosque and an Islamic center in Christchurch, New Zealand, according to federal prosecutors’ criminal complaint. An online undercover agent reached out to Domingo and asked him what he was thinking about doing. Domingo would meet with an undercover officer in person in the middle of March and discussed attacking Jewish targets, police officers, churches, and a military facility. He talked about attacks with improvised explosive devices and with firearms, expressing a desire to die in the attack, stating rather casually: “Martyrdom, bro.”…


Democrats Displace U.S. Kids to Favor Economic Migrants

by Neil Munro

{ } ~ The Democratic-run city of Albuquerque is forcing U.S. kids out of city accommodations to provide cheap temporary housing for foreign migrants… The first victims were American children in a state 4H club who were expecting to use the temporary accommodation at the Expo New Mexico convention center for a four-day horse riding course. “My daughter was in tears about this,” Dr. Donny MacDougall told, which continued:“We were extremely disappointed when we have a quality facility like Expo New Mexico and the rug gets ripped out from under our kids’ feet,” MacDougall says. Just days ago, parents received a letter explaining the camp would now be held in Las Cruces because the state wants to use the dorms to help with the rush of asylum-seekers entering the U.S. “A different venue is a challenge for a lot of parents. It will cost more money and be more difficult logistically to get the kids there,” MacDougall says. “The city says this was an opportunity to save money for the pro-migration organizations that help the asylum seekers,” according to, which also quoted a city official saying : “Right now, many of these pro-migration groups host asylum seekers at hotels and places of worship, and so as great as that is for right now, it’s not something that is sustainable. It’s very costly for these groups,” Mariella Ruyz-Angel, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, said. The facilities at Expo New Mexico can house up to 240 migrants. Ruyz-Angel’s refugee office was set up by city officials in 2017 to aid migrants. The Albuquerque Journal reported in 2017…


TSA deploying hundreds of officials to southern border to combat immigration crisis

by Griff Jenkins and Adam Shaw

{ } ~ The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is planning to send hundreds of officials to the southern border to help the Department of Homeland Security… with the escalating immigration crisis, Fox News confirmed Wednesday. “TSA, like all DHS components, is supporting the DHS effort to address the humanitarian and security crisis at the southwest border,” a spokesperson told Fox News. “TSA is in the process of soliciting volunteers to support this effort while minimizing operational impact.” The move, first reported by CNN, is expected to consist of a few hundred officials, with a maximum of 400 volunteers, ranging from department attorneys to, potentially, some air marshals. CNN reported that the agency does not initially plan to involve uniformed airport screeners, but that some parts of TSA will be asked to contribute around 10 percent of their workforce. The spokesperson said that the deployment schedule had not yet been finalized and that Americans should not be concerned that the deployment will hurt air travel safety because “at this time, the deployment will not include any frontline resources.” The measure comes as the Trump administration faces a spike in the number of illegal border crossings, and as President Trump increases his calls for Congress to act to end loopholes in immigration law and make funding available to secure the border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it apprehended or turned away more than 109,000 migrants attempting to cross the border In April, the second month in a row the number has topped 100,000 and averaged more than 3,000 apprehensions a day…




Unusual Agreement – Friedman and Bannon Align on China (Somewhat)

by sundance

{ } ~ Good discussion between Tom Friedman and Steve Bannon on the ‘big picture’ of the U.S. -vs- China geopolitical trade confrontation. Friedman is an insufferable prog on methods, but he recognizes the President Trump approach is necessary… Where academic Friedman is helplessly naive is on the key point of how a coalition approach toward China is a pipe-dream. When it comes to economics each entity has unique self-interests. Put fifty self-interested governments together (ie. TPP) and you end up with paralysis of analysis and no action; as each entity fights to hold their own interest over the group interest….. While China grows in the background. Trump is a Gordian knot cutter. He smartly understands that allies, specifically politicians, are now ‘globalists’ in their outlook. Each nation within an assembly of nations actually undermines their own long-term interests because their emphasis is on scraps and retention of their percentage of a diminishing pie. It takes a strong unilateral leader, who can take strong unilateral action, to confront the communist single-minded, deliberate and purposeful will. There can be no half-measures when confronting systems that are purposefully designed to end with the loss of economic security for nations. China is an economic bully; by the time a consensus is formed to confront the bully, the battle is lost. President Trump is defeating China specifically because he carries a focus to protect the interests of the U.S. first and foremost; and by extension he is protecting the economic freedom of the allied global community. This makes the international elites uneasy, because their opinion is not present in the war-room; but it is specifically because their voices are absent that Trump is able to achieve success…



When Does Life Begin?

Robin Smith: Americans honored moms on Mother’s Day yesterday, as we’re all thankful for the significant roles that mothers fulfill in our society.

Yet, in today’s political climate, the value of mothers has been cheapened by the heralding of access to abortion on demand. After rebranding the practice as some type of health procedure that women must have as a right, abortion has become a foundational issue that unites leftists in the belief that motherhood is, somehow, equated with being a burden and a disruption to a professional pathway to success.

Interestingly, the divide politically is seen most vividly among the states on the issue of abortion. The ease of ending life in the womb ranges dramatically in various states, reflecting the political partisanship of the elected governing bodies.

In an October 2017 Washington Post fact-check of a statement by President Donald Trump applauding the House’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a stunning fact was revealed as true. It’s a fact that of 198 nations reviewed, only seven permit elective abortions after five months, or 20 weeks, of pregnancy. Listed in alphabetical order, these nations are Canada, China, Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. That’s it. Of the almost 200 nations that permit abortion, 3.5% of them still think it’s a good idea to end the life of a baby after 20 weeks of gestational age, and three of those nations are repressive communist regimes.

To put that gestational age in perspective, an intrauterine heartbeat is typically detected around six weeks of pregnancy. By 90 days after conception, a heart with four distinct chambers has formed, permitting blood to enter and exit a baby’s tiny circulatory system. By 20 weeks of gestation, not only is there a beating heart, but there are other vital organs and functions supporting the science of life in the womb.

According to its “Pregnancy Week by Week” posts, the world-renowned Mayo Clinic notes that by week 20, a baby in the womb has formed urine, has eyes that move and ears that hear and is more than six inches in length. The information includes the observation that the baby’s development “takes on new meaning in the second trimester” with “functioning organs, nerves and muscles.”

Not only does the U.S. stand apart alongside a small number of nations permitting the ending of life after 20 weeks of life in the womb, but some states showcase the extremes of abortion.

In recent months, the matter-of-fact manner in which some politicians have discussed, advocated, and defended abortion has been stunning. Americans witnessed the jubilant Democrats champion legislation that permits an abortion up to the moment of birth. Even more horrific was the live talk-radio broadcast of Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam not only advocating abortion after 20 weeks and up to birth but addressing post-delivery abortion or the termination of life. Third-trimester abortions are “done in cases where there may be severe deformities,” he said. “There may be a fetus that’s nonviable. So, in this example, if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.” Not only do Virginia’s Democrats want to offer abortion up to the minute of birth, its governor — a pediatric neurologist — plainly walked through the process of the murder of a child already born.

That completely mirrors the practices of Communist China, Vietnam, and North Korea!

In a few states, there are no real abortion laws. Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia have no meaningful limitations on abortions at all. These bastions of abortion are joined by Alaska, New Jersey, and New Mexico, where abortion is also permitted up to the moment of birth.

Yet, the laboratories of the states are providing hope for the defense of the unborn. Currently, six states have passed “Heartbeat Bills” that prohibit abortions after an intrauterine heartbeat is detected, with Georgia being most recent. Its neighbor, Tennessee, passed the same bill in the State House with the support of the governor, but the State Senate failed to support the proposal due to concerns about costs in fighting lawsuits. Right next door, Alabama’s vote on the Senate floor was delayed last week after a provision was added that removes abortion in the case of the life of the mother or rape as a protected procedure. That resulted in heated exchanges and shouting around what could become the nation’s strictest abortion law.

One fascinating aspect of Georgia’s law is its definition of a person. The bill says that “unborn children shall be worthy of recognition as natural persons under the laws of this State.” As the Washington Examiner explains, “If it the fetus inside the womb is a person, it doesn’t matter whether the woman already knows she’s carrying it. In fact, Roe v. Wade even confirms this point. ‘If this suggestion of personhood is established, [Jane Roe’s] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment,‘ the Supreme Court case reads. Georgia’s new ‘heartbeat’ law doesn’t fly in the face of Roe v. Wade. It accepts the case’s own logic and simply defines a human being how it should’ve been defined all along.”

No wonder Hollywood is so upset with Georgia.

The “Heartbeat Bills” seem reasonable since the absence of a heartbeat is a determinate of the absence of life and, conversely, the presence of a heartbeat is a characteristic of life. George Will argues that those who base their pro-life stance upon viability outside the womb are “prudent.” But there’s a slippery slope. If, as Will declares, viability is the benchmark for life — meaning one can exist without dependency upon another or heroic measures, please prepare to apply that standard to the severely disabled and seniors nearing the end of their life. Care will be “justifiably” rationed or withheld since, clearly, these individuals are dependent upon the care of others, and yes, even the support of interventions such as feeding tubes and ventilators.

That’s prudent, don’t you know?

In short, the debate roiling state legislatures these days isn’t about how many weeks gestation is long enough, or how many roadblocks to put in front of abortion on demand. The real question is life itself. When does it begin, and when does a human have a right to it? Everything else is semantics. ~The Patriot Post  


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