Thursday Top Headline Summary

Media Editors: “Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Congress on Wednesday that the situation at the U.S. southern border is ‘truly an emergency.’ The United States is experiencing a ‘real serious and sustained crisis at our borders,’ Nielsen said. … ‘The projections are dire,’ she said. ‘The agency is now on track to apprehend more migrants crossing illegally in the first six months of this fiscal year than the entirety of [fiscal year 2017]. And at the current pace, we are on track to encounter close to one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year.’” (The Washington Free Beacon)

“The leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have come out in force to support Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after her latest round of anti-Semitic remarks, declaring that her statements do not constitute anti-Semitism. … Democrats were going to introduce another resolution this week to condemn Omar’s anti-Semitism, but after outrage from the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, it appears as though the party will no longer introduce a resolution specifically condemning Omar but will condemn all hate. The leading 2020 Democratic candidates — Sens. commie-Bernie Sanders (D-VT), lowlife-Kamala Harris (D-CA), and Elizabeth dinky-Warren (D-MA) — also weighed in on Omar’s growing anti-Semitism scandal, stating that they did not believe her anti-Semitic remarks were actually anti-Semitic.” (The Daily Wire)

“The Democratic National Committee (DNC) said Wednesday it would not permit Fox News to host a presidential primary debate, citing an explosive story this week alleging deep ties between the conservative network and President Trump’s inner circle,” The Hill reports. Trump responded, “Democrats just blocked @FoxNews from holding a debate. Good, then I think I’ll do the same thing with the Fake News Networks and the Radical Left Democrats in the General Election debates!”

“A sprawling General Motors assembly plant near Youngstown was idled on Wednesday after more than 50 years producing cars and other vehicles, a move that will eliminate nearly 1,700 hourly positions by month’s end. … The Cruze, once a popular and well-reviewed compact car made in Lordstown since 2011, has become the victim of consumer tastes as car buyers in an era of inexpensive gasoline have shown strong preferences for trucks, SUVs and crossover-type vehicles, all of which produce far bigger profits than sedans for GM.” (Associated Press)

“Cody Weddle, a Venezuela-based freelance reporter, was released late Wednesday after spending 12 hours in custody — underscoring the ongoing political crisis in the South American nation. Weddle, a 28-year-old Virginia native, was detained early Wednesday after Venezuela’s Military Counterintelligence, DGCIM, raided his home in Caracas. His assistant, Carlos Camacho, was also detained and their equipment seized. … Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott demanded Weddle’s release and the U.S. State Department accused Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro of preferring to ‘stifle the truth rather than face it.’” (Miami Herald)

“Once a rising Republican star, former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock’s public fall from grace began with stories of his lavish tastes, including the extravagant remodeling of his Washington office inspired by the British television series ‘Downton Abbey.’ After he resigned in 2015 amid a federal investigation, Schock, of Peoria, was hit with a sweeping criminal indictment alleging he used his government and campaign funds as a personal piggy bank… On Wednesday, however, Schock’s story took a stunning turn — one virtually unheard of in a high-profile corruption case. In a surprise move, federal prosecutors in Chicago announced they had agreed to drop all charges against Schock in what’s known as a deferred prosecution. Under the terms of the deal, Schock, 37, must pay back taxes to the IRS and $68,000 to his congressional campaign funds.” (Chicago Tribune)

“A federal judge in California has blocked the Trump administration from including a citizenship question on the 2020 census, ruling the decision to add the question is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg of the district court in San Francisco is the second federal judge to reject the Trump administration’s bid to include the citizenship question on the upcoming census questionnaire. … The U.S. Supreme Court agreed last month to consider the issue, and the justices will hear arguments in the case out of New York in April.” (Washington Examiner)

“Sen. Martha McSally, the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, disclosed during an emotional Senate hearing on Wednesday she was ‘preyed upon and then raped’ in the Air Force by a superior officer. … McSally said she didn’t report the assault because she didn’t trust the system, and was ashamed and confused. … The revelation came just weeks after Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, came forward in January with her story of being raped by a former boyfriend, saying she decided to do so after details of her divorce were made public.” (Fox News)

“The dream of the $15 minimum wage was finally realized among Amazon employees after the company caved to mounting pressure and implemented it company-wide on Nov. 1. But according to a new report, the improved wages aren’t working out as many employees had hoped at Amazon’s Whole Foods grocery store chain. … The employees, speaking on condition of anonymity ‘for fear of retaliation,’ revealed … that they’ve seen an average of about a 30% reduction in hours per week for part-timers and about a 10% reduction for full-timers.” (The Daily Wire)

Humor: Nation’s Republicans weep bitterly upon learning scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton not running in 2020 (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: “Putting reparations in practice today would be challenging… and misguided,” says Lone Star Policy Institute Director Doug McCullough. Read more about “The Problems With Social Justice Economics.”

Policy: The Heritage Foundation’s Lee Edwards explains why “Socialism Is a Rigid Ideology That Always Ends in Tyranny.”

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Democrats Have an Antisemitic Problem – The “Ilhan Omar Resolution” Will Not Remove It

by sundance

{} ~ Speaker of the House Nancy Pulosi is scheduling an Ilmar Omar resolution for Wednesday in an attempt to protect her party and cover ongoing, bigoted and sustained antisemitic comments from Muslim freshman representative Ilmar Omar… However, Pulosi’s attempt to hide the inherent strain of anti-Jewish sentiment throughout her party is likely to fail. Quite simply, Speaker Pulosi and her House leadership are once again putting their fingers in the cracks of a crumbling wall holding back the far-left hatred for Jews growing amid their base each year. To further Pulosi’s anxiety, Ms. Omar has full-throated support from fellow freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI), the first Palestinian-American congresswoman, and the celeb progressive commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y) who compares Omar’s attacks against Jewish people to the demands made by “civil rights icons” of years past. There’s an ideological baseline here that cannot be overcome simply by putting political resolutions on the floor while Omar, Tlaib and commie-AOC express their underlying desire for their preferred ‘final solution‘, to see the nation state of Israel destroyed…


The Post-Child Democrats

Daniel Greenfield

{} ~ “Is it okay to still have children?” Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wondered while making a salad. “It’s basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult… and it does lead, I think young people, to have a legitimate question.” It’s easy to dismiss her, but the loudest proponent of a Green New Deal doesn’t come up with original ideas, she just snatches extreme lefty ideas already being mainstreamed, and dumbs them down into a ridiculous and easily digestible form. commie-Cortez hadn’t come up with the idea of cracking down on air travel or cows. And she hadn’t invented environmentalist proposals for human extinction on her own. “Is It Cruel to Have Kids in the Era of Climate Change?” the New Republic had asked. “If the looming 12-year deadline is missed,” the formerly liberal, and now radically leftist publication, suggested, “what purpose could life have in the face of an unavoidable, collective downfall?” “Bringing children into a decaying world, without even the opportunity to do something about it, seems a cruel fate to inflict on someone, especially your own child.” It was the very same argument about the cruelty of bringing unwanted children into the world that had been used for abortion that was now being deployed for a preemptive national infanticide. But infanticide, personal or societal, of a child that exists or of all the children that never will, is not about compassion for the child. It is about the perception that the existence of the child is an evil. The New York Times put that idea forward when it ran an op-ed asking, “Would human extinction be a tragedy?” “It may well be, then, that the extinction of humanity would make the world better off,” it pondered…


Border Crisis Hearing: “It’s Real. It’s Serious. It is a Threat.”

by Sara Carter

{} ~ Commissioner for U.S. Customs and Border Protection Kevin K. McAleenan strongly rebuked claims by opponents Wednesday that the border is not a crisis… He said he “fundamentally disagrees” with those who called President Donald Trump’s national emergency a “fake emergency” and laid out a litany of statistics exposing the serious humanitarian crisis and national security implications for the United States. McAleenan spoke after opening statements from Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Dianne Fein-stein, D-Ca, and Chairman Lindsey Graham gave their opening statements. The issues discussed ranged from drug smuggling, penetration of drug cartels deep in the United States and the counter narcotics efforts being addressed by Department of Homeland Security and its divisions. McAleenan argued — with statistics to back his claims — that Trump’s request for $5.7 billion for border wall infrastructure is an absolute necessity as part of a comprehensive plan to address the crisis. The growing humanitarian crisis took precedence as well. McAleenan spoke at significant length about trans-national criminal trafficking organizations, which he said are expected to make roughly $2.5 billion a year off of illegal immigration into the U.S. alone. He addressed the long journey of children being trafficked into the U.S. In one example, he spoke of children from Guatemala, who travel more than 1500 miles under gruesome conditions. Some of the children spend more than 30 days being trafficked and are subjected to physical, sexual abuse and in many cases have contracted infectious diseases that threaten their lives, he said…


The War to Destroy Christian America

by Mark Tapson

{} ~ For years, Morris County in New Jersey had been giving historic churches money to make repairs under an historic preservation program… In 2015, the State Supreme Court ruled that taxpayer funds should not be used to repair places of worship. A challenge to this ruling recently went before the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case, but Justice Brett Kavanaugh pointed out that “barring religious organizations because they are religious from a general historic-preservation grants program is pure discrimination against religion.” This “would raise serious questions under this Court’s precedents and the Constitution’s fundamental guarantee of equality.” This seems like a relatively minor, local issue but it is yet another instance of the fierce conflict referred to in Horowitz’s quote above. As the Freedom Center’s founder notes in his brand new book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, we are engaged in “a war against this nation and its founding principles: the equality of individuals and individual freedom. For these principles are indisputably Christian in origin. They are under siege because they are insurmountable obstacles to radicals’ totalitarian ambition to create a new world in their image.” Those totalitarian radicals are today’s progressives. “Since its birth in the fires of the French Revolution,” Horowitz writes, “the political left has been at war with religion, and with the Christian religion in particular.” He knows this from personal experience. As a “red-diaper baby,” he learned early on that his parents and their leftist friends were true believers in a faith, but not one concerned with the fate of souls. The label “progressivism” masked their true religion, which was Communism, and their “cause was the salvation of mankind” – but “they thought of themselves as the redeemers, not God.”…


Israeli right regains majority, Zehut crosses threshold

by David Rosenberg

{} ~ The right-wing – religious bloc would win a majority of seats in the 21st Knesset if elections were held today, a new poll shows, as the Likud gains ground on the Blue and White party… According to the poll, which was conducted Tuesday by the firm TNS and published on Kan Wednesday, the left-wing – Arab bloc, which was projected to win a 61-seat majority in the previous TNS survey, fell to 59 mandates. The Blue and White party – a joint ticket of Yesh Atid, the Israel Resilience Party, and the smaller Telem faction – would win 35 seats, down from the 37 the party was projected to win in the previous TNS poll last week. The Likud, on the other hand, gained one seat, rising from 29 seats in the previous poll to 30 mandates – the same number the party won in 2015. The two Arab lists – Hadash-Ta’al and the United Arab List-Balad – would win a combined 12 seats, with eight going to Hadash-Ta’al and four to UAL-Balad. Last week’s poll showed Hadash-Ta’al with seven seats and UAL-Balad with five. In 2015, the four parties ran on a joint list, winning 13 seats. The far-left Meretz faction would retain the five seats it currently holds – a decline of one seat compared to last week’s poll, while Labor would win seven seats – up one mandate from last week but down from the 19 seats it won in 2015…


Not a Plan for Victory in Afghanistan

Charles Paige: Emboldened by President Donald Trump’s reported December directive to cut U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan by half, commentators from across the political spectrum have formed a chorus calling for an end to what they argue is a hopeless, seemingly never-ending war. Their arguments seem to be gaining traction, with the U.S. now reportedly offering to remove all of its troops over the course of the next five years in exchange for Taliban assurances. It’s not clear exactly what those assurances are and whether they’ll actually be observed, but the Taliban pinky promise that they’re sincere.

As we’ve highlighted before, the West’s efforts in Afghanistan don’t constitute a steady, 17-year pursuit of a particular strategy so much as a loosely connected series of political platform planks — invade-and-ignore; surge-and-withdraw; “the opposite of whatever the guy before me said and did.” Leaving the task of training and advising Afghan Security Forces to the Europeans while the U.S. focuses on counterterrorism, both ahead of a pre-determined withdrawal date, would just be the latest iteration of this schizophrenic dance. In contrast, the Taliban’s stated goals have held steady. They’ve adjusted their tactics and some of their talking points, but they’ve been consistently tenacious in pursuing both. Is it any wonder that many Afghans have sought to hedge their bets and allegiances given the two approaches?

While the “Afghanistan is another Vietnam” label has been used pejoratively for quite some time, abandoning the Afghans after repeated assurances that we wouldn’t and subverting the government we claim to support by excluding it from our discussions with the Taliban are arguably the most Vietnam-esque moves yet. As former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker [laments( ):

This current process bears an unfortunate resemblance to the Paris peace talks during the Vietnam War. Then, as now, it was clear that by going to the table we were surrendering; we were just negotiating the terms of our surrender. The Taliban will offer any number of commitments, knowing that when we are gone and the Taliban is back, we will have no means of enforcing any of them.

Negotiating with the Taliban is not in itself a bad thing. But entering the discussion having all but formally announced a significant drawdown or departure is called capitulation, not negotiation. It’s Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s 2009 West Point speech all over again. Conceding to the Taliban’s primary demand — withdrawal of all “invaders” — with virtually no means to enforce their compliance with our demands is certainly not a “plan for victory.” ~The Patriot Post


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