Thursday Top Headlines

by Political Editors: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in 48 years (MarketWatch)

GM adding 700 workers at SUV plant in Tennessee (Fox Business)

Trump administration wants it to be easier to shop hospital prices and move doctors (Washington Examiner)

Trump travel ban looks poised for victory at U.S. Supreme Court (Bloomberg)

Trump’s VA nominee Ronny Jackson withdraws after new allegations raised (NBC News)

EPA chief Pruitt faces congressional grilling on spending, ethics (Reuters)

French President Emmanuel Macron urges Congress to fight “virus of fake news” (National Review)

North Korea’s nuclear test site has collapsed, which may be why Kim Jong-un suspended tests (South China Morning Post)

Migrant “caravan” at U.S.-Mexico border prepares for mass crossing (Reuters)

$46,654: Annual cost of detaining illegal alien exceeds average American income (CNS News)

Judge rules New York City bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat — refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, though… (Fox News)

Chicago is trying to pay down its debt by impounding innocent people’s cars (Reason)

Millennials blame boomers for ruining their lives (Axios)

Policy: How Trump should define success in Syria (The National Interest)

Policy: Here’s what may lie behind North Korea’s latest moves (The Daily Signal) ~The Patriot Post


Secret Gowdy/Goodlatte DOJ Deal to Hide 800.000 Docs From America – Dobbs, Desantis


{ } ~ Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) gives President Trump high marks for his handling of the Iran situation… and for not hiding in the safety of the business as usual of his predecessors, most egregiously that of his Islamic predecessor, Hussein liar-nObama, that got us into the mess we’re in. He applauds him for being willing to take the bull by the horns on both Iran and North Korea and do what needed to be done. Dobbs then turns “to the deep state and the investigations into the liar-Clinton investigation. You have led a group of eleven lawmakers calling for a criminal referral on Comey, liar-Clinton, McCabe et al. Have you gotten a response from either FBI Director Christopher Wray or Attorney General Jeff Sessions?” DeSantis replies, “Not directly, but the next day after we sent the letter McCabe was referred for criminal prosecution for false statements. Then the day after that Comey was referred to the Inspector General an internal affairs watchdog that cannot compel him to do anything.”…



Citizens’ Grand Juries Are the Only Way to Get Justice

by Larry Klayman

{ } ~ The American people — that is those who care about eliminating what now appears to any sane individual to be a dual system of justice are not stupid… While predictions by Sean Hannity during last night’s show that the hammer is about to come down on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his compromised leftist prosecutors, James Comey, liar-Hillary and liar-Bill Clinton, Barack liar-nObama, Loretta Lynch and others who Sean claimed near sole credit for having ensnarled in supposed government criminal investigations, this is no time to drink the Fox host’s “Kool Aide” — designed to boost his viewership and Nielson ratings. While one or even two lower level officials, such as former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, may suffer some consequences for their allegedly nefarious actions — as a sacrificial lamb — this will likely be it, based upon past and present history about the way that the Washington, D.C., legal establishment works. To put it bluntly, you, the party that controls the Justice Department, must protect my back and we will do the same when we reclaim power in the executive branch. In short, there is a “dishonorable gentlemen’s agreement” among the Washington D.C. establishments of both political parties that its “game” to go on Fox News or CNN as the case may be, boast of one’s so-called strong actions on behalf of justice, raise money, get reelected, or appointed to some higher government post, but then walk away from one’s oath of office and do nothing of substance…


Rahm Emanuel Warns Democrats of Misusing Impeachment

by Jack Heretik

{ } ~ Chicago Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel warned fellow Democrats against misusing impeachment… saying it is not a “political tool.” Many Democrats want to use impeachment against President Donald Trump as a key point of their platform in the 2018 midterm elections. However, Emanuel warned his fellow Democrats against using the “serious legal and constitutional” option of impeachment, according to Axios. “I lived through the liar-Clinton White House,” Emanuel said. “This is a serious legal and constitutional, not political, issue. … I couldn’t be angrier at Donald Trump. … That said, you don’t just flippantly say: We’re for impeachment.”…


Gretchen Carlson Will Return to TV With Documentary Specials

by Conor Beck

{ } ~ Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson is returning to TV with a new series of documentary specials on A&E Networks… The series marks Carlson’s first television venture since leaving Fox News in 2016 after accusing then-Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. At least one of the specials will focus on Carlson’s efforts to shine a light on workplace sexual harassment, Politico reports. “It has now been confirmed that our voices are amplified and actually get heard when we stand together, and I am proud to partner with Lifetime to make change happen by presenting the heartbreaking, but previously untold, stories of everyday working women,” Carlson said in a statement…


SCOTUS Comes Down Against Inventors in Oil States Case

by Charles Fain Lehman

{ } ~ Inventors’ rights can be revoked through a controversial administrative process… the Supreme Court ruled by a seven-to-two margin on Tuesday, a move that promises to continue the trend of invalidation of hundreds of existing patents. The case, Oil States v. Greene’s Energy, concerns an administrative tribunal called the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). As the Free Beacon has previously reported, the PTAB is responsible for reviewing patents whose validity have been challenged. The PTAB runs on a host of procedures alien to federal court proceedings: lower evidentiary standards, the ability of anyone to challenge a patent right, and a broad interpretative standard for PTAB administrative judges. Because of these procedures, the PTAB has a track record of striking down more or less every patent that passes in front of it: A former federal judge once called PTAB tribunals “patent death squads.”...


American Ingenuity Defies Carbon Emissions Orthodoxy

by Jordan Candler: A few months ago The Washington Post begrudgingly reported, “Countries made only modest climate-change promises in Paris. They’re falling short anyway.” As we notedat the time, there’s absolutely nothing surprising about the report because the entire Paris Climate Accords façade was predicated on a pipe dream. That’s why President Donald Trump dumped it. In a free market like the one upon which America was built, innovation, not reckless government mandates, must be the policy centerpiece of the economy. Maintaining a clean environment is important, no doubt, but statist decrees will inevitably do more harm than good.

The benefits of natural human innovation are far too often taken for granted. That’s a shame because much heartache could otherwise be avoided — including when it comes to emissions control. According to Investor’s Business Daily, “The latest report from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that the emission of so-called greenhouse gases declined by 2% in 2016 from 2015 and 11% from 2005. No major industrial economy on Earth has made as much progress as the U.S. And no, we’re not claiming this as a victory for Donald Trump or anyone else in government. It’s due to fracking and the replacement of high-CO2 fuels like coal with far-cleaner natural gas.”

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt succinctly responded, “This report confirms the president’s critics are wrong again: One-size-fits-all regulations like the Clean Power Plan or misguided international agreements like the Paris Accords are not the solution. The U.S. has reduced greenhouse gas emissions more than any country on Earth over the last decade.” Moreover, he proclaimed, “American ingenuity and technological breakthroughs, not top-down government mandates, have made the U.S. the world leader in achieving energy dominance while reducing emissions — one of the great environmental successes of our time.”

For the record, foreign nations are actually purchasing U.S. coal at increasing rates, with nearly 100 million short tons of it being shipped from the U.S. in 2017. However, this is a mutually beneficial arrangement — it bolsters the U.S. economy while helping foreign nations meet their energy needs, which, ironically, underscores just how flawed the Paris accord is; these foreign nations’ energy problems were mostly created by their reliance on renewables.

But it gets even better: These countries’ embrace of U.S. coal in the meantime will hopefully put them on a path toward finding their own innovative solutions to carbon emissions like we are here in the U.S. As Investor’s adds, “American companies are reducing our greenhouse gas output without being ordered to do so by dictatorial green bureaucrats. That’s a lesson the rest of the world could learn from.” The results speak for themselves.

~The Patriot Post


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