Dems Want to Insure Illegal Immigrants


{ } ~ It’s official. Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez confirms the party fully endorses free healthcare for illegal immigrants… That puts illegals ahead of veterans struggling to qualify for civilian care, middle class working stiffs priced out of scumbag/liar-nObamacare, and baby boomers facing the likelihood of Medicare cuts. At last Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate, all ten candidates on the stage flung up their hands when asked whether they’d cover illegal aliens. Not one of the debate moderators went on to ask the obvious — how much will it cost, and who will pay for it? Why spoil a Kumbaya moment? The costs would be huge. According to Pew Foundation researchers, there are 10.5 million illegals in the nation now. Yale University and MIT demographers estimate double that. If the entire illegal population were enrolled in Medicaid, the tab would range from a whopping $84 billion a year 10.5 million times $8,015 Medicaid cost per person to more than double that: $176 billion. But that estimate needs to be pared to reflect the millions of illegals who work and already get insurance through an employer. Covering uninsured illegals is likely to cost $40 billion to $80 billion a year. That cost could explode if Democrats push through their open borders agenda. The frontrunners on the stage Thursday night — loose lips liar-Joe Biden, lowlife-Kamala Harris, and commie-Bernie Sanders — said they would stop prosecuting and deporting illegals except those guilty of committing serious crimes. Sneaking into the country should be a civil violation, in the Democrats’ view, like getting a parking ticket. With no border enforcement, the number of illegals is likely to soar, pushing up the cost of their health care. So consider $40 billion to $80 billion a lowball cost estimate. None of the candidates gushing about healthcare for illegals as a human right showed the same ardor for veterans’ health care. For years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been embroiled in scandals over vets dying waiting for medical care. Still Congress is nickel-and-diming spending for vets who want to see civilian doctors and get other civilian medical services. The total in the proposed 2020 budget is $8.9 billion, less than half what advocacy groups claim is needed to relieve the deadly backlog at VA hospitals…


The Perilous Mainstreaming of ‘Democratic Socialism’

By Rose Tennent

{ } ~ It has been both shocking and terrifying to observe just how far to the left the Democratic Party has moved… While watching the debates last week, it was abundantly clear how radical both the candidates and their policies truly are. The once-shunned label of “socialist” is now boldly embraced by many on the left. They believe it to be a fairer system than capitalism. But no one stops to think about what it means to have “free” education for all or “free” health care for all. There was scant mention of how we will pay for all the “free” stuff during the debates. Last week, Joy Behar targeted conservatives and mocked them by saying that the right is blind to the supposed virtues of “democratic-socialism.” She said that Republicans just don’t understand what the word “socialist” means. We absolutely understand the big-government, redistributionist agenda they are pushing. That is why we are terrified and alarmed to see how the left has embraced it. Liberals love to talk about “free” stuff, but we Republicans take those impossible promises to their logical conclusion: there is no such thing as a free lunch — someone eventually has to pay for it. We know that socialism eliminates free markets and does away with free enterprise. We know it doesn’t work — just look at Venezuela, a once-prosperous country that now faces mass starvation due to destructive socialist policies. But there is something more alarming in what Joy Behar said, and it’s not the first time it’s been mentioned by the left. commie-Bernie Sanders was one of the first to popularize the term in mainstream American politics, and since then it has become a leftist mantra: democratic-socialism. This is a clever way to ignore socialism’s continued failures. The left can no longer explain away socialism’s epic fails. The word “socialism” is a turn-off to many people. So, commie-Bernie and the others are redefining it. They aren’t talking about “that socialism,” they insist; they’re talking about “democratic-socialism.” “Democratic-socialism,” however, is just an innocuous-sounding term for the “tyranny of the majority” that the Founders were so anxious to avoid when they wrote the U.S. Constitution…


No, You Don’t Have A ‘Right’ To ‘Free’ Health Care, And Neither Does Anyone Else

By Ryan Fazio

{ } ~ At the bottom of the biggest current policy debate in America, whether to increase government intervention in health care, is a moral question… Is health care a “basic human right?” That means the right, not to buy or sell it voluntarily, but to acquire it from others through coercion. The politician most famous for making the claim, socialist Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders, was at it again Thursday during the Democratic presidential debate. But these days he is joined by increasingly left-wing competitors for the nomination in making the same claim. Although it rarely is, the argument should be examined on the merits. Rights, in the philosophical rather than legal sense, are universal moral claims that extend to all people across time and place by virtue of their nature. They cannot extend past the point that they violate those of another person. If they lacked these universal qualities, they would lose moral weight, for they could easily and arbitrarily be deprived from certain people at certain times. The right socialists allege exists—to consume material goods that others have created, including health care—fails to meet the universal standards for rights. Because of that, commie-Sanders and other Democrats should be asked questions like the following to explain their beliefs. Doing so might vivify the incoherence and danger of the claim to voters. Most of the medical care socialists argue people are entitled to today did not even exist decades ago. Did people a generation before us have a right to statins, which have halved the incidence of heart disease since their introduction? Did Franklin Roosevelt have a right to the polio vaccine, which virtually eradicated the disease after his death? Did people before the 1920s have a right to penicillin? Would Robinson Crusoe, the fictional character shipwrecked on a desert island in the 18th century, have the right to any health care? If so, who took that right from these people?…


Twitter Hashtag Calls For Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Resign Over Border Misinformation

By Chrissy Clark

{ } ~ New York Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) visited southern border facilities this past week. Prior to her visit, commie-AOC called Custom and Border Portal facilities “concentration camps,”… which received intense backlash due to its obvious comparison to the Holocaust. commie-AOC made an official visit to CBP facilities on July 1. She claimed that CBP officers sexually and physically threatened her and that illegal immigrant women were told to drink from toilet bowls. However, many pointed out to commie-AOC that like most U.S. prisons the CBP facilities have “potable water” in a fresh water basin above the toilet. Let that sink in: commie-Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that CBP officers physically and sexually threatened her. That’s a really serious allegation with no substantial evidence. The Federalist reached out to CBP for a response. Here it is: U.S. Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector facilitated a tour for members of Congress on July 1. This visit offered an open, frank and transparent discussion regarding our facilities and the challenges we face regarding the continuing humanitarian and border security crisis. They asked questions and heard directly from El Paso Sector leadership on how U.S. Border Patrol is managing the more than 650 percent increase in apprehensions in the sector. Representatives visited two locations El Paso Station and Clint Station, where migrants in custody receive three meals a day and have access to clean drinking water. Local leadership highlighted investments in additional restroom and shower facilities, hygiene products, increased medical support and expanded transportation capabilities. Even with these investments, El Paso officials emphasized to members of Congress that USBP facilities were not designed for long-term holding. Officials also explained the critical challenges to USBP operations when ICE/ERO and HHS/ORR are unable to move those in custody as quickly as they are processed…


The Left’s Endgame Is Not Chaos. It’s Worse.

By Robert Vincent

{ } ~ On an episode of The Candace Owens Show that aired this past May, Owens had as her guest Dennis Prager. While I agreed with most of the points made by both Ms. Owens and Mr. Prager… one item struck me as an example of superficial analysis. They declared that the primary objective of the Left is “chaos.” In an immediate sense, this seems true; the so-called “progressive left” does appear to be deliberately sowing chaos in America today. However, I submit that the Left’s “chaos” is an intermediate objective, the means to an end. They have a well defined endgame. The Communist Bloc countries were a lot of things, but they were generally not chaotic. They were highly regimented societies, and while they did not have the material standard of living or political freedoms enjoyed in the West, there were some agreeable aspects, as related by the wife of one Carlo Alcos in an online feature story on the Matador Network about her early childhood experiences growing up in East Germany: It wasn’t all trying, though. Everyone had a job, school lunches were free, after-school care was free, people were generally happy, necessities were extremely cheap, and there was more community spirit than there is nowadays. In those times, there were no Joneses to keep up with.Rigidly communist East Germany hardly sounded like “chaos.” So what is the progressive left’s game in the Era of Trump? First, at present, leftists want to create a state of political cultural chaos in the U.S. for a specific reason. They need chaos as a smokescreen to defend their current leaders — that is to say, scumbag/liar-Obama, scumbag/liar-Hillary & Co. — from prosecution. Make no mistake: scumbag/liar-nObama, scumbag/liar-Hillary, and their cohorts committed some serious crimes of an unprecedented nature for people at their level. We executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for far less. Their degree of culpability is suggested in an October 2016 email from scumbag/liar-Hilary Clinton to then DNC Chair Donna Brazile, revealed by WikiLeaks, in which scumbag/liar-Hillary shrieked to the effect that “if that f‑‑‑‑‑‑ b‑‑‑‑‑‑ wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses. You better fix this s‑‑‑!”…


Trump Deregulation Boosts American Families

Political Editors: The White House Council of Economic Advisers released a report last Friday indicating that President Donald Trump’s deregulation efforts will lead to increased household incomes by an average of $3,100 over the next decade. You may read Leftmedia reports about how the current economic expansion is only making the rich richer and “everyone else not so much,” but the truth is most American families have benefited from a healthy economy.

The chief economist on the council, Casey Mulligan, explained, “The deregulatory efforts of the Trump administration have also removed mandates from employers, especially smaller businesses, and have removed burdens that would have eliminated many small bank lenders from the marketplace. These deregulatory actions are raising real incomes by increasing competition, productivity, and wages.”

The report also notes the hidden cost of regulations, stating, “The ongoing introduction of costly regulations had previously been subtracting an additional 0.2 percent per year of real incomes, thereby giving the false impression that the American economy was fundamentally incapable of anything better than slow growth. Now, new regulations are budgeted and kept to a minimum.”

One of the most notable examples of Trump’s deregulation impact has been on prescription-drug costs. Over the past two years, prescription price increases, which have almost always outpaced the inflation rate, fell by more than 11% below the inflation rate and, the report says, “even declined in nominal terms over the calendar for the first time since 1972.” The report estimates “that the results of these actions will save consumers almost 10 percent on retail prescription drugs, which results in an increase of $32 billion per year in the purchasing power of the incomes of Americans (including both consumers and producers).”

The stock market has also benefitted from Trump’s deregulatory efforts, as stocks had “their best June in decades, capping a strong first half of 2019,” The Washington Post reported. Another area of deregulation benefits everyone with an automobile. Thanks to the fracking revolution, the U.S. has become the world’s largest oil producer, and the International Energy Agency says we can expect enough supply in 2020 to more than offset increased demand. That may keep prices stable or even reduced.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen released a recent poll of likely voters finding that a clear majority aligns more with Trump’s platform than with the Democrats’. A majority of voters (54%) saw the Democrat presidential candidates as being outside the mainstream and even extreme in their leftist platform. Instead of tacking to the middle, Democrat candidates seem committed to outdoing each other in their race to the extreme Left, and voters are noticing. That’s especially true when Trump’s policies are benefiting Americans across the board. ~The Patriot Post  


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