Thursday Top Headlines

by Media Editors: Blue-collar workers increasingly optimistic under Trump (The Washington Free Beacon)

NAFTA talks to continue as Trump says they’re on track for deal (Bloomberg)

U.S.-Mexico trade pact faces scrutiny from lawmakers at home (The Wall Street Journal)

Trump tariffs on Canadian paper struck down (Washington Examiner)

Judge drops charges against terror suspects linked to jihadi compound in New Mexico (Townhall)

U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question (The Washington Post)

Kanye West goes all in to win black community over for Trump (The Daily Wire)

Shock study: U.S. had far fewer mass shootings than previously reported (The Washington Times)

NATO: Russia building up naval presence in Mediterranean (The Washington Free Beacon)

Declassified interrogation reports show how much Iran shaped Iraq war (The Wall Street Journal)

Trump says Korea military drills could be restarted (Associated Press)

Betsy DeVos plans to overhaul Title IX, focus on due process for accusers and the accused (Reason)

In this age of anything goes, STDs hit an alarming record high (The Resurgent)

Trump “red cards” the media at White House FIFA event (Fox News Insider)

Humor: Quick Google search confirms Google not rigged (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: What to do about the growing popularity of socialism (The Daily Signal)

Policy: When environmental regulations become a tax on the poor (Economics21)

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FBI Refuses to Confirm or Deny ICIG Warned of liar-Clinton Server Intrusion

by Richard Pollock

{ } ~ The FBI refuses to disclose whether or not it met with senior members of the Intelligence Community Inspector General… on the subject of foreign intrusion of former Secretary liar-Hillary Clinton’s private server. An FBI spokeswoman refused to confirm if Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) officials — including Frank Rucker, its chief investigator — briefed top bureau officials about evidence of penetration of liar-Clinton’s private server by a Chinese government intelligence operation. “We have no comment,” she told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Earlier Wednesday, an FBI spokesman released what appeared to be a categorical statement about the liar-Clinton server: “The FBI has not found any evidence the servers were compromised,” the FBI stated. The statement does not address a central aspect of TheDCNF’s reporting, which was that the ICIG briefed top bureau officials on three separate occasions to warn the FBI of an “anomaly” they found 30,000 in-bound and outgoing emails. The report is based on an intelligence official with direct knowledge of the matter. The anomaly showed a code embedded in liar-Clinton’s server was producing in real time a “courtesy copy” to a third party…


NATO: Russia Building up Naval Presence in Mediterranean

by Jeffrey Cimmino

{ } ~ Russia is increasing its naval presence in the Mediterranean in response to heightened tensions in Syria, according to a NATO spokesperson… The build-up comes as Syria’s government is expected to start an assault in northern Idlib province, the last stronghold of the rebels. At least eight ships have joined Russia’s Mediterranean fleet, ABC reports. Oana Lungescu, NATO’s chief spokeswoman, said Wednesday that several of the ships have cruise missiles, but she refused to comment on the fleet’s intentions. “We will not speculate on the intention of the Russian fleet, but it is important that all actors in the region exercise restraint and refrain from worsening an already disastrous humanitarian situation in Syria,” Lungescu said. Moscow claims Syrian rebels are preparing a chemical attack in Idlib to prompt a Western assault on Syrian government forces. The United States has said it would respond to a chemical attack by government forces in the Syrian province…


Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Reveals Even More FBI Corruption


{ } ~ On Tuesday, former associate deputy attorney general and employee of the Department of Justice Bruce Ohr gave a closed-door testimony to House investigators… that revealed even more corruption in the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in their behavior and actions regarding the surveillance of then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) tweeted out on Tuesday, “Bruce Ohr CONFIRMED in his interview today: after the FBI terminated their relationship with Chris Steele for leaking to the media, the FBI privately reengaged with him and continued receiving his info. This was after suggesting to the American public they had cut Steele off.” In another stunning admission, Ohr reportedly told the committee that the FBI lacked confidence in the Steele dossier — yet still used the largely unconfirmed document to obtain permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. “Not only did the FBI know the dossier was unverified, but they also knew there were real credibility issues where it would never end up in a courtroom,” Meadows said as quoted by the Washington Times…


The sparkling waters of the West Bank

by Clifford D. May

{ } ~ In this topsy-turvy world, if you’d like to see Palestinians living in peace, gainfully employed, with access to quality medical care and reason to believe tomorrow will be brighter than today… you’re denounced as anti-Palestinian. If, by contrast, you prefer that Palestinians remain impoverished and on the dole of America and other “donor nations,” hating their next-door neighbor and bequeathing that hatred to their children, viewing themselves as victims while aspiring to “martyrdom” in an endless war, you get to call yourself a champion of the Palestinian cause. I share this observation with you because last week PepsiCo announced plans to buy SodaStream for $3.2 billion. Perhaps I need to explain. SodaStream, as you probably know, is a device for making sparkling water at home — no plastic bottles to schlep and then throw away or send for recycling. Its CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, an Israeli entrepreneur, a visionary who came up with a wild idea: Open a factory on the West Bank and hire Palestinians. Give them “Israeli wages” which are about four times higher than the average in the territories. Provide them and their extended families with medical insurance, a benefit few employers in the West Bank provide…


The Flag of My Father

by Rick Rinehart

{ } ~ In going through my father’s things following his death a dozen years ago, I came across the flag he had hung over our house on holidays and other special occasions… properly folded now as a tri-corner and occupying part of a shelf in his front hall closet. I asked my two siblings if they would mind if I took it, and getting no objection, I packed it up with a few other items and sent it back to my home in Colorado. Once there, it was stashed on another shelf in another closet, where I promptly forgot about it until we moved back to Connecticut – after an absence of forty years – and discovered it again while unpacking. This time I was not so dismissive or forgetful about it. It had, after all, made a nearly 60-year journey across the country and back again to accompany the return of a wayward, if not prodigal, son. I began to recall the memories that this flag embraced. It now held meaning to me that until now I had been unable to put into words. Like most Americans of his age, my father revered the flag. No chest-thumping patriot or jingoist, he hadn’t even served in the military, being a year too young for service in World War II and already married with children when war in Korea broke out. Rather, flying the flag without shame or embarrassment on special occasions is what normal Americans did then, unlike today, when the presence of a flag is often taken as a tip-off to gun ownership or conservative political views. Even after all these years, I don’t know what my father’s political views were – I’m guessing he voted both dummycrats-Democrat and Republican, maybe even at the same time. He felt it was not his business to indoctrinate his children…


Ohr Appears to Confirm That FBI Abused FISA

by Thomas Gallatin: On Tuesday, another member of the Barack scumbag/liar-nObama-era Justice Department’s deep state gave his testimony before members of the House Judiciary Committee in an eight-hour closed-door hearing. The DOJ official questioned was Bruce Ohr, who in 2016 was serving as the associate deputy attorney general but has since been demoted. Recall that Ohr’s wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS, the firm hired by liar-Hillary Clinton and the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump. It was Fusion GPS that hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who created the infamous anti-Trump dossier.

None of the above information is new, so what was the purpose of the hearing? Once again, the issue at hand is the congressional investigation into whether the DOJ and specifically the FBI abused its authority by misleading the FISA courts when it procured a surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. In other words, to what degree were officials within the FBI knowingly engaged in a partisan hit job against Trump?

Following the hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told reporters, “It became very clear that there are a number of factual conflicts. Either Bruce Ohr’s lying or [Fusion GPS cofounder] Glenn Simpson’s lying.” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) echoed Gaetz’s statement, saying that there are “some conflicts in terms of who met with whom at what time, based on sworn testimonies.”

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) noted that Ohr served as a conduit for Steele to pass information to the FBI even after the agency had terminated its relationship with the ex-spy over his leaking to the press. In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Ratcliffe stated, “My real question walking in, Sean, was what did the FBI and the Department of Justice know about Bruce Ohr and his wife?”

And Gaetz seems to answer that question, stating, “Until today, we were not certain that the FBI knew all of the things at the time that they were making initial FISAapplication and subsequent renewals. What we’ve learned today is that the FBI was absolutely in possession of material facts that they withheld from the FISA courts.”

It appears more clear than ever that certain leadership within the FBI intentionally misled the FISA court with information they knew was dubious (at best), information they knew had been produced by a firm hired by liar-Clinton and the dummycrats-DNC, salacious information they knew had been produced purely with the intent to smear a political opponent. And yet knowing all this, the FBI withheld this information from the FISA court in order to obtain the surveillance warrant. In so doing the FBI also sought to lend credibility to the canard of a Trump/Russia collusion plot. Essentially, the FBI used the Trump/Russian collusion narrative first to justify spying on the Trump campaign and, following the election, to justify its investigation into the Trump campaign.

So who was it that actually engaged in collusion and obstruction of justice? The more we learn, the more everything points away from Trump and toward members of the Washington establishment.

~The Patriot Post


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