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by Media Editors: dummycrats-Dems call for delay in Kavanaugh vote after Manafort conviction and Cohen guilty pleas (USA Today)

Pulosi: Impeachment still “not a priority” despite Cohen accusations (National Review)

Fallout for Trump: Four big questions after manafort, Cohen convictions (The Daily Signal)

Manafort juror says one holdout prevented conviction on all 18 counts (NBC News)

Lanny Davis: Michael Cohen never went to Prague as Steele dossier claims (The Daily Caller)

Lanny Davis obliterated CNN’s “bombshell” report about Michael Cohen and Trump Tower (The Daily Caller)

Mollie Tibbetts’ illegal immigrant killer used a stolen identification card (Townhall)

Judge gives no jail time to Dem IT guy Imran Awan (The Daily Caller)

“Project Spartacus” aims to save electric grid from nuclear, solar attack (Washington Examiner)

Welcome to the longest bull market in Wall Street history (MarketWatch)

Military experts say Iran’s new fighter jet is actually a U.S. plane from the 1970s (CNBC)

Trump: “I’d rather have fake news like CNN … than have anybody stopped and censored” (CNS News)

Fake news alert: Snopes falsely claims Chelsea liar-Clinton never said aborting 60 million babies was good for the economy (Life News)

Appeals court holds Alabama’s second-trimester abortion ban unconstitutional (National Review)

Man yelling “For all the little kids” beats innocent Catholic priest (The Daily Wire)

Humor: Horrified progressive suddenly realizes Mike Pence next in line for presidency (The Babylon Bee)

Policy: The myth of Trump’s “soft” Russia policy (Washington Examiner)

Policy: 3,453 days and counting: The bull that wouldn’t die (Investor’s Business Daily)

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Dershowitz: Impeachment Not Even Close


{ } ~ The legacy media was full of it on Wednesday: Politico speculated that “legal blows fuel impeachment fears” and CNN said, “Being indicted isn’t Donald Trump’s problem. Impeachment might be.”… But several commentators, including famed Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong liberal, told them, and dummycrats-Democrats champing at the bit to remove the president, to chill. Back off. Your dreams aren’t coming true today. The impeachment rants started up as soon as onetime Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort was convicted of financial crimes that happened long before he worked for Trump, and onetime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to paying off women who claimed they had encounters with Trump. What was revealed, they explained, was not an imminent departure by Trump from the White House, but a clear double standard for those accused of election crimes – one standard for Republicans and another for dummycrats-Democrats. Dershowitz, interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox, said a payoff like that isn’t illegal if the president paid it directly…



Yesterday Was Peak “Muh Russia” – The Lanny Davis Gig Isn’t Turning Out The Way Media Intended…

by Chuck Ross

{ } ~ The pesky thing about the truth is its figurative ambivalence to any feelings or emotions that surrounds it… A few counter-intuitive media appearances by Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, highlights this point succinctly. […] “So Michael Cohen does not have information that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians beforehand or even after?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Davis. “No, he does not,” replied Davis, a longtime liar-Clinton insider who started representing Cohen earlier this summer. Davis’s bombshell statement severely undercuts a July 27 CNN report that Cohen was willing to tell special counsel Robert Mueller that he was in a meeting when Donald Trump Jr. told his father about an offer to meet with a group of Russians who wanted to provide dirt on former Secretary of State liar-Hillary Clinton…


Steyer-Backed Petition in Arizona Under Fire

by Todd Shepherd

{ } ~ Opponents of a petition to place a question on Arizona ballots in November that would increase Arizona’s reliance on renewable energy are arguing in court this week… that the Secretary of State was wrong to certify the petition drive. Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona (CEHA), a committee financed almost exclusively by California billionaire political activist Tom Steyer, organized the petition drive and submitted about 480,000 signatures, needing roughly 226,000 of those to be valid. The Arizona Secretary of State’s office said last Friday the petition drive was qualified to make the ballot, exceeding the number of signatures needed by 100,000. Arizonans for Affordable Electricity (AFAE), a group opposed to the measure funded primarily by a utility company in the states, argued that some signature gatherers were felons, which in most cases would violate state law. The judge presiding over the case this week threw out the petition books submitted by felons who had not had their civil rights restored, according to the Arizona Republic…


Trump: Impeach me and the market crashes

by Pete Kasperowicz

{ } ~ President Trump predicted that if he were ever impeached, the market would crash… because it would put at risk his plan to keep creating jobs in the U.S. “I’ll tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash,” he said in a Fox News interview that aired Thursday. “I think everybody would be very poor, because without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe, in reverse.” “I don’t know how you can impeach somebody who’s done a great job,” he added. dummycrats-Democrats are again talking about impeaching Trump if they’re able to re-take the House in the November midterm elections. Some have wanted him impeached since he took office, but others said claims from his former lawyer Michael Cohen that Trump directed him to violate campaign finance laws is a new possible basis for impeachment. Trump said his economic record should speak for itself, and said if liar-Hillary Clinton had won, growth would be no where near the 4 percent it is today…


Calif. Gas Tax Repeal Gains Surprise Dem Backer

by Susan Crabtree

{ } ~ California’s GOP-led campaign to repeal the most recent state gas tax hike has dummycrats-Democratic candidates on the defensive… despite the liberal party’s massive fundraising advantage. The effort just gained a late-hour recruit: Katie Porter, who is running against Rep. Mimi Walters (R., Calif.) in the conservative enclave of Orange County. Porter, a University of California at Irvine professor who studied under Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren (D., Mass.) and touts the progressive senator’s endorsement, released a campaign ad Tuesday pledging to fight Gov. Jerry Brown and the other dummycrats-Democratic powers in Sacramento over higher gas taxes. “I oppose higher gas taxes, and I won’t be afraid to take on leaders of both political parties,” she said in the ad, the first her campaign has cut during the general election season…


Trump’s Good, Bad, and Ugly Day

by Nate Jackson: In March, we issued a warning about President Donald Trump’s salacious affairs with a porn star and a Playboy model a dozen years ago: “A man’s private morality does affect his ability to govern. At a bare minimum, the bad press is a distraction; at worst, it reveals a deep untrustworthiness that plays out in policy and personnel decisions. Moreover, all the hush money and other legal wrangling over flings with porn stars could seriously jeopardize the president.”

Unfortunately, that warning proved all too prescient with yesterday’s news about Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. More on that in a minute.

Now don’t get us wrong — Trump may not be a good man, but he’s been a good president. He has, as Mark Alexander noted recently, “dropped a bomb on the status quo” in Washington. A desperately needed bomb. No wonder he’s a target for destruction.

As for Trump’s (lack of) character, that was baked into the 2016 election cake. Voters knew exactly who they were electing — and that he was vastly preferable to a criminally corrupt swamp creature named liar-Hillary Clinton. Moreover, as you recall, liar-Bill Clinton had multiple accusations of rape and sexual assault, but dummycrats-Democrats rallied around him. Barack scumbag/liar-nObama lied about the murders of four Americans in Benghazi to win reelection in 2012, yetdummycrats-Democrats rallied around him. Now they care about character? Please.

Yet it’s also true, as David French argues, “There is no universe that exists under which all the MAGA-folks wouldn’t be calling for liar-Hillary’s impeachment or resignation under similar facts.”

Which brings us to the facts about Cohen and Manafort. Cohen, the president’s former lawyer, pleaded guilty to tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to secure a loan. As part of his effort to obtain a better plea deal, he threw Trump under the bus, alleging that “a candidate for federal office” ordered and reimbursed hush-money payments to mistresses “for the principal purpose of influencing the election,” a violation of campaign-finance law because these in-kind contributions by Cohen exceeded the legal limit. That’s a serious charge, but it’s a difficult one to prove. As Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said of the Cohen deal, “It’s not nearly as deadly lethal [to Trump] as some have portrayed it as being.”

But Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, is a leftist who was special counsel to liar-Bill Clinton, so he knows how to protect a dummycrats-Democrat and attack a Republican.

Manafort was targeted by Robert Mueller’s team for various crimes committed before Trump’s candidacy. The jury convicted him on eight of 18 charges — a decidedly mixed bag. None of it had to do with Trump, and none of it had to do with Russian collusion. As with Cohen, it was all related to tax and bank fraud, and anyone who thinks such sleazy behavior isn’t commonplace among campaign advisers isn’t paying attention. Recall that District Judge T.S. Ellis chastised Mueller’s team, saying, “You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort. You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead you to Mr. Trump and an impeachment, or whatever.”

As Mollie Hemingway points out, “One of Manafort’s associates in the whole lobbying enterprise was [ dummycrats- Democrat] Tony Podesta, who has yet to be indicted for his role.” The obvious double standard and specific political targeting actually helps Trump politically.

Yesterday was a bad day for the GOP, not necessarily for Trump — “draining the swamp” notwithstanding. It most certainly was not, as NBC News laughably asserts, “the darkest day for the presidency since Watergate.” That assertion is being parroted across the Leftmedia spectrum. Trump uses chaos to his advantage, even if it is needlessly distracting chaos. But the House is in jeopardy of falling todummycrats-Democrats, who will then be sorely tempted to pursue impeachment proceedings. Most Leftmedia outlets seem to consider impeachment a foregone conclusion, even if a Senate conviction will never happen.

Leftists’ sole strategy is delegitimizing Donald Trump. Driven by their own Trump Derangement Syndrome, they’ll use yesterday’s news to maximum effect in seeking to exact retribution for Trump’s only real “crime” — defeating liar-Hillary Clinton in 2016.

~The Patriot Post


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