by Grant Strobl

{} ~ Parents beware: A program called Challenge Day that applauds a culture of victimhood is planting the leftist agenda into young minds under the guise of anti-bullying education.

The program uses the power of peer pressure and groupthink to impress upon high school students the idea that everyone is a victim.

Challenge Day is no small initiative. According to the program’s website, it has been held at more than 2,200 high schools nationwide and reached millions of students.

Challenge Day purports to teach tolerance and acceptance, yet nearly every member of its board of directors and Global Leadership Council is politically left of center.

Of the 17 members of Challenge Day’s board of directors, 15 openly support leftist leaders and causes, and two have an unknown affiliation, according to Federal Election Commission records and personal social media accounts. Of their 22-person Global Leadership Council, 17 of the members support leftist leaders and causes.

This is an organization that preaches diversity but is not politically diverse itself.

The most concerning member of Challenge Day’s global governing board? The former “green-jobs czar” under President Barack liar-nObama, Van Jones…


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  1. MUG

    Peer pressure is bullying. Schools that purport to be anti-bullying use peer pressure bullying to force students to conform. Educators no longer teach students how to think for themselves as individuals, but rather force them to conform to mindless groupthink.

    1. Rudy Tirre Post author

      I remember when someone uses to bully someone they were discipline and cut off
      from some activity. Like no school breaks into the playground. I do see that this is no longer the case.