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“Move along…nothing to see here…”


[From a Top-Secret source that is, for now, unnamed.]

“There is absolutely NO ties between Russia, in particular Putin, and the honorable Donald Trump. And when I say NO ties I mean there are some…some deep, rooted and twisted ties. But nothing you peons need concern yourselves about. Yes, Trump own’s and/or runs businesses in Russia. Yes, most of Trump’s cabinet and admin picks have strong and direct ties to Putin and Russia…and, YES, Trump is in deep debt to Putin and to “certain Russian elements”…but, no, no conflict interest, no worry of bribery or blackmail, at least not a lot. Well, ok, so there IS cause for concern…but rest assured it is all being investigated by Steve Bannon (White Supremacist) and Steve Mnuchin (KGB/Putin underling)…so, no worries…”

[The above is a take from Monty Python’s “Cannibalism In The Royal British Navy Sketch“.]


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Ok, enough funny stuff, let’s lake a honest look at the connection between DT and Putin/Russia.



U.S. intel report identifies Russians who gave emails to Wikileaks



US finds link between Russia, WikiLeaks: report




US agencies said to identify parties who gave hacked emails to WikiLeaks

Intel chief doubles down on assessment Russia interfered in election; Moscow reportedly celebrated Trump win in intercepted communications




Intelligence services’ official report on hacking will claim Putin’s inner circle CELEBRATED Trump’s victory on election night

  • Report shown to Obama Thursday concludes Russia was involved in hacking
  • It says Russia intended to destabilize election, but then decided to back Trump
  • Russian officials ‘who used third parties to get emails to WikiLeaks’ are identified
  • And there is allegedly evidence that Putin’s top brass cheered Trump’s win
  • Trump will receive the report Friday, but has rejected Russia claims before 


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Inside Trump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin





Trump: Owned By The Russian Mafia




BTW, this is not a moment where my going “Neener, Neener! I told you so!” will make it all better…

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.




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