Nunes: ‘McCabe Still Owes Us Answers’

by Susan Jones

  • { } ~ Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House intelligence committee, said… former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe may have been fired, but he still needs to tell the committee what he knows: “Well, as you know, we’ve had the FBI under investigation by our committee for a long time — FISA abuse and other matters. So it doesn’t surprise me that Mr. McCabe went. However, our investigation still is ongoing,” Nunes told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Monday night. “Mr. McCabe still owes us answers no matter where he’s working, and eventually he’s going to have to come forward and provide those answers.”…



Former FBI agent: If Mueller is to preserve his integrity, he must step aside


{ } ~ It was painful to witness. One of our own — a deputy FBI director no less — was fired barely a day or two away from retirement and a certain pension… And now Andrew McCabe faces possible federal charges for lying to other federal agents, charges that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller knows all too well and is wielding with great effect in the Russian collusion case. Still, I wonder about Mueller. McCabe, Peter Strzok and James Comey all are public servants who former FBI Director Mueller mentored, supervised or knew well. It has got to be hugely disappointing for Mueller to stand by and watch the people who he managed, who worked for and were loyal to him, and who he was fond of become a part of this train wreck. As a former supervisor, Mueller is accountable for those people he supervised — for the good and the bad. How does he feel about it? We don’t know. He remains mute. We all know about Mueller’s stellar career in the military, in the Department of Justice and with the FBI. Mueller played a key role in enhancing the FBI’s image at a seminal moment in bureau history. And he should be and has been lauded for his courage and tireless service to the country. Everyone I know at the bureau and at the DOJ has had good things to say about Mueller. More importantly, the consensus among law enforcement and beyond is that Bob Mueller is a man of unquestionable integrity…


Republicans Set To Keep Funding Sanctuary Cities

by Matthew Vadum

{ } ~ Congressional Republicans appear poised to betray conservatives and hand Democrats a spectacular victory over President Trump… by funding left-wing priorities such as illegal alien-shielding sanctuary cities in the must-pass omnibus spending bill this week, media reports suggest. The sanctuary movement gave illegal aliens permission to rob, rape, and murder Americans by, among other things, stigmatizing immigration enforcement. Some left-wingers call sanctuary jurisdictions “civil liberties safe zones” to blur the distinction between citizens and non-citizens by implying illegal aliens somehow possess a civil right to be present in the U.S. Leftists also like to refer to all migrants, including illegal aliens, simply as “immigrants” in order to further muddy the waters. Sanctuary cities should be called traitor cities because they are in open rebellion against the United States just as much as the Confederate Army was when it opened fire on Fort Sumter. Their modern-day campaign of massive resistance against federal immigration authorities can only end in civil strife…


Trump confirms Republicans’ worst fears

by David M. Drucker

{ } ~ President Trump is confirming House Republicans’ worst fears about the depth of their midterm woes… after spending a weekend lashing out at special counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation. House Republicans were relying heavily on the $1.4 trillion tax overhaul to counteract concerns about the president and revive their 2018 fortunes, burdened with traditional midterm headwinds made exponentially worse by dissatisfaction with Trump’s polarizing leadership. But they need Trump’s cooperation to pull it off, and the president appears uninterested. He has sidelined the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in favor of tariffs, while unleashing a tweet storm of attacks on Mueller and the Russia probe that amplify personal traits that make him such a liability for Republicans in November…


The worm overturns the immigration debate

by Wesley Pruden

{ } ~ The worm doesn’t turn often, but when it does nothing is more satisfying that watching it blush. Nobody likes know-it-all worms… Americans, including presidents, have warned for years that out-of-control immigration threatens to overwhelm national security, welfare agencies, schools and the fundamental culture of the nation, and for their trouble were denounced as bigots, racists, nativists and worse just as soon as someone could figure out something worse. The attempted shaming and smearing was 190-proof moonshine, of course, but it was often effective, and the noise shut up a lot of people who knew better, usually including the politicians who have made both science and art of weakness and softness of spine. It’s true that we’re a nation of immigrants, and it’s further true that welcoming immigrants, if welcomed in a fair, orderly and measured way, has been a source of the nation’s strength. It continues to be that way. The United States stands alone as a nation of immigrants. Ronald Reagan often remarked the fact that a newly minted American, having taken the oath of citizenship, is as American as the American whose family has been here unto the 20th generation… Thats if they are here legally.


The Unbalanced California FACT Act

by Cal Thomas

{ } ~ On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether pro-life pregnancy help centers in California should be required to post notices informing women of the availability of abortions elsewhere. The pregnancy help centers are contesting the law, disingenuously named the California Reproductive FACT Act, claiming it violates their free speech rights, as well as undercuts the reason for their existence.

Some might ask in the interest of fairness and equality two buzzwords the left likes to use in other situations whether abortion clinics are required to post notices with information about alternatives to the procedure.

According to Ingrid Duran, state legislation director for National Right to Life, the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization, “There is no provision in the California so-called Fact Act that would require abortion facilities to inform women about the resources available from pregnancy resource centers.” She adds, “It is not surprising that the pro-abortion lobby would threaten pregnancy resource centers that offer life-affirming alternatives, since this is in contradiction to their mission of the unfettered right to abort innocent unborn children.”

In defending the law, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, says, “Everyone is entitled to accurate information about their health care, and that’s simply what the FACT Act says. There is nothing coercive, nothing intrusive in the requirements of the law that infringe upon someone’s First Amendment rights. It’s about making sure women have accurate information about their health care.”

I have some personal experience with this issue, having spoken over several decades for fundraising events at nonprofit pregnancy help centers. I have listened to the stories of hundreds of women, some of whom wanted an abortion until they received alternative information, then chose to give birth. I have heard from other women who had abortions and later regretted their decision. These women told me they would have chosen to give birth had they received information about alternatives and seen a sonogram of their unborn child.

It is the abortion industry, which makes money off these vulnerable women, that fears information, otherwise they would be posting signs in their facilities about alternatives and the kind of help available during pregnancy and after birth. The pregnancy help centers, unlike the abortionists, do not charge for their services, raising the question of who cares more about women?

There are federal laws requiring that certain information be placed on packaged foods. It’s called truth in labeling. Women and men are required to have detailed information when applying for a bank loan or buying a house or car.

I once debated a liberal feminist about this. She said I was implying women aren’t smart enough to know what their choices are. I replied, “Fine, then let’s remove the labels from packaged products because women should be smart enough to figure out whether they contain corn or green beans.”

If information is power, then we who are pro-life should favor more information, not less, so that the choices women make will be fully informed. This would include, in addition to information about pregnancy help centers, sonograms so that a woman seeking an abortion could see what she is about to terminate.

I have heard stories of women who have viewed sonograms of their babies deciding against abortion. Many more view the sonograms and go through with the procedure. But if a sonogram will save even one life, shouldn’t we make them mandatory before abortions can be performed?

That is a law that should be passed. By providing a full spectrum of information, such a law would empower women to make fully informed choices. It would be far better than the California FACT Act, which undermines the compassionate and free work of that state’s pregnancy help centers.


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