by Burt Prelutsky


There was a time not that long ago when the United States was a magnet for the best and the brightest. There was even a term for it. It was called the Brain Drain. Inventors, research chemists, nuclear scientists, accomplished writers, composers and musicians, couldn’t wait to leave Europe and Asia for the greater opportunities awaiting them in America.

That was then, this is now. Somewhere along the way, Congress decided that we had more than enough brains, and that what we needed were steady streams of cheap labor and more potential Democrats. If either group included terrorists, it didn’t matter very much because the lawmakers were well-protected; at least until a commie-Bernie Sanders supporter decided to shoot up a baseball diamond.

And so we threw open our doors to Castro’s most vicious felons, Haiti’s AIDS-infected victims, Mexico’s unskilled millions of terminally unemployed, and unvetted refugees from the Middle East.

Worst of all, both parties took part in this madness. The Democrats saw it as a way to inflate their registration rolls, the Republicans saw it as a way to placate their major donors who never want to see the pool of cheap labor dry up.

When questioned about their motives, both parties start yammering about ours being a nation of immigrants and pretending that Emma Goldman’s schmaltzy poem, “The New Colossus” — which has been immortalized simply because some dumb cluck decided it should be attached at the base of the Statue of Liberty — is the final word when it comes to our immigration policy.

⦿ By now, you have no doubt heard that Robert DeNiro received a standing ovation from the tuxedoed morons at the Tony Awards. What you may not have heard about is that at a performance of “A Bronx Tale,” the DeNiro-directed stage adaptation of a mediocre movie he once starred in, some brave soul stood up in the audience and unfurled a banner that read “Make America Great Again.”

I had hoped that someone was Vice-President Mike Pence, who was derided from a Broadway stage by cast members when he was foolhardy enough to attend a performance of the over-hyped “Hamilton.”

Patrick Miano admits that he used to be a fan of DeNiro, but that day has come and gone since “he became a raging ham.”

I have always considered DeNiro a hammy actor who was capable of chewing up more scenery than an army of really ravenous termites. I told Miano that I had always preferred Al Pacino to DeNiro, just as I had always preferred Richard Dreyfuss to Dustin Hoffman, Montgomery Clift to Marlon Brando and John Steinbeck to Ernest Hemingway.

The difference for me is that I prefer those who rely more on their talent and less on their ability to promote themselves in the always-accommodating media.

I admit that knowing that certain actors and actresses are left-wing bozos somewhat taints my judgment of their talent, but I am occasionally able to get past it, at least in the case of Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, and the late Alan Rickman. It seems to help when they’re English and I am therefore less aware of their inane comments.

In a related matter, a few people let me know they couldn’t believe I cast Ed Asner in “Angels on Tap.” Politically speaking, Asner and I are separated by millions of light years, but we have always gotten along because we don’t talk politics. What would be the point? I also don’t discuss politics with my dog.

If I despise it when Hollywood practices discrimination when it comes to hiring conservatives and, let us not forget, old people, why would I engage in the loathsome practice myself? Besides, if I refused to watch a show or see a movie I had reason to believe was worthwhile simply because of the political beliefs of the cast, I would be punishing myself, not them.

⦿ We are still hearing the chattering class going on about how oafish Donald Trump was when he stomped out of the G-7 conference, going out of his way to insult our friends and allies.

I keep wondering what sort of friends liberals have that they use the term so loosely. Are they truly unaware of the fact that the Paris Accords were intended to curtail our industrial might while turning a blind eye to the atmospheric blight created by China and India; that the only reason the Europeans wanted us to keep signing off on the liar-nObama/hanoi-Kerry nuclear deal with Iran is because they’ve all made lucrative deals with the mullahs and they don’t want American sanctions to kill the golden goose; and that during the Iraq War, Spain and France denied their air space to our jets?

Let us also not forget that these countries take so little pride in their own culture and values that they have allowed entry to millions of Muslims, who centuries after unsuccessfully trying to invade Europe, find themselves being invited in as welcome guests.

Furthermore, considering the soaring crime rates and acts of terrorism that have placed their own populations at daily risk, you would think that pinheads like Merkel, Macron and May, might begin to wonder why the neighboring states of the Middle East have been so unwilling to offer sanctuary to the Islamic rabble.

If all that isn’t bad enough, every one of these European states has adopted socialism as its ideal. Which helps explain why nearly all of them are perched on a very precarious financial brink.

Even England, whose Magna Charta served as the basis for our own Constitution, has taken to jailing people for hate speech speech which the craven politicians find offensive and even, in recent weeks, a journalist for the crime of reporting on a trial involving a roving gang of Muslim rapists.

As someone once said, with friends like these, you don’t need enemies.

⦿ After I recently wrote that the reason that his military superiors had never blown the whistle on Major Nidal Hasan in spite of his spouting jihadist propaganda on social media was because they were afraid of being denounced as racists, Stephen Hanover reminded me that the reason he was able to murder so many before being shot by a police officer was because Barack liar-nObama had turned our military bases into gun-free zones. Too bad the Pygmie-in-Chief never got around to doing the same for Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit and Baltimore.

⦿ If those on the Left were merely mistaken in their beliefs, it would be bad enough. But everything they claim to oppose is slathered with a thick coating of hypocrisy.

For instance, for decades they’ve claimed that global warming/climate change is destroying the atmosphere by the hour, and yet the major promoters of the hoax, people like scumbag-Al Gore, Michael Moore and Robert Kennedy, Jr., continue to travel on private jets, be driven around in gas-guzzling limos and live in energy-consuming mansions. Their so-called carbon footprint dwarfs yours by a ratio of a hundred.

They claim that the NRA is responsible for the shooting of every black person by a drug-dealing thug and behind every school shooting, even though not one card-carrying member of the organization has been personally involved in a single homicide.

Finally, they call President Trump every name in the book, although not so often in the books I read. Among the less obscene words they typically use to describe him are dictator, despot, Nazi and tyrant.

The irony is that it never occurs to them that if he were any of those things, they wouldn’t dare spout off every chance they get. You didn’t notice a lot of Germans calling Hitler names. When the Hungarians, the Turks and the Chinese, tried rising up against actual dictators, they were shot in the streets or had tanks roll over them.

I guarantee that no matter how much butter Trump spreads on Kim Jong-un, any North Korean who dares suggest that the Emperor is naked as a jaybird is going to wind up dead or as good as dead in a gulag.

⦿ As I gaze across the increasingly peculiar American landscape, where many of the same people who object to capital punishment demonstrate on behalf of the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood; where the folks who condemn Donald Trump for being coarse and boorish applaud a dummy who screams “F— Trump!” in a crowded theater; and where a fake-media that survives entirely on a diet of partisan fabrications ballyhoos the lying likes of liar-Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, scumbag-Adam Schiff and Chuck clown-Schumer; it occurs to me that no matter how hard I try to prepare myself for the worst, I’m doomed to fail because the worst keeps getting worse.



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