The West is doomed and there is really no other way to say it. We are facing the end of Western civilization.   Western civilization gave us the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution and the Constitutional Republic.

Why is the west now doomed?

On Thursday evening, July 14th, A Moslem terrorist drove his truck in to a crowd celebrating Bastille Day. There are 85 dead and countless others injured.

How did the media describe the attack? Most of them said a “truck” drove into the crowd.  A truck? How the hell does a truck decide it is going to commit an act of terrorism?  The terrorist was a Tunisian born Moslem.  A few media outlets referred to the attacker as a Tunisian. None would refer to him as a Moslem.

Just the day after this horrific attack, we find out even more disturbing information. Last October, when Moslem terrorists attacked Paris, they tortured and mutilated victims at the Bataclan club. French authorities buried this information.  One man was castrated and his testicles were put in his mouth. One French official incredibly suggested the injuries could have been the result of “explosions and shrapnel.” There was at least one sane French judge who asked how that could be possible.

This week, we also found out that 2000 Moslem men sexually assaulted 1200 women in Germany on New Year’s eve. Why wasn’t this reported? The Germans did not want to create animosity towards the Moslems!

After the Nice France attacks, Barack Obama did what he always does. He did not mention Islam. He did not call the attacker a Moslem.  He did not do anything.  Hillary Clinton again fell all over herself to pander to the Islamists, claiming Islam had nothing to do with the attacks.

The problem is the west will no longer stand up and identify evil and will not do anything about it.

In a sane world, after what the Islamists have done, the capital of ISIS, the city of Raqqa would be nothing but a massive smoking hole in the ground.  Yes, some civilians would die but war is hell and wiping out ISIS would save many more lives.

Barack Obama won’t do anything about ISIS. His ineffectual bombing campaigns have been a joke.  The next likely President, Hillary Clinton, isn’t going to do anything either. France has had hundreds of its citizens brutally murdered and it won’t do anything either. Thousands of German women are sexually assaulted and the Germans try to suppress the truth so more “refugees” can be brought in.

Even in America, the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks has been hidden. Only after 15 years is a redacted and still damning report about how parts of the Saudi government helped the hijackers, only now been released.  Had that report been released in 2002, after the attack, there would have been calls for war with Saudi Arabia.

The only leader who seems willing to take on Islam is Russia’s Vladimir Putin.  And perhaps there is a reason Islamic terror seems to be taking a wide berth around Moscow.

A civilization that will not fight for its own survival will not survive. It will be replaced and the replacement will not be good.  We are looking at a new dark ages if the West will not stand up against Islamic terror.

Unless the West gets a real leader who understand the threat of Islam and is willing to bomb those savages back into the 7th century.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Judson, you’ve been listening to Chicken Little again?
    This statement is FALSE:
    “The next likely President, Hillary Clinton, isn’t going to do anything either.”
    What’s false? Hillary is just an old hippy / likely communist Lesbian, and of course she APPEARS to be likely as our next President because the media is right there in her circle of pot smoke. However, she is NOT likely / in reality / to be anything other than a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood when she looses and divorces B.J. Clinton once and for all.
    So, of course I’m saying Trump IS going to be our next President, which is a total game changer. He is frustrating because he’s lacking predictability, conservative points in his history, and of course tact. But, if you compare your analysis of what is likely to happen (absolute doomsday) with that CHANCE that tens of millions of people / like me / will quietly vote for Trump and not easily admit it……. we still have serious hope.
    As for the fight against lunatic so called religious fanatics (who now it appears are able to find dirt bags and hypnotize them into doing horrifying attacks), we need to build our ABC agencies and special forces up to the point where even sell out directors of the FBI won’t be comfortable in their tenure. Trump knows this / by now. Trump will probably start recruiting on Liberal college campuses and respond to the complaints with “Sue me.”

  2. MUG

    There is a story from WWII. Bill Mauldin, infantryman and also cartoonist for military publications, created cartoon characters Willie and Joe, two bedraggled soldiers enduring the rigors of war while having to put up with sometimes inexperienced, spit and polish officers who were a little too full of themselves. Many officers resented the fact that officers were often the butt of the humor, including General Patton. General Patton threatened to have Sgt Mauldin jailed for inciting dissension. General Eisenhower, Commander of the European Theater of Operations, ordered General Patton to leave Mauldin alone because his cartoons resonated with the soldiers and gave them vent for their frustrations.
    Both Eisenhower and Patton were effective leaders who could inspire men to get out of LST’s and assault the beaches of Normandy, and inspire men to get out of their foxholes and fight and defeat a superior force that had the advantage of surprise during the Battle of the Bulge. Both Generals were effective leaders who had the trust and respect of their men. The leadership quality that distinguished Eisenhower over Patton was empathy with the men. Eisenhower considered the men his equal, Patton considered the men inferior to him.
    Who is the candidate who exhibits leadership that is inspirational, commands respect, displays courage, honesty, integrity, holds themself accountable to high moral standards, who is decisive for the long term not for expediency? Who has empathy for the people and considers them as equals? Neither! Not a dishonest Bolshevik who would dictate Socialism at any cost, a Jezebel setting us up to be conquered because of her Paganism. Not a CEO who would make “better” decisions for everyone, decisions that are negotiable, changeable and situational but not for the long term, a Moses leading the people around and around in the desert for a lifetime, because they grumbled, while promising to lead them to the Promised Land.
    Who then?

    1. Kenny Sono

      Mug, you / like Judson, forget that projecting the future is in fact very different from reflecting upon things that actually happened in the past.
      I admit my sense of what MIGHT occur in the future is simply a prediction perhaps filled to capacity with HOPE. That HOPE may well be based on wishful thinking.
      However, your criticism of my HOPEFUL assumptions is based on keen observations based on the past. Nothing could be easier than to point to the past and state that the future does NOT look like that.
      I suggest you consider the power of suggestion and its persuasive elements and don’t underestimate the influence YOUR OWN WORDS could actually have upon the future. Same goes for Judson. Complaining requires a suggested solution to the possible obstacles. I’m not hearing any solutions from you.

      1. MUG

        Kenny, I am not trying to dampen anyone’s hope. I am trying to convince those who hope in Trump to pressure him, to make Trump know he has to earn their support, and even more important than earn it, to demonstrate that he deserves it. Don’t sell your support cheap. Demand quality for your support. Too many (not you) of Trump’s supporters come off like boot-lickers, willing to support him no matter what. No candidate for POTUS should ever be so sure of his supporters that he could say “I could shoot somebody in Times Square and not lose any supporters.”

        1. Kenny Sono

          Mug, I’ve sent several emails to Trump through his website. I don’t know if he heard a single word of those, but I am fairly sure his people aren’t reading this web site…….not unless they really ARE way way different than the GOP.
          Anyway, you’re right and I agree we should all TRY and HOPE we can have some kind of impact on Trump and / assuming he wins / his entire administration.
          Ironically, I hate to admit this but: If Hillary wins, I will give up entirely on politics, at least for four more years. I will try as hard as I can to stay uninformed and might take up half a dozen hobbies. If we don’t get hit by some sort of blast under Hillary, I’ll be extremely excited to help try to get a real President elected next time. But, after the first Black and then the first Woman, I can’t help but wonder if this crop of voters wouldn’t just line up the first Hispanic and then the first Gay and then the first Asian, and then the first transgender, and then the first foreigner, just to mix that in as well. If the office of President is to become a total joke, it will certainly start with Hillary.
          Joke President Hillary would end: the need to embrace Honesty, appreciation for LIFE, respect for the rule of Law, any question about the power of Elites, and of course, Feminism will reign like never before. Donald will be upsetting; Hillary will be devastating.

          1. MUG

            Kenny, if Hillary wins it’s time to prepare for what’s coming, and no matter how bad we think it might be, it will probably be worse. I know people who voted for Obama because he was Black, not because they thought he would be a good POTUS, but because they didn’t think he could do much damage. They were wrong and Hillary will be worse.

            If Trump wins it will be wait and see if he steps up and does the job. You have to admit Trump is not a sure thing, in fact he is pretty iffy. He is walking a tightrope now and if he makes many serious campaign blunders he will end up being responsible for electing Hillary.