When a radical black racist opened fire on officers of the Dallas police department Thursday night, he wasn’t just attacking them.  He was attacking America.

Thanks to the environment created by Barack Obama, racial tension in this nation are higher than they have been in 50 years.  But this is what Obama and the radical left want. Obama helped launch the war on police. But it is more than just a war on police. It is a war on America.  And that is the most alarming part about this.  The radicals in the “Black lives matter” crowd don’t give a damn about black lives.  They care about using them. They don’t care about so-called “police brutality.” They care about using it selectively against America.

The BLM crowd does not care about black on black violence. If they did, they would be in Chicago where that type of violence is out of control.  What they really care about is a revolution in America.  These people hate America, western values and democracy. If they had their way, they would become the dictators of America. They would run a racist, Marxist dictatorship in America. That is their goal.

Some people laugh when they are warned that the BLM group is a real and present danger to America.  They are a danger because of the violence that occurs when they agitate but they are a danger because they do want to overthrow the American system of government and replace it with a system of government that does nothing more than create poverty, tyranny and mass murder.

But anyone who laughs should remember, most revolutions start out with a small group.  The Bolsheviks in Russia started out as a tiny minority but they were able to launch a violent revolution that brought down an elected government and brought Russia 70 years of atheist tyranny.

If the BLM crowd really thinks America is a racist country out to kill them, there is a simple solution.


Nothing is stopping you from leaving this nation.

There are plenty of nations that would welcome you

If you hate America that much, then go.

But if you are a real American, you should be worried about this group. They want a fundamental transformation of America and not in a good way.

The want a war on America.


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  1. Bruce Davis

    It is clear that the Progressives will use any excuse to label Conservatives racists. Often these claims stretch the credibility of any objective observer to the extreme and the racism claims are completely unrelated to the conduct being complained about. Their unflagging support for a racist, terrorist organization like Black Lives Matter is merely one example of their despicable conduct. I see little difference in their conduct between the Muslim brotherhood and Black Lives Matters organizations. Facts seem to matter nothing to either as the continued false statements about the Ferguson, MO shooting and the so called “peaceful” Muslim religion aptly demonstrate. If facts interfere with either of their narratives they simply lie in their teeth and Democratic voters accept these obviously false statements. What is even more disturbing is that Democratic voters also simply do not care that their leaders and these organizations lie in such an outrageous manner. It is impossible to believe they are that dumb. The stark fact is that they are willing to vote for politicians like Clinton despite her pattern of pathological lying. This is really an indictment of the lack of ethics and morality of a whole lot of Americans who are more interested is sucking up “free stuff” than getting an honest and efficient government. I am truly ashamed of the fact that so many so-called Americans are so lacking in basic morality.