by Prelutsky


The other evening, Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, was called at home by one of her employees. It seems Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her husband, and some friends had just arrived to have dinner.

The restauranteur drove straight down, approached the Press Secretary and asked Mrs. Sanders to join her on the patio. No punches were thrown, but the Press Secretary was told in no uncertain terms to vacate the premises.

Sanders and the rest of her party did as they were told.

In the aftermath, Ms. Wilkinson defended her actions, stating that several members of her staff are gay, and that Mrs. Sanders represents an administration that is “cruel and inhumane.”

For her part, Mrs. Sanders said: “I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so.”

Both women did what they felt was right. Only one of them behaved indecently. I report, you decide.

⦿ The Supreme Court ruled that the states are entitled to collect state taxes from ecommerce businesses. I realize that a great many people who do a lot of their shopping on the Internet are upset with the Court’s decision.

Normally, I’m opposed to increasing taxes on anyone for anything, knowing all too well into whose hands those taxes will go, but I have to confess that I never understood why Amazon, for instance, should have ever been granted such a definite advantage over brick-and-mortar stores.

The question took on even greater proportions when I realized that the system had helped make a left-wing skuzball like Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world.

⦿ The one thing that President Trump says that upsets even those few journalists who don’t hate his guts is when he insists that Fake News is the biggest enemy facing America.

It so happens he’s right. That’s not to suggest he never fibs. But he’s a politician. To a certain extent, fibbing goes with the job. At least, unlike most of them, Trump makes an honest effort to keep the promises he made on the campaign trail.

But most of the members of the print and TV press lie for a living. They don’t even bother trying to conceal their lies by changing their talking points even the slightest bit. If you tune in to the pundits on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS, you’ll hear the buffoons parroting the same lies in the exact same words.

The same holds true of the press coverage in the NY Times and the Washington Post.

I don’t know why the few honest ones in the business don’t join Trump in calling out the frauds, but I guess, like doctors, lawyers and gangsters, they don’t like to rat out each other. Instead, the weasels are allowed to wrap themselves in the warm embrace of the First Amendment and pretend that their propaganda is protected by the Constitution.

I, on the other hand, insist they no more deserve to be protected than the idiot who shouts “Fire!” in a crowded theater for no other reason than to create a panic.

Today, those in the field of journalism who proudly declare themselves part of the anti-Trump resistance movement are attempting to create a panic in a crowded nation.

When people speak about the importance of a free press, they’re right to do so, but an honest and objective press is the only one that should concern us. I believe that any reasonable person would have to say that far greater and more dangerous liberties are taken by those protected by the First Amendment than by those who uphold the Second Amendment.

⦿ The other day, I heard a 22-year veteran of the Border Patrol voice his anger over the depiction of agents in the media, which labels them Nazis for merely enforcing the law.

He also provided a little history. It seems that when liar-nObama was in the White House, detainees slept on concrete slabs and had woolen blankets. The blankets were worse than the slabs because they would become infested with tics and fleas. Also, whereas liar-nObama deported 23,000 Salvadorans in 2015-2016, that number has been cut in half under Trump, though you’d never know it if you relied on the Fifth Columnists in the Fourth Estate.

As for the agents being Nazis, they would often provide milk and bottled water to the kids out of their own wages, much like those dedicated teachers we hear about who provide art supplies out of their own pocket when funding for the arts is cut out of a school’s budget.

⦿ In Saudi Arabia, women have finally been given the right to drive their own cars. I heard a few of them being interviewed, including a businesswoman who was rejoicing because she had bought cars in the past, but then had to hire a male driver.

I even heard a few Saudi males who were relieved because they no longer had to be the ones chauffeuring the kids to and from school or driving to the market.

I believe it is safe to assume that Henny bin-Youngman is at home busily honing his jokes about lady drivers.

⦿ Michael Anton wrote a brilliant article pointing out that whenever the Left calls for increased immigration, both legal and illegal, they fall back on specious and emotional arguments. They will even drag in religion, even though, by and large, those on the left are agnostic at best.

In fact, whenever I hear someone ask the question “What would Christ do?” I know the answer will always be whatever the questioner would do, having nothing at all to do with Christ’s teachings.

As Anton points out, there have been times in America’s history when it made perfect sense to welcome waves of foreigners to our shores.

In the 1800s, as America expanded westward, we needed people to fill up the empty spaces and carve farms out of the wilderness. When the Industrial Revolution came along, we needed people to work in all those new factories.

But today, our problems are over-crowding, too much traffic, too much pressure on our schools, our hospitals, our courtrooms and our jails. We don’t need more people, we need fewer.

But even if we did need more, we certainly wouldn’t need more unskilled, illiterate Latinos. At least not unless we were planning to reintroduce slavery to America.

⦿ President Trump invited the Angel parents to meet with him, thus counterpunching the dummycrats-Democrats with their phony boo-hooing over the separation of illegal alien parents from their illegal alien children. Those parents had the opportunity to stay home with their kids. That is an option denied to the Angel parents whose own children were murdered by illegal aliens.

⦿ MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch went into a rant last week insisting that as evil as Trump is, those of us who voted for him or support him are worse; we’re Nazis. I must confess it feels oddly ironic to be called a Nazi by someone whose last name means German.

⦿ The marijuana potheads have gone from baking pot into their brownies to infusing the addictive element, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into their Gummy Bears, soft drinks and even Pop Tarts, which they’re now calling Pot Tarts.

Even the tobacco industry never thought of sticking nicotine in candy cigarettes. And aren’t they kicking themselves today!



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