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As you have likely heard, the United Nations voted overwhelmingly to chastise the United States for presuming to think it had the authority to move its embassy from one Israeli city to another.

This is an organization that sits idly by while Russia gobbles up Crimea and invades Ukraine; does nothing to curb Iran’s expansion into Syria, Lebanon and Yemen; and seats the likes of Venezuela and Saudi Arabia on its Human Rights Committee.

The U.N. is equal parts a zoo, an insane asylum and a criminal conspiracy. Worst of all, the U.S. picks up the tab for 22% of its maintenance and 28% of its peacekeeping expenses, although there is no evidence that it has kept the peace anywhere on earth. On the contrary, it seems the only time you ever hear about the blue-helmeted, primarily African, peacekeepers, is when you read that its members have been accused of raping women and children in places that were far more peaceful and civilized before their arrival.

What you may not have known are the names of the seven nations that joined the U.S. and Israel in voting against Hezbollah. They were in alphabetical order: Guatemala (population, 14 million), Honduras (7 million), Marshall Islands (60,000), Micronesia (110,000), Nauru (13,000), Palau (20,000) and Togo (5.5 million).

You may have noticed the absence of Canada, Australia, Mexico, England, Ireland, France, Holland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Poland and the Czech Republic.

They may not have voted against us. Some or all of them may have been among the 35 fence-sitters who abstained, apparently unwilling to align themselves with two democracies against a gang of sewer rats.

As I see it, if our foreign aid can’t even buy us support from our alleged allies when we’re being confronted by terrorists, what does it buy us? I mean, aside from the contempt of the ungrateful wretches who receive it and of the American taxpayers who are compelled to bestow it?

* Speaking of Hezbollah, it now appears that Barack liar-nObama was so hell-bent on getting Iran to agree to the nuclear deal that he forced the Justice Department and the DEA to turn a blind eye to Hezbollah’s running tons of heroin across our border. Gee, I would have thought that the $150 billion bribe and the lifting of sanctions against the chief state sponsor of terrorism in the world would have been enough to seal the deal, but that just shows you what a naïve child I am when it comes to high-level diplomacy.

* When you hear clown-Schumer, Pulosi and commy-Sanders, rail against corporations and whine that the tax bill is a GOP Christmas gift to those rotten millionaires and billionaires, I wonder if the uberliberal likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, wonder who they’re talking about in such unfriendly terms.

What’s more, even Pulosi and clown-Schumer play favorites when it comes to corporations. I just recently discovered that wind and solar companies don’t pay corporate taxes. I suppose you might call that the scum-Al Gore/Sierra Club exemption.

* Although I believe that the passage of the tax bill will give the Republican members of the House and Senate a better than even fighting chance in November, the GOP could easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. All they have to do is nominate a few more candidates like Roy Moore, and clown-Schumer and Pulosi could easily go from being minority leaders to running things.

I’m not suggesting that the GOP must avoid promoting candidates with unseemly sexual histories. That’s a given. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t vote for someone who says he’s going to Washington to be his own man. If we’re going to avoid these situations where all it takes is one or two pinheads like RINO-John McCain or RINO-Susan Collins to derail the President’s agenda, we need to elect Republicans who will go to Washington and be Trump’s man or woman.

* For months, if not years, we’ve heard that cities that boast a high percentage of illegal aliens are safer than those cursed with a lot of native-born Americans. It always sounded like sheer left-wing hogwash to me, and so it has proven to be.

It seems that 22% of all murder convictions involve illegal aliens; 18% of fraud; 33% of money laundering; 29% of drug trafficking; and 72% of drug possession.

Those are mighty impressive numbers, especially when you realize that they’re racked up by a scant 7% of the population. In one area, at least, it seems these people are over-achieving at a mind-blowing level. Unfortunately, it happens to be the area of crime.

It makes sense, though, that people whose initial activity is to break our immigration laws don’t immediately experience remorse and vow to turn over a new leaf.

We keep hearing the rationale that these folks are doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, but as Mark Steyn has pointed out, murder, rape, robbery and drug trafficking, are all jobs that a great many Americans are eager and willing to do.

One of the goofiest excuses for granting illegal aliens legal status is that they will then feel safe to report crimes to the cops. In other words, we should grant amnesty to millions of people who have no right to be here so that thousands of people who have no right to be here won’t be free to prey on them.

It strikes me as a better solution to send them all back to Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, and let those countries deal with it.

* Lest anyone conclude I am opposed to immigrants, let me assure you that I’d be just as happy to deport native-born liberals. If liar-Hillary Clinton hadn’t copyrighted the word, I’d refer to them as the deplorables. Consider, if you will, that after liar-nObama and Mrs. liar-Clinton spent eight years cuddling up to Vladimir Putin, the liberals went berserk when it was rumored that Donald Trump had once been spotted having a bowl of borscht at New York’s Russian Tea Room.

Let us not overlook how upset the Democrats became when it was rumored that the tax bill could increase the national debt by one trillion dollars over the next 10 years, after being totally blasé about liar-nObama’s doubling the $10 trillion debt he inherited in just eight short years.

On top of everything else, they’re slobs. The crowd that showed up for liar-nObama’s inauguration left Washington, D.C., looking like a pig sty. The same was true after the Never-Trumpers held their resistance meeting in our nation’s capital on January 20th.

The truth is, if Adam and Eve had been liberals, they would have left the Garden of Eden looking like the city dump.

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