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Obama’s open mic slip on missile defense system

Is there a Russian connection to President Donald Trump? Let’s analyze:

Trump has thrown his support behind NATO, even though he indicated originally he thought NATO was obsolete and no longer performing a valid function. NATO morphed from primarily a political to a military organization explicitly to counter/confront Russia (Warsaw Pact), so President Trump’s decision to stand behind NATO was something that angered Putin and, sadly, put Trump in a bad light with the Russian people as well. Trump has also not lifted the sanctions placed on Russia by Obama. Due to subsequent actions taken since (and still on-going) by the Leftist Machine, I firmly believe those sanctions were placed by Obama as a “dirty bomb” in anticipation of using the “Russian connection” against President Trump and his administration, not because of any elevating threat by Russia.

The sanctions are an unwarranted slap in the face to Putin and the Russian people, in light of the huge pressures, both economic… (NATO is attempting to sever Russia’s control of its pipelines through Ukraine to Europe)… and actual physical… (NATO military forces building up on Russia’s western border)… we’re already placing on them. However, should Trump do the right thing and lift the sanctions in order to ease tensions, it will seal the propaganda argument forwarded by the hypocritical Leftist Machine that Trump is in Putin’s pocket. It’s obvious warmongers and their Military/Industrial Complex here in the United States are some of those behind the goal of keeping Russia as The Enemy, it’s good for their business and their continuation in power. It’s also in the interests of the Globalists, in the United States and Europe, since Putin has been openly and actively hostile concerning their machinations, both inside Russia and toward Russia. Putin has expelled the Globalists from his country and has been confronting and confounding their efforts whenever and wherever he can. The plans of the Globalists are to end individual nation states, to that end their goal is to take Putin down and make Russia pay, the same plans they have for President Trump and the United States… and those who are behind the Globalist agenda, like George Soros [additional link, link], are accustomed to winning.

To the already existing threats to Russia by NATO add the sanctions Obama placed at the last minute that further damage the Russian economy and Putin’s a very poked bear. Anyone who admires Stalin, as Putin does, should be closely watched and seriously considered, Stalin was a ruthless pragmatist who wasn’t above sacrificing his own people to achieve his goals. The Russian people are being prepared for nuclear war as a very real possibility. Why would that be? All that considered, personally, I wish Trump would lift those sanctions against Russia and enter into productive talks, I’m sick of saber-rattling! That he hasn’t is a point of concern, because Trump is aware of facts not easily acquired by those of us in the general public. Still, my vote is for guarded diplomacy, with the end result of mutually beneficial cooperation, as being a much better option than war, especially in this nuclear age, and I’m certain the world would take a collective sigh of relief if war is averted, I know the majority of us here in the United States would.

As to those in Trump’s cabinet who have done business with Russia in the past: People with international/multinational businesses do business with a lot of countries (hence: “international/multinational”), Russia included; doing a business deal and doing a political deal are two different things, since their motivations and expected goals are different. Anyone with two active brain cells should know that and stop conflating business and politics; a politician may try to control business, but a businessman is all business. At the time those of Trump’s cabinet members who did so were engaged in business with Russia they had no idea they would one day become members of a political administration (but then, neither did Donald Trump). Personally, I’m greatly surprised Trump was able to talk them into serving. Those guys are major movers and shakers, highly respected and admired throughout the business world, they don’t need the headaches associated with their decision to help President Donald Trump “Make America Great Again”.

President Trump has no association with Putin, as the intelligence agency spokesmen, including Brennan, Clapper and Comey have stated repeatedly. However, Obama and Hillary have had huge, tight and extremely entangled political connections with Russia, which are documented and beyond question.

That leads back to that Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, who first came on the scene during the Russian Uranium deal, which gave 20% of the U.S. uranium resources to Russia, a deal Hillary, as Secretary of State had to sign off on. He is mentioned by name in the book Clinton Cash in the 3rd Chapter, Hillary’s Reset, The Russian Uranium Deal. The Clinton Foundation greatly profited from that deal, according to no less than The New York Times: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal – The New York Times

Now, who should bubble onto the scene again? None other than Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Hillary’s old buddy, the supposed Russian co-conspirator with Flynn and Sessions. Sessions said something interesting, noting it was not clear why Ambassador Kislyak requested a meeting with him last September, though it wasn’t an unusual request considering his position as a member of the Armed Services Committee, he was accustomed to meeting with many ambassadors. Flynn merely took a phone call from Ambassador Kislyak after Trump’s election.

If there are any “Russian ties”, it’s Obama and Hillary who have them (in spades and on record) and, apparently they’re using them right now as they try to take Trump down, first by de-legitimizing his team then, finally, by de-legitimizing him. It won’t stop, and that’s another interesting fact. After all the intelligence heads from Obama’s Administration have stated repeatedly going back months there are no Trump-Putin connections, the Fake News “facts” continue to be generated, totally ignoring the assertions of men, in positions to know, who are/were a part of Obama’s team, not Trump’s.

Sources covering motives, actions and goals:

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TREASON: “I Will Take Down President Trump for the New World Order” – George Soros. – YouTube


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  1. Larry Wallenmeyer

    These two comments tell me all I need to know about you and your politics/world-view:
    1) “The sanctions are an unwarranted huge slap in the face to Putin and the Russian people, …”
    2) “Personally, I wish Trump would lift those sanctions against Russia and enter into productive talks…”

    Those two comments and your (very) ignorant assertion that Trump “has no ties to Russia and Putin”, without even ONE link to a report or article to substantiate your OPINION, is an example of gross ignorance OR Liberal complicity. Either way you are wrong.

    I’ve as recently as yesterday wrote an article detailing Trump’s very close and murky ties to Putin, Russia, and the Russian mob and I used OVER 20 links to evidence, facts and proof, each included more links to more evidence, facts and proof. You linked to nothing and post nothing more than YOUR OPINION. Oh, but you do have 2 links to advert attention away to two people NO LONGER IN OFFICE.

    -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

  2. Tim in Flyover

    Even if you somehow manage to convince yourself that Trump is in no way connected to some seriously shady dealings with highly questionable Russian individuals, your overt apologist approach to Russia and Putin is an anti-democratic position. Putin does not, has not, and will not ever include the interests of America or the American people in his political calculus.

    The people of Russia are not at issue here, and no one had any ill feelings toward them. Your hyperbolic false choice between cozying up to Putin and war as the only options are laughable on face value. This is not an analysis. This is a sad attempt at deflection of controversy and normalization of utterly abnormal behavior.

      1. SFWhite Post author

        You’re wrong, Larry, check those links I provided, after you suggested I should put more links in. I have Source source source source source source source source source source source source etc too. My mistake was thinking my readers would already be informed enough to know most of what I stated in my original article before I stated it… but then, I hadn’t factored you in. That’s been corrected.

        I hope my reply to Tim has clarified the reasons for my position re attempting diplomacy with Russia… to him, at least.

        1. Larry Wallenmeyer

          Yes. I noticed AFTER I said that you had NO links to “prove” DT had NO ties to Putin/Russia that you, finally, put some up. And most of your sources are FAKE, VERY FAKE “NEWS”.
          Really? InfoWars? Alex Jones? Breitbart?

          The FAKEST OF FAKE “news”.
          Not only fake, they are wacko conspiracy sites.

          Nice try- but NO credit granted for FAKE NEWS as your source.

          Btw, I HATE the way the accusation of “fake news” is tossed around, BUT YOU used nothing but long-term and well documented Fake-News/Conspiracy sites.

          I used OVER 20 independent sites that range from Conservative to regular MSM, and they all agreed. YOU used the equivalent of The National Enqirer or The Onion!!

          That dog don’t hunt.

          And diplomacy/appeasement is a FOOL’S ERRAND when attempted with an implacable, sworn, long-time ENEMY. Think Hitler and Neville Chamberlain. Duh.

          -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

          1. SFWhite Post author

            “Regular MSM”?! Really?! Larry, you have problems. I don’t want them. Take a nerve pill and calm down, then share your vitriol with someone who will sing your hate song with you, ’cause it ain’t me, babe.

          2. Larry Wallenmeyer

            SFWhite, Because I present truth and facts from verifiable and reliable sources that, to YOU, is “hate”…peculiar.
            But YOUR use of KNOWN conspiracy sites and of sites that WORK FOR Trump is “fair, unbiased, real news”??!!

            You chose not to listen to facts, truth and reality a loonngg time ago. Just from what I’ve already pointed out here from YOU OP and YOUR replies is enough to KNOW that you have chosen to listen to and promote “FAKE news”, aka lies, and to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to facts and reality.

            THAT is typical Liberalism…yes, YOU ARE Liberal.

            -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

    1. SFWhite Post author

      Since when is diplomacy “cozying up”? I didn’t suggest taking Putin to raise. Diplomacy may not work, but it should at least be tried. So, you think NATO massing forces on the Russian border won’t have any effect, that Putin will just take it? We’re pushing him on too many fronts, he didn’t go into the Middle East until well after Obama sent Al Qaeda into Syria to try to take out Assad, even then he held back until it was obvious Obama wasn’t going to actually try to defeat ISIS (which has been revealed through WikiLeaks is or at least was funded by the Qataris and Saudis, the pipeline to Europe group our government’s siding with).

      The moves are obvious. Cut off Russia’s gas lines through Ukraine to Europe and physically threaten Putin with military build-up along that border, then cut off the proposed gas-line routes to Europe through Iraq and/or Syria he’s partnered with Iran to complete, in an attempt to completely starve Russia of revenue. Putin is running out of options.

      To summarize: Hitting Putin with a very real possibility of cutting off his primary revenue source (his existing gas-lines through Ukraine to Europe) and physical threats of danger (NATO troop build-up on his western border) at the same time, without considering his mindset is foolish. Add to those threats sanctions made at the last minute that further damage the Russian economy and Putin’s a very poked bear. Anyone who admires Stalin, as Putin does, should be closely watched and seriously considered, Stalin was a ruthless pragmatist who wasn’t above sacrificing his own people to achieve his goals. The Russian people are being prepared for nuclear war as a very real possibility. Why would that be?