by Burt Prelutsky

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Over time, as they’ve seen the Nobel Peace Prize given to the likes of the U.N. Peacekeeping Forces, Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho, Yasir Arafat, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, scum-Al Gore and Barack liar-nObama, most people have come to recognize that the Swedes, who are responsible for bestowing the awards in Medicine, Physics, Literature, Economics and Chemistry, made a huge mistake when they handed off the Peace Prize to the Norwegians.

As bad as some of the honorees have been, an equally embarrassing blunder has been the absence of those who actually deserved the Prize. For instance, between 1914 and 1919, no awards were bestowed, except to the Red Cross in 1917. Weren’t the allied forces deserving of recognition? After all, so far as they were concerned, they were risking life and limb on behalf of preserving civilization from the bloody Bosch, while fighting the war that would end all wars.

Then, to compound its sins of omission, the Nobel Committee gave the 1919 award to Woodrow Wilson for proposing the travesty known as the League of Nations.

Skipping forward a couple of decades, we find that no awards were handed out between 1939 and 1943. Then, in 1944, the Red Cross won again, and in 1945, the Prize went to former Secretary of State Cordell Hull for playing a major role in the creation of the travesty known as the United Nations.

You would have thought the Norwegians would have expressed some appreciation to Winston Churchill, the allied forces and the R.A.F., for rescuing them from the Nazis. But gratitude, like commonsense, never enters into these judgments.

⦿ I was among those who condemned Scot Peterson and the other deputies who cowered outside Stoneman Douglas High School while Nicolas Cruz was inside killing students and teachers. But, as if often the case, he and his three colleagues have been scapegoated by others who were even more deserving of our contempt.

It seems that, thanks to Barack liar-nObama’s insistence, the Broward County school district was one of thousands in the nation that adopted a policy called PROMISE that was intended to reduce the number of school suspensions, expulsions and arrests of black and Hispanic students. The social engineering goal was to address what liar-nObama called the “school-to-prison-pipeline.”

Naturally, liar-nObama didn’t concern himself with the fact that the policy would endanger the other students once nothing was done to discipline the resident thugs and bullies. That was simply the price the kids had to pay for their toxic white privilege.

Or, as it was reported by the A.P., referring to Broward: “One of the nation’s largest school districts has reached an agreement with law enforcement agencies and the NAACP to reduce the number of students being charged with crimes for minor offenses.”

With that policy in place, it should come as no surprise that in 2014, that very same Scot Peterson was named School Resource Officer of the Year for handling issues “with tact and judgment.”

So, when he cowered behind a post while shots were being fired just yards away, Deputy Peterson wasn’t fearing for his life; he was just worried that if he did something to stop the carnage he would have his plaque taken away.

As reported in The New American, “A deputy investigated a report that Nicolas Cruz planned to shoot up the school – intelligence that was forwarded to the school’s resource officer, but with no apparent result.”

I submit that the main reason that no action was taken was because the cuckoo was named Cruz. Because of the Hispanic-sounding name, nobody had the guts to do anything that might end up tarring them as racists.

There are certain liberal narratives that mustn’t be questioned. Among them is the notion that blacks and Hispanics are never guilty of crimes or blatant racism; because they are minorities, they can only be victims of white society.

You may recall that when George Zimmerman, who was Hispanic, shot and killed Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, the media was beside itself until someone came up with the brilliant notion of identifying Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic,” something no Hispanic had ever been labeled before, although 65% of Hispanics regard themselves as white.

One of the sidebars to the Cruz story is that while in prison, he has received hundreds of salacious letters and photos from both men and teenaged girls who are pining for his release so they can have sex with him. Prison authorities have been returning the mail to sender. Parents of teenage daughters, if you see letters being returned from Broward County Jail, you might want to discuss with little Betty or Tiffany the wisdom of becoming the pen pal of a mass-murderer. And be sure to ask them who took the photos of their naked breasts and butts.

⦿ Speaking of “white privilege,” it is a misnomer that was concocted by the snarky likes of the liar-nObamas, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, mad-Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings.

It should be called “American Privilege.” What the race hustlers are choosing to ignore is the fact that, by and large, whites are simply more inclined to take advantage of their birth rights as Americans. They do this by getting as much of an education as they are able to these days; they are raised in two-parent homes; they avoid selling or using illegal drugs; they get jobs or pursue careers; they avoid pregnancy by taking advantage of all the inexpensive, easily available pills and contraceptive devices; they get married and the men help raise the children they sire.

I’m not suggesting that all white people follow those few simple rules, but at least when they don’t, they don’t blame their own inevitable failings on black privilege.

⦿ Which reminds me that years ago, when on a brief vacation with my niece and her family, her 11-year-old son told me that they had held a mock election in his fifth-grade class. When I asked how the vote had gone, he reported that everyone had voted for scum-Al Gore, except for one boy who had voted for George W. Bush.

I told him I predicted great things for that boy. Clearly disappointed with my reaction, I explained to him I hadn’t based my opinion on partisan politics, and that if the entire class had voted for Bush, I would have predicted a great future for the lone holdout who voted for scum-Gore.

I told him that it’s easy to go along with the majority aka the mob, but it takes character to go it alone.

Which is why, even though I’m unaware of his work as a rap musician and would prefer to keep it that way, I so greatly admire Kanye West. Even though he knew what he was letting himself in for, he publicly praised Donald Trump. That was impressive enough. But then Mr. West stuck to his guns even after he was hit with a backlash of ridicule and contempt by those petty left-wing pinheads who can’t bear the thought of a black man, let alone a rich and famous one, wandering so far off the liberal plantation.

The man deserves a medal, but I’m afraid he will have to settle for my admiration. Well, that, plus a fortune estimated at $145 million.

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