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Having as little interest in football as I do, I might never have known about the players taking a knee when the National Anthem is played if President Trump hadn’t tweeted about it and if the controversy hadn’t dragged on for so long.

As a strong proponent of the 1st Amendment, I think the players have every right to stand, kneel or play hopscotch while the Anthem is being played. But because I also believe that actions have consequences, I am delighted to see the players losing their fans and equally delighted to see the owners take a bath, due to smaller crowds and less TV revenue. After all, if they think it’s their obligation to align themselves with the ignoramuses on their payroll, they have every right to watch their cash cow dry up before their very eyes.

I mean, nobody has any reason to expect much of the players whose reading skills don’t go much beyond their playbooks, but what is there to say about a bunch of wealthy team owners who decided to reward the football commissioner Roger Goodell last year with a new contract calling for him to be paid $40 million-a-year? Just imagine how much they would have paid him if their revenue hadn’t decreased by 20%.

It’s anybody’s guess what the players are demonstrating against, unless it’s the fact that the Anthem doesn’t include any references to ho’s or killing cops. One player offered a clue the other day by wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “70%” on it at a pre-season game. Apparently that was a reference to the fact that seven out of every 10 prison inmates in America is, as they say, a person of color. What I couldn’t quite figure out is whether he was bragging or complaining since law-breaking is one of the few areas in which people of color seem to excel.

If the statistic disturbed him, I’m wondering what he and his t-shirt thought should be done about it. The only thing that occurred to me in the way of a solution is to call on the cities, states and the federal government, to strike robberies, assaults, drug trafficking, rapes and murders, from the books.

It stands to reason that so long as there isn’t a law prohibiting something, people could no longer be arrested for doing whatever it is. In fact, I suspect that at this very minute, the dummycrats-Democrats are agreeing to outlaw laws if they retake Congress in November, except for those, of course, they can employ in order to impeach Donald Trump.

⦿ Speaking of the Commander in Chief — the first in a long time to deserve the title — he is taking on the biggest bullies in the world China, Iran, North Korea and Russia and without firing a single shot is making them hurt through economic sanctions and tariffs. In addition, he has taken on the world’s corrupt banks and all the hypocritical leaders in Europe who don’t really care how much terrorism Iran exports to their homelands so long as their companies can go on doing business with the mullahs.

The Europeans are such weasels they won’t even consider booting Turkey out of NATO, despite the fact that Recep Erdogan has shown himself to be an Islamic autocrat who is so closely affiliated with Russia that if Vladimir Putin ever decided to invade Europe from the east, he could count on Erdogan’s invading from the south.

Instead of being embarrassed by our military power and economic clout, the way scumbag/liar-nObama was, Trump flaunts it.

And still the dummycrats-Democrats choose to pretend that Trump is Putin’s puppet. If Trump nuked Moscow, I’m sure Chuck clown-Schumer would claim it was just to throw Mueller off the scent.

Speaking of which, one thing I find myself wondering about is whether when Mueller sits down with his 17 Trump-hating staff members, do they all wear their “I’m With Her” sweatshirts to the meeting?

⦿ Two reporters from the Sacramento Bee, Alexei and Bryan Anderson, broke a story recently that probably surprised nobody, but underscored the difference between being an office holder and merely being one of the great unwashed who pay their salaries.

It seems that if you stroll down a certain corridor in the Legislative Office Building in downtown Sacramento and make a right turn, you will come to an unmarked door with a peephole.

Inside you will find the Capitol office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. When I say, “you will find,” I don’t mean you personally. I mean elected officials who can register their cars, renew their licenses or apply for the new federally-mandated Real ID card.

None of those interminable lines at regular DMV offices where a person can spend an entire day picking up forms and carrying them from one window to another, moving from one uncivil servant to another, all of them letting you know in no uncertain terms that they would all rather be somewhere else. Make that anywhere else.

⦿ After I took a swipe at Charles Koch, a billionaire who, although allegedly a Republican, has vowed to support Sen. Heidi Heitkamp against her Republican challenger, I heard from someone who knows him personally and vouched for his integrity and his patriotism.

He had me at a disadvantage because I don’t know Mr. Koch. My only connection to him, as it has been to Marv Adelson, is to suggest that instead of blowing millions of dollars trying to buy the presidential nomination for some establishment Republican who has no chance of winning a general election, someone like Newt Gingrich or Jeb Bush, for instance, they should purchase Spanish-language newspapers and radio stations. It might not make them kingmakers, but it would certainly do more to enhance the future of the Republican party.

In any case, this was my reply to his thoughtful message: “Charles Koch is lucky to have such a spirited defender as you. But the fact that he is supporting Sen. Heitkamp over Kevin Cramer suggests that he is not everything you say he is. Cramer may not be a great candidate and might not prove to be a great senator, but only one of them will continue to vote exactly the way Chuck clown-Schumer tells her to vote and the other candidate will not.

“Being a conservative, my preference is to vote for like-minded candidates. But in the final analysis, I understand that a true conservative cannot win a general election in many parts of this country. But because when it comes to counting noses in the House and the Senate, the noses of RINOs count as much anyone else’s, I want to be sure that the GOP maintains control of both houses.

“I can see the ego satisfaction in having Republicans coming, hat in hand, to kiss Mr. Koch’s ring. But I do not see how someone who calls himself a Republican can support a dummycrats-Democrat like Heitkamp, knowing that her victory could result in Chuck clown-Schumer’s becoming the majority leader of the Senate, which would mean that Trump’s agenda would come grinding to a halt and that he would have no chance of ever seating another conservative judge on the Supreme Court or on any of the other federal courts.

“Mr. Koch may be a fine fellow, but with friends like that, Trump and the Republicans don’t need any enemies.”

⦿ A good friend of mine had been urging me to start watching Lou Dobbs. I was reluctant, not because I had anything against Dobbs, whom I’d seen on other people’s shows over the years, but because I already watch Bret Baier’s Special Report and Tucker Carlson every week night. I find two hours of Fox, what with all the repetition, is as much as I can take.

But because he is such a good friend, I finally caved and tuned in Lou Dobbs. I liked the guy but decided not to add him to my viewing schedule.

Feeling I owed my friend an explanation, I wrote: “I have decided not to make a habit of tuning in. I don’t really need to hear someone else say what I already think unless he says it in a clever or unique way I hadn’t thought of. Lou Dobbs has always struck me as sensible and amiable, but not original or amusing.

“As much as I hate some of the guests and panelists I see on Bret Baier’s show or Tucker Carlson’s, and believe me I do, they serve the purpose of letting me know what the left-wing weasels are saying, so I can better ridicule them. I mean, in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t make up the crazy dumb shit that people like Kathy Areu, Chris Hahn, Richard Goodstein and Eric Swalwell, spout every time they open their yaps.”

The question that often occurs to me when I see these people being shot down by someone like Carlson is what motivates them to keep showing up, knowing they will be treated like the laughing stocks they are.

I mean, how much money can they possibly be paid to make them agree to be humiliated in front of a few million people?

The next question, of course, is whether I would have sufficient character to resist.

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