Kamala Harris has announced her campaign for President in 2020.  

The freshman California senator immediately announced she wanted to abolish private health insurance and have the government pay for all medical treatment. What could possibly go wrong?

She’s also against the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and most of the others. She’d probably be against the Third Amendment if she could remember what it is.  She loves tax hikes (except on her own money) and hasn’t met a spending bill she did not like. 

Harris announced and perhaps the most interesting response came from her former paramour Willie Brown. In a column in a San Francisco paper, he confirmed he had a long relationship with Harris twenty years ago and he helped get a couple of state jobs that launched her career.

She is charismatic, attractive and dangerous.

In a fractured Democrat field, she stands out. 

She could win. Not only the Democrat nomination, but the Presidency.  

Things do look good for President Trump. The economy is booming and despite the best efforts of the Democrats and the media, or to be truthful, the Democrats and their official media outlets, Trump his doing well.

But at this time in 2007, no one thought an obscure Illinois Senator named Barack Obama would be President and in 1991, with George H.W. Bush holding a 91% approval rating, no one thought an obscure governor from Arkansas named Clinton had a chance.

America got lucky with the last two Democrat Presidents. They were essentially both lazy grifters, who wanted to be “rock-star Presidents.” Kamala Harris is a radical leftist who is not lazy.  She is committed to a radical agenda and is willing to see it accomplished.

2020 will be a dangerous year. The Democrats and their media allies will do everything possible, fair or foul, to take down President Trump. The Democrats control the House of Representatives and there are 22 Republican seats up while there are only 12 Democrat seats up.   Right now, the Republicans hold a 53-47 majority but three seats flipping could give the Democrats control of the Senate (assume a Democrat wins the White House).

The nightmare scenario is a committed, radical Democrat in the White House, with the Democrats controlling the House and Senate.  The Democrat who could make that happen is Kamala Harris.

She is the most dangerous Democrat.


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