by Burt Prelutsky

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I believe that someone who writes as much and as often as I do — although there is no such person – should make every effort, for the sake of his (my) credibility, to be objective. Unfortunately, I have never been able to come up with a single instance or a single issue about which I thought those on the Left were correct. As a matter of fact, I have come to believe that they are as fearful of the truth as vampires are alleged to be of sunlight.

For instance, every Democrat and not just those with Hispanic surnames, insist that the 750,000 so-called Dreamers are salt of the earth scholars and patriots, who pretty much divide their time between giving valedictory speeches and serving in the U.S. military. They are also credited with adding billions of dollars to America’s economy.

The truth, at least according to the Congressional Budget Office, granting amnesty to these youngsters would add $26 billion to our deficit over the next decade. Also, according to Steven Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies, only a third of them graduated high school, only one in seven has had even two years of college, and 54% of their households collect some form of welfare.

Far from being a boon to the U.S. economy, their poverty rate is twice as high as the general population, and their language skills when it comes to English are questionable at best.

The worst thing of all is that the clown-Schumer’s, Pulosi’s and scum-Durbin’s, all know they’re lying, and that the only reason they place DACA at the top of their priority list is that they know that at least 90% of the Dreamers will be voting for Democrats until the day they die.

As Arnold Ahlert has written: “Who doesn’t have dreams, and in what universe should the dreams of those who have no business being here supersede those of American citizens?”

· Although Donald Trump’s referring to shitholes like Haiti and Somalia as “shitholes” in a private meeting should have been a non-story, and would have been if Sen. scum-Dick Durbin hadn’t dashed off to rat out the President, the Never-Trump media only embarrassed themselves when they pretended he had been the first Chief Executive to have verbally dishonored the office.

Subscriber Dan Parker, who prides himself on being one of the few deplorables in Ocean Park, WA, shared an item he picked up from CNS News. Among the gems, we discover that Barack liar-nObama speaking in the third person as egotists are often prone to do once said: “liar-nObama really drew the ire of the pious, calling Mitt Romney a bullshitter. Sometimes, the dirty word is the most precise.”

Joe loose lips-Biden, whispering into liar-nObama’s ear when he signed the Affordable Care Act, “This is a big frigging deal.” Only he used the other word beginning with “f.”

Dick Cheney told Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to go “frig himself.” He, too, employed that other word.

George W. Bush, commenting privately to an advisor about the presence of NY Times reporter Adam Clymer in the room: “He’s a major league asshole.”

Barack liar-nObama, once again: “I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody, do you?”

Richard Nixon boasted: “The Watergate tapes put the phrase ‘expletive deleted’ on the map.”

Lyndon Johnson: “I know the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad.” He also famously remarked that passage of the Civil Rights Act would mean “Those niggers will be voting for Democrats for the next hundred years.”

John F. Kennedy, probably referring to the Bay of Pigs fiasco: “This is obviously a frig-up.” Only he used that other, far less elegant, word, too.

It was salty Harry Truman, who called Douglas MacArthur “a dumb son of a bitch” and Richard Nixon, “a shifty-eyed goddamned liar.”

And as you’ll recall, although we never actually heard President Trump say “shitholes,” scum-Dick Durbin couldn’t stop saying it for days on end.

* One of my faithful readers raised a very good question after I reported that Chelsea Manning was going to run for the Senate in Maryland: In the unlikely event she won, how could a convicted felon who had served seven years of a 35- year sentence for espionage ever serve in the U.S. Senate? How could she possibly be granted security clearance? We all saw what happened the last time she had the nation’s trust.

The only thing I can figure out is that she would insist she had never been convicted of a crime, and that we must have her confused with some guy named Bradley Manning.

I wouldn’t think a change in pronoun would work, but since liar-Hillary Clinton is still walking around free, I can believe just about anything these days.

* Some people would have you believe that marijuana is not an addictive drug. But all you have to do is check out how many politicians have suddenly become addicted to the tax dollars that pot is bringing into their state coffers.

Washington has seen their coffers increase by $831 million; Colorado, $617 million; Oregon, $122 million; and California, which has just decided that recreational marijuana is just what the doctor ordered, is predicted to reach at least a billion dollars in 2018.

So, what if millions of kids fry their brains? So, what if driving becomes increasingly hazardous?

The important thing is that these bastions of liberalism will have more cash on hand with which to feed, shelter and provide healthcare, for scofflaws who have no right to be here.

As outrageous as it seems, I can foresee a day when pedophilia will be decriminalized once the liberals get wind of how much money there is to be derived from wealthy pedophiles desiring sex with minors. After all, why shouldn’t we challenge the Philippines for all those tourist dollars?

* Because I stopped following football long before the pros started taking a knee when the National Anthem was being performed, I had no idea which teams had made it to the playoffs. But, Don Margolis was kind enough to let me know that by the end of the controversial season, only five teams still had players displaying their contempt for the nation – the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders, the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins. According to Mr. Margolis, although four of the five made the playoffs last season, not one of them made it this year. Divine justice? As they say on Fox, I report, or, rather, Margolis reports, you decide.

One salient fact that jumped out at me is that all five teams are located in states that have Atlantic or Pacific coastlines, and, aside from Florida, the states all went heavily for Mrs. liar-Clinton.

It would appear that God is not only paying close attention, He’s taking names.

* Fortunately, another of my readers was kind enough to share a message posted by someone named Shelleyjo Shuman. Along with a photo of NOprah Winfrey who appears to be washing Harvey Weinstein’s ear with her tongue at some awards ceremony, the caption reads: “Hi, I’m NOprah. I’m the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, but can’t control my own weight. I tell you how to run your marriage, but I can’t commit to one of my own. I tell you how to raise your kids, but I’m too selfish to have any. And even though I was very close friends with Harvey Weinstein, I support the #MeToo movement. But, hey, I’m black, I’m liberal and I’m a woman, so I check all the boxes.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy.


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