Freedom and liberty in America are dying rapidly. The American dream will be dead within a decade.

How is this possible? The left is using big government to strangle America and real Americans. They are doing their best to use big government to destroy the middle class. And unfortunately, for the most part, the Republican Party is sitting there, just drooling while all of this happens.

From the Daily Caller:

In its final months, the Obama administration has set up a strategy to bring inner city living to the suburbs by deploying three federal agencies to dictate to states and local communities how to set up schools, housing and mass transit.

It’s all part of a federal push to reduce economic and racial segregation in favor of diversity.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) expanded the reach of its Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule to two other federal agencies: the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education.

AFFH is a rule established by HUD last year that requires any nationwide locality that receives block grant funding from the agency to rezone neighborhoods based on income and racial prerequisites. It’s based on the 40-year-old Fair Housing Act.

In a joint letter released at the beginning of the week, the secretaries of the three agencies called on local leaders to use the AFFH rule as a vehicle to push state and local officials to abide by federal recommendations in planning to to develop residential, commercial and school sites.

“We recognize that a growing body of research supports the benefits of socioeconomic and racial diversity in schools and communities, and that such diversity can help establish access points for opportunity and mobility,” HUD Secretary Julián Castro, Education Secretary John King and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx wrote. “We also recognize that children raised in concentrated poverty or in communities segregated by

socioeconomic status or race or ethnicity have significantly lower social and economic mobility than those growing up in integrated communities.

“Rising economic segregation means that an increasing number of low-income households are located in distressed neighborhoods where they face challenges such as failing schools, high rates of crime, and inadequate access to services and jobs, making it harder for individuals and families to escape poverty,” the trio wrote.

Translation, the Obama Regime wants to destroy the middle class by importing crime into nice neighborhoods. Most Americans’ single largest investment is their house. Most Americans aspire to home ownership. And one of the key factors for the value of homes is nice, safe neighborhoods.

Yet what happens when we have these nice middle class neighborhoods that are suddenly forced to have public housing right in their midst? There is a reason why people don’t voluntarily live in the ghettos.

This is a full fledged assault on the sovereignty of individual states as well as an attempt to simply destroy the middle class. The state legislatures in red states should start rejecting all federal funds that come with these conditions. Let the blue states go to hell.

Oh, and let’s not forget that a few conservatives tried to kill AFFH and the GOP establishment blocked them from killing this insanity.


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  1. MUG

    Don’t worry Judson, Trump and Pence will just issue a blanket Executive Order (fiat) to nullify everything Obama did and that will take care of it. Trust me, I know these things. If anybody can do it Trump can. He said he would. Then he said he wouldn’t. Then he said maybe yes. Then he said maybe no. See. it’s all taken care of. I feel so relieved, safe and secure, and confident my Grandkids will be able to compete and flourish in a society that rewards initiative and hard work.
    They tried busing inner city students to suburb schools and suburb students to the inner city in the 70’s and 80’s. It failed miserably. So obviously Obama will succeed with his better plan. All of the previous Progressive Liberal failures were because the wrong people were in charge. Obama is so obviously the right person to make it succeed. If not Obama, who? Hillary? Trump? Who?

  2. Kenny Sono

    Judson, you sound like somebody who watches all this from a distance. Here’s what it looks like close up:
    First, more and more Low income people (we’ll call them LIPs for the moment)……. move out of the inner city and into nearby suburbs.
    Second, the vacant buildings in the inner city get filled with street people, drunks, drug addicts, rats and cockroaches, hookers, and gang members.
    Third, those inner city buildings deteriorate quickly, get boarded up, the government hangs a sign on them to suggest no access, and they remain as they were, with occupants getting worse and worse; the food chain gets smaller and smaller and ends up with roaches, rats and cats.
    Fourth, the buildings get bulldozed, and become part of Yuppie city planning, and start to become part of “revitalization” plans which normally end up with plans to get Yuppies and their money to move in there, work there, and demonstrate a whole new successful city neighborhood. This usually takes about ten to thirty years.
    NOW, on the people side of this / in the suburbs…… the LIPs start learning right away that they now have several choices. They all get to choose between these common options:
    Start actually getting decent grades in school, or fail and drop out.
    Start actually working and making money and going to work all the time, or get evicted and end up back in a nasty neighborhood in the outskirts of the nicer suburbs; in some ways worse than the inner city.
    Start being polite and/or start being quiet.
    Avoid the police and pull your pants up, if only temporarily in the sun light.
    Keep the alcohol in the brown bag out of your own hands, and don’t be seen doing drugs openly. Change who you hang out with or hang out with them away from where you live.
    Stay quiet about how little money you make and/or learn to be more humble about having a job at all / nobody wants to hear a single thing the LIPs have to say about it.
    Avoid the soccer Moms and small business owners at all costs; they’re tied directly to the police who all drive shiny new cars, and won’t be caught giving anyone a fist bump or high five while wearing a uniform.
    Start learning how loud complaints such as “oh MAN” and obnoxious body language to show severe disappointment just gets you rejected entirely by whites and people in authority all of whom are holding all the money.
    Keep recalling what it was like in the inner city; shut up and deal with it.

  3. dahl

    It may be possible to right the ship but the some big challenges lie ahead. Government is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people. The left wing media (an integral part of the propaganda machine) is there to convince people that all of our problems center about gender, race and income inequality . Towards this end anyone who subscribes to traditional and constitutional values is now considered by the left as either a racist, or “anti-government” . The left has created a system of hate to divide us and control us. . The only way out of this downward spiral is to teach people that “diversity” is not the answer but unity is. In the words of founding father John Dickinson ” United We Stand, Divided We Fall” and according to Mark 3:25 ” if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”. I am praying that the Trump -Pence team can put us back in the right direction. Freedom and liberty are dying and the next president will be the only hope. If another socialist is elected and put in the white house, the game is over.

    1. Kenny Sono

      Dahl, you are absolutely RIGHT! Just for fun, let’s go ahead and deal with what you call “Game Over” for a minute. IF Hillary wins, I think we’ll see changes that most people don’t realize, and those changes will surely cause reactions most people don’t realize will probably happen. Let’s try this:
      If Hillary wins:
      The cost of everything will go up, and wages will go down. Taxes and interest rates and debt will go WAY UP and people will all start to become “more equal” because everyone except for street people will all start to have similar pay checks.
      If all that happens, most conservatives will put their nose to the grindstone, work harder, and probably start to pray more. People who are conservative will stop paying attention to politics and will start to go back to church again or perhaps just more. People who are conservative will start to donate more to charity and will become far more humble about their lack of money for themselves, for their families and for others. Conservatives will stop buying new cars, fancy “toys” and extra clothes. Conservatives will start to cook more and will start eating things more healthy and less expensive. Conservatives will start to read and study more and will try really hard to get ahead / as they did “growing up.” Conservatives will probably learn self defense more often and will buy more guns and ammo.
      “Game Over” will not be all that bad for Conservatives because they are and will continue to be self reliant as much as possible.
      Liberal Progressive Democrats will just become more and more reliant upon the Government, and they’ll complain more and more and will become participants in violence, and other illegal activities more than ever as they all crash and burn. The game will not ever be over………but it can can get WAY worse than it is now.