by Burt Prelutsky

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I was in favor of allowing the so-called Dreamers to remain in the U.S. on certain conditions related to education, military service and no criminal record, but I am getting really sick and tired of seeing the arrogant, ungrateful wretches on TV, demanding rights to which, as non-citizens, they’re not entitled.

If those people were, as is always being claimed, brought here by their parents, it strikes me there’s no reason to argue for their parents being brought to America via chain migration, inasmuch as they are already here.

President Trump should not be so ready to accept a bribe to build a wall while postponing an end to chain migration, the criminal enterprise known as the lottery or initiating E-Verify, which would prevent the employers of illegal aliens the opportunity to claim deniability.

Otherwise, like Reagan, who was gulled into granting amnesty to four million illegal aliens in the mid-80s, Trump will be played for a sucker by the Democrats on Capitol Hill.

The world’s greatest negotiator should certainly know better than to accept a promissory note from deadbeats.

* Speaking of which, why do all those Democrats keep showing up in Congress? Why don’t they just hand over their proxies to the king and queen of the Lilliputians, Chuck clown-Schumer and Nancy Pulosi? That way they could stay home and perhaps get a second job more in keeping with their skill set; perhaps as school crossing guards.

* But the Republicans aren’t a lot better. The requirement that it take 60 votes to pass legislation isn’t in the Constitution. It isn’t even a Senate rule, it’s merely a tradition that should be treated exactly the way that Harry dinky-Reid dealt with the 60-vote tradition when it came to appointing liar-nObama’s federal judges. dinky-Reid scrapped it as being archaic, just as Schumer will determine the 60-vote tradition is once he manages to change his status to majority leader.

My question is why don’t a majority of GOP senators confront McConnell, who could also be best described as archaic, demanding he announce a new tradition, one based on majority rule and commonsense?

* The latest trumped-up scandal is that seven months ago, Donald Trump considered firing Robert Mueller. The only scandal would have been if he hadn’t considered firing James Comey’s best friend from an investigation revolving around Trump’s firing of the sleazebag.

But, as we all know, Trump did not fire Mueller, possibly because he was wise enough to follow his lawyer’s advice. Now, all these months later, the Democrats and their lapdogs in the media want to condemn Trump for obstruction of justice. Admittedly, I don’t have a law degree, but it’s hard for me to see how Trump can be indicted for something he may or may not have considered doing, but never actually did.

Once we begin prosecuting people for their words or even their thoughts, the courts will be crammed with defendants who have considered or called for Trump’s assassination.

* Recently, I wrote about the fact that black comedian Chris Rock became rich and famous because of a routine he did in which he differentiated between normal black people and the thugs he referred to as “niggers.” His black audiences ate it up because they recognized the truth ingrained in his monologue.

One of my subscribers let me know that she was losing tolerance for blacks because of their incessant chatter about President Trump and Republicans in general being white supremacists. She was afraid she was turning into a racist.

Of course, she wasn’t, I assured her.

For one thing, I have been accused of the same thing. My initial defense was that actual racists don’t make distinctions. They do not point out, as I have, that there’s a world of difference between the likes of Clarence Thomas, Jason Riley, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza Rice, Larry Elder, Denzel Washington, Harris Faulkner and those like Barack liar-nObama, Loretta Lynch, scum-Eric Holder, Donna Brazile, mad-Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Juan Williams, Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

But by now, I have expanded my argument to point out that it’s not racism when the judgment is based on behavior and not color. Unfortunately, these days, it’s harder than ever to differentiate between Chris Rock’s two groups when they insist on voting exactly the same way.

* On the subject of differences, Salena Zito, writing in the Atlantic, summed up the glaring abyss between liberals and conservatives by pointing out that those on the Left take Donald Trump literally but not seriously, whereas the rest of us take him seriously but not literally.

* A friend passed on the news that there’s a good chance the gas pumps at your corner station are rigged. After hearing the rumor, she tested it by first stopping the pump after one gallon and checking whether it was in line with the posted cost-per-gallon sign. She found it wasn’t. She also discovered that not only was the price off by about 10%, but even the gauge measuring the quantity of gas going into her tank had been jimmied.

I just received the news this morning, so I haven’t had time to check it out myself. But she added the information that if you find a discrepancy, you first show the receipt to the station owner and demand a refund, and then contact your state’s agriculture department because they’re the folks who oversee weights and measures. Apparently, it’s not only your local butcher who may be placing his thumb on the scale and cheating you blind.

* In case you wish that liar-Hillary Clinton would just disappear – preferably into Leavenworth – keep wishing. Instead, she keeps making news. The latest of which is that she allowed a senior member of her campaign staff to keep his job after being accused of being a sexual harasser. In her own defense, Mrs. liar-Clinton said she had commended the young woman, saying she was proud of her and “dismayed” by the news, but she didn’t deny that it was the whistleblower who was demoted, while the offensive geek was unscathed. In other words, business as usual for the Feminist-in-Chief.

I’m sure that none of us are surprised by this latest revelation of the woman’s hypocrisy. The only surprise is that she didn’t say to the young woman: “Hell, you call that sexual harassment? Let me tell you some of the shit my husband has pulled over the years!”

* It recently occurred to me why, despite my not being religious, I tend to align myself with religiously observant Christians and Jews. I suspect it’s because we agree about so many basic issues and share common values. It’s only our faith-based beliefs that separate us. Fortunately, I have never found that a bridge too far for people of goodwill, which I believe helps explain the miracle of this extraordinary experiment called America.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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