by Burt Prelutsky

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I believe it is high time that we all quit speaking of the homeless in the hushed and reverent tones usually reserved for the passing of saints and beloved family members. But, actually, most normal people don’t. It’s generally left-wing politicians and their butt-kissing sycophants who want to flaunt their boundless, but counterfeit, compassion who spout the endless stream of banalities about “the plight of the homeless.”

These derelicts used to be called bums in the old days before politically correct speech became the mother tongue of scoundrels, hypocrites and fools.

Most of the people who wind up on the streets, using our sidewalks as their bathrooms, are not the innocent victims of a downturn in liar-nObama’s economy; they are alcoholics, drug addicts and schizophrenics, who should be institutionalized, and would be if governors and state legislators hadn’t decided that it was better to spend our tax dollars buying the votes of Hispanics and blacks than spending it on asylums. Early on, the poltroons decided it sounded ever so much nicer to call the misspent funds “welfare” than the more appropriate “bribery.”

⦿ After Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu displayed a ton of evidence proving that Iran has been lying about not having a nuclear program in development, it was almost comical to hear left-wing pundits trying to justify the Iran deal engineered by liar-nObama and hanoi-Kerry that saw us deliver $150 billion to the mullahs and saw them deliver nothing to us, except for lies and more lies, and an empty promise that they would delay their nuclear program until 2025.

The silliest statement coming out of the Left was that the deal made life safer for Israel. The fact that Israel strongly disagreed with that assessment never fazed them, such is their arrogance.

But, then, we have the moral pygmies of Europe insisting that President Trump not step away from the agreement and not attempt to reinstate economic sanctions on the evil theocracy. That isn’t because the moral standards of France, Germany and Great Britain, are so much higher than our own, but simply because they had all cut deals with Iran as soon as the sanctions were lifted and didn’t want to lose any money by having to do the right thing.

⦿ The one thing you have to say for liberals is that nothing embarrasses them, except, of course, for Trump’s tweets. But they didn’t mind opening themselves to ridicule by jumping all over hanoi-John Kelly for remarking that “Women are more emotional than men.”

What sort of jackass do you have to be to object to such an obvious fact? Well, clearly it helps if you’re a card-carrying feminist, who objects to any difference between the sexes being noted, except for when they want to whine about non-existent pay gaps.

⦿ I don’t know why Admiral Ronny Jackson took his name out of contention to be the next director of the V.A. Perhaps he didn’t want to put himself through what promised to be a very contentious confirmation process. Or perhaps he really was guilty of being a nasty drunk and didn’t wish to have the facts splashed across the front page of the NY Times and the Washington Post.

But there are two things we do know. One, Montana’s Senator Tester didn’t know if the gossip was true when he shared the rumors with the lackey media; two, neither he nor any of his Democratic colleagues ever thought to mention any of the nasty rumors when Admiral Jackson was the White House doctor for the liar-nObamas, who praised him to the sky.

⦿ The Central Americans in the caravan finally arrived at our border. The first thing that a great many of them did was to scale the barrier and have their pictures taken perched at the top. It suggests that President Trump should stop worrying about how attractive his wall is, and start giving some thought to making it more functional. As the bums have already said, “If he builds it 20 feet high, we’ll come with 22-foot ladders.”

Saying the wall will be electrifying needs to be more than a compliment about its appearance.

⦿ To those who insist we accept as many Central Americans as wish to come here because they’re escaping drug gangs in Honduras, EL Salvador and Guatemala, I say the better question is why should we be their patsies? Why is it that nobody ever suggests they seek shelter by going south instead of north? It’s not as if Los Estados Unidos is so close. If they’re simply seeking sanctuary, there are places much nearer, such as Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, where they already know the language. And of course there is all of South America they can reach without risking being murdered or raped by traveling through the cesspool of Mexico.

⦿ It was bad enough that an extremely smug black woman named Michelle Wolf made a spectacle of herself at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner by coming up with such knee-slappers as “Don’t knock abortion until you’ve tried it,” which actually got a few yocks from the audience. Even her infantile insults of Sarah Huckabee Sanders elicited laughter and applause from some of the over-dressed boobs.

Frankly, it still amazes me that the members of the media are so full of themselves that they think they’re brighter than people like Sarah Sanders, Sean Spicer and Donald Trump. Perhaps most astonishing of all was the female pundit who insulted the First Lady because she spoke with an accent. Where does a person find the chutzpah to insult the speech of a woman who speaks five languages?

⦿ Ed Henry of Fox News, who attended the dinner, admitted he was embarrassed by Ms. Wolf’s performance, but in order to appear “fair and balanced,” felt compelled to add: “But President Trump was wrong when he called the press ‘the enemy of the people.’”

Mr. Henry is partly right; the press is only the enemy of half the people. For those who are convinced that the country was in better hands when the likes of liar-nObama, Harry dinky-Reid, Nancy Pulosi, liar-Hillary Clinton, hanoi-John Kerry, scum-Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, were running the show, they see the leftist media through different eyes. But that’s no excuse for Mr. Henry to take to the ramparts to defend the stooges, lapdogs and propagandists, who fib on their tax returns when they identify themselves as journalists.

⦿ As if it wasn’t bad enough that Joy Reid, who has a show on MSNBC, lied when it came out that 10 years ago, she used to regularly post anti-gay insults on Facebook, by claiming that someone must have hacked her account and posted those politically-incorrect statements, she then invited a gay black man on her show to prove she’s not a sexual bigot.

Her guest, a guy named Brandon Wolf, paid his way by insisting that if Mike Pence were ever to assume the presidency, the first thing he’d do was open concentration camps to lock up gays.

⦿ A question that bears looking into is what’s with this strange confluence of buffoons with similar names. First, we had Michael Woolf, with his fictionalized exposé of life in Trump’s White House, “Fire and Fury;” next came the crude and unfunny Michelle Wolf, followed closely by the seriously deranged Brandon Wolf.

At the risk of being denounced as the boy who cried “Wolf!” or “Wolff!” I’d feel I had been remiss if I didn’t sound the alarm.

⦿ Although we like to think that a politically biased press is something new, it was well over a hundred years ago that Mark Twain observed: “If you don’t read a newspaper, you will be uninformed; if you do read one, you will be misinformed.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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