by Burt Prelutsky

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Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens should be commended for calling for repeal of the Second Amendment. The conflict between the sane and the insane is often lost in a fog of lies because those opposed to private gun ownership lack the guts to admit they want law-abiding citizens disarmed. They pretend that they only want to get rid of automatic weapons just the way they used to lie about just wanting to get rid of Saturday night specials, but Stevens came right out and admitted he didn’t think Americans could be trusted with firearms, and that the Founders were lunkheads to think otherwise.

Perhaps at age 97, Stevens figured he had nothing to lose. But, oddly enough, for someone who had been one of the Supremes for 35 years (1975-2010), he seemed to think that repealing an Amendment was a simple thing. It seems to have slipped whatever is left of his mind that it requires a vote by two-thirds of House and Senate members and then ratification by 38 state legislatures.

Perhaps it was a good thing that Stevens decided to surrender his black robe when he did. Actually, there’s no “perhaps” about it.

The saddest aspect of all this is that if he were still on the Court, he could probably count on at least three other justices to agree with his opinion.

One of the more bewildering aspects of the current gun debate—aside from the fact that so many adults feel they have to pretend to be paying serious attention to the nonsense being spewed by teenagers, whom they would not trust to walk their dogs—is that the same people who fantasize the confiscation of 300 million weapons are always proclaiming the impossibility of deporting a mere 11 million illegal aliens.

⦿ Speaking of those people we keep hearing are living in the shadows, but who are constantly raising a ruckus on TV, they are now whining about the census takers in 2020 asking people if they are citizens. To me and most Americans, it seems a legitimate question, especially as congressional districts are determined by population. Still, I’m confused by the uproar inasmuch as the pollsters would have to take them at their word. Are we supposed to believe that people who sneak across our border will hesitate lying to some stranger holding a clipboard?

⦿ In related news, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is threatening to arrest the officeholders of Orange County for daring to oppose the state’s sanctuary status. I don’t know what Jeff Sessions is waiting for? Do the rebels have to fire on Fort Sumter before the feds finally drop the hammer on scofflaw mayors, governors and other political hacks like Becerra?

⦿ One of the built-in problems with the recent demonstrations, be they in opposition to gun ownership or on behalf of the so-called Dreamers, is that so far as most adults are concerned, the truism about children being seen and not heard immediately springs to mind.

What’s more, the kids are so loud, arrogant and just plain annoying, they tend to turn even those inclined to agree with their point of view against them. But, then, their actual objective is to preen for the cameras and to take selfies of themselves. Come to think of it, that is the same objective of people like Chuck clown-Schumer, Nancy Pulosi and scum-Dick Durbin, who keep referring to the young twits as our future leaders.

⦿ When Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke was accused by CNN of hiring people based on their ability to do the job without concern of their race or ethnicity, the Department of Interior’s spokesman quickly assured the nation that Secretary Zinke was not running a meritocracy.

God forbid that a qualified white person would jump to the conclusion he would be more likely to be hired for a government job than an unqualified black, Hispanic or Muslim.

⦿ The last time anyone has absorbed more hits than the FBI, Joe Louis was using “Two Ton” Tony Galento for a punching bag.

The latest bit of bad news for the Bureau is that Matthew Schrier, who had been captured in Syria and held hostage by Al Qaeda, managed to survive and escape. When he was captured, the terrorists also captured his lap top. They used it to drain his bank account, spending the money on additional lap tops, tablets, boots and such absolute necessities of jihadist life as cologne and “Secrets of the Kama Sutra.”

All of that is bad enough, but the skunks at the FBI made it all the worst by telling Schrier’s family that he had joined the terrorists and it was he who had gone on a spending binge on their behalf. Apparently, the reason for this evil deception was that they were able to use his computer to track the terrorists, although that fails to explain the lies or what good came of tracking the ragheads. It’s not as if the liar-nObama administration made any attempt to rescue Schrier.

⦿ In Chicago, the media is all a-twitter because a guy named Miguel Perez, Jr., was recently deported to Mexico. The newspapers and the TV reporters are up in arms because Perez spent four years in the military, serving mainly in Afghanistan.

The part they don’t talk about is that Perez was denied an honorable discharge because of his drug use and that he served nearly twice as long, seven years, in an Illinois prison for selling two pounds of cocaine to an undercover cop.

It’s hardly the narrative the media wants to promote when it’s so much easier to demean ICE in their headlines for deporting a military hero.

It’s also true that even conservatives occasionally have to put on their big boy pants and accept the fact that not every cop or military veteran is a good guy.

⦿ Still, whatever shortcomings conservatives might have, they pale by comparison to liberals. In a recent poll of the demented, the deranged and the depraved, 75% of those identifying themselves as liberals considered hunting more morally reprehensible than abortions.

For those who are numerically challenged, that means that three out of the four liberals you know or might be related to believe it is worse to kill a rabbit or a pheasant than a human being.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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