When I was a small kid we didn’t have television but the movie theaters showed news reels before the main feature. Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was often featured because Americans admired and were fond of the “British Bulldog.” I remember one when he was old and had been in the hospital. He was filmed leaving the hospital holding a lit cigar in his hand with that beloved bulldog look on his face assuring everyone he would be alright and that he still smoked a box of cigars and drank a bottle of brandy every day.

Sir Winston was combative and fared well in the rough and tumble repartee of Parliament where his comments and retorts were rapier sharp. Socially he was known for his quick wit and stinging replies. I was absolutely disgusted with Obama when he had the White House bust of Churchill returned to the British embassy. If Obama is president of all Americans then he had no right to disrespect Churchill, the British, nor the Greatest Generation’s admiration for Churchill. If Trump wins I hope his first diplomatic act is to personally go to the British embassy and humbly beg their forgiveness for Obama’s insult and plead for the return of the bust.

I have been wanting Reagan like qualities in Trump and finding him woefully lacking. Reagan was the Great Communicator and Trump talks like a petulant third grader. Since we are in a war for our survival with Islamic Radicals and with Progressive Liberalism, maybe we need our own Bulldog. Things are bleak and we need someone to remind us of Churchill’s famous quote: “…never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.”

Since Trump is bound to be combative I wonder if he could learn from Churchill. Instead of not preparing for the next debate, he might be prepared with his own brand of Churchill like barbs to jab Hillary with and to reply to her “Trumped up” lies. He could be prepared to put the moderator in his or her place if they try to diminish him. Instead of scowling in anger and giving agitated responses, he could practice looking ferociously determined and give “well said” cutting and damning comments and replies. I thought I saw some glimpses of the ability to carry it off, but he needs a lot of polish and must listen to his handlers. I doubt if he can pull it off, but maybe, just maybe. I wonder.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    It’s looking pretty bleak Mug.
    I thought we had a fairly good chance of seeing hope Trump would sweep this thing but I’m thinking / if it’s close; the Democrats will just cheat her in there.
    Miracles do happen but this time we’ll need one that is perfectly timed.

  2. David

    Supposedly Bobby Knight is coaching Trump. There may be a strategy. Think of this like the first quarter of a basketball game. Neither candidate looked good. The big winner was the libertarians.