Rush Limbaugh thinks we are on the verge of Civil War. I think we have been involved in a Civil War that began in the 60’s. I grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s and witnessed the transition of the Democrat Party from seemingly patriotic and dedicated to serving the American people, to a Party driven by anti-American sentiment and dedicated to imposing their socialistic and communistic ideology on the American people.

The Republican Party has been enabling the Progressive Democrats by agreeing to one sided compromises. The Progressives only agree to compromises where they get some of what they want and their opposition, Republicans, get future considerations for their tax cuts or balanced budget or shrinking government or whatever. Democrats rarely cede anything immediate and rarely cede the future considerations they agreed to in the compromise.

The Democrats have been Progressively gaining political control of our government by their one sided compromises. Using government overreach they then have been insidiously dispersing their ideology throughout society by indoctrination in our schools and one-sided, slanted reporting by their ally the news media.

When I was growing up most people I knew thought our enemies in the wars we had fought were evil and deserved whatever we had to do to them to destroy their ability and their will to wage war against us. The Progressive Democrats have had that same mindset about destroying their Conservative political and social opposition: ie.

Because some White Supremacists are violent, ambush executions by Black Lives Matter are justified.

Because some whites are racists, all anti-white violent racism is justified.

And so on. We are all aware of a multitude of examples, political and social.

Meanwhile Republicans who have been elected because they promised to oppose Progressivism have failed to deliver and correct the unlawful imposition of the Progressive Democrat ideology. Unfortunately Republicans are actually Progressive sympathizers and can be counted on to concede ground while gaining little or nothing in return.

Republicans are no longer the Party of opposition to Progressive Democrats. The Republican Party has become the Party of Betrayal and we must keep that in mind when we vote.


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  1. steve blades

    well this time the fat b*stard is right,,,

    the GOP has at best as I can see failed 100% in doing what they said they would do and not reversed a single big progressive policy, agency or law done by the dems,,,

    but that is only over the last 50 yrs of my life, cant say before that,,,

    1. MUG Post author

      We have had two Republican Presidents who have opposed Progressivism, Eisenhower and Reagan. Both of them were resisted by their own Republican Party.

  2. DAHL

    The Democrats of old were for a strong military, second amendment rights, supportive of industry, jobs for the middle class and a fair tax for the working man. Today they represent Wall Street, the Globalists who want open borders, the corporate interests, the welfare class and supporting “laws” for the illegals that don’t even exist. Republicans are only slightly better They are progressives under a different title. If it keeps going like this before you know it America will look like open borders Europe and we know how that is working out.