Last Friday, July 1, Donald Trump, presumptive Republican nominee, spoke at the Western Conservative Summit here in Denver. Sarah Palin gave a vintage Palin style speech to introduce Trump and she resonated with the crowd. She pretty well nailed what we all believe needs to be done and would like to believe Trump will carry out as POTUS. Trump on the other hand did not receive the rousing enthusiastic welcome from the crowd that I had expected for the man who is presumed to carry the Conservative banner this fall.

It was hard for me to stay focused on Trump’s talk. He would indicate he was going in one direction and then pause and with an “oh by the way” casualness he would talk about something else instead. He was all over the place without “closing the deal” on pretty much anything that I was eager to hear. He covered a lot of subjects but I can’t for the life of me remember anything to tell you that was memorable or “right on the money.” I keep wondering when Trump is going to unite the Party and bring the reluctant, the hesitant, the uncommitted on board.

FBI Director, James Comey, held a press conference and said the FBI had recommended that the DOJ not indict Hillary Clinton for compromising US security by sending and receiving classified emails over her private unsecured server. Most of the country is astonished, in disbelief, even Hillary supporters didn’t see how she could avoid indictment. I can’t imagine any but the depraved who would want a craven liar like Hillary, who has no intention of protecting us or maintaining our security, to be POTUS.

A while back  I got an email from Trump vowing to indict Hillary for all her crimes, including the crime of sending and receiving classified emails on her personal unsecured server.  Trump Vows to ‘Indict’ Hillary Clinton  In light of that email I thought to myself, now is the time, Trump will step up and show leadership. He will stand up and roar, and unite not just the Party but the whole country in demanding that justice be served by indicting Hillary. He will call for us to take to the streets and demand that our laws be enforced and justice be served.

I was disappointed in Trump’s first response, a whiney “that’s not fair,” instead of  a strong “this is America, we demand that our leaders be held accountable to the same laws as We the People.”  Donald Trump Calls FBI’s Email Recommendation on Hillary Clinton ‘Very Unfair’  The Clinton’s had been dealing for the last few days with negative reaction to Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Bill Clinton’s Meeting With Loretta Lynch Causes Stir in …  And, now Hillary says as President she may keep Lynch as AG. NY Times: A President Hillary Clinton May Keep Lynch as  Trump’s response “that’s a bribe,” instead of a furious vow to indict Lynch as well as Hillary.  Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of offering ‘bribe’ to …  And finally in response to Comey’s assertion that because of the sophistication of our enemies, they most certainly had monitored Hillary’s unsecured email transmissions and receptions, in other words our enemies are in possession of both her classified emails and her personal emails which she tried to conceal from the FBI. Trump’s response was a statement that she could be blackmailed, instead of demanding her security clearance be revoked which is standard procedure for anyone else who is subject to blackmail or has compromised national security. Revoking her security clearance would render her ineligible to serve as Secretary of State and hopefully POTUS. Trump: US Enemies Likely Have Hillary Blackmail

This is such a great time for Trump to start showing leadership. He has been showing us what a great negotiator he is. Every time I listen to him I feel like he is trying to convince me, negotiating with me, will I meet him half way? The wall is negotiable, deporting illegals is negotiable, banning Muslim immigrants from countries that support terrorism is a negotiable “suggestion.” If I could talk to him face to face I would like to say, “Mr Trump, this is your last chance to demonstrate that you are not all talk and etch-a-sketch. It’s time Mr Trump. Dump or get off the pot. Lead or get out of the way!” If he stands up and leads, he wins hands down. How could anyone mess this one up.  


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Mug, on that FBI thing….. Trump would be wise to keep his powder dry and wait for the debates to throw that witches brew in Hillary’s face. This is especially true in light of the NEXT scandal which apparently includes the Clinton’s having tens of Billions of dollars going un-checked:
    Also, don’t forget Trump is squarely in the middle of a campaign where the media will listen to him rant to a POINT, and then they’ll back off with their assumption that he’s just trying to get free publicity. At some point, Trump will release his ads and start his campaign in earnest and it still hasn’t happened. Most likely, Trump knows the NEW media flooding of the American public requires that a short fuse is critical to get their attention for a short time and after that, they MAY make the right decisions. None of this makes him more qualified to be POTUS but it make him BECOME our next President, an…. it may be just what we need to save this (formerly) great country.

    1. MUG Post author

      Kenny, it is long past time for rants and strong accusations. France had its third terrorist attack in 18 months. This time with a TRUCK. Are Obama and Hillary going to demand we limit access to Trucks. Is it the Truck’s fault or the Terrorist. The military in Turkey is attempting to overthrow the Islamic Sharia based government and reestablish Constitutional Democracy. Guerrilla war is raging in Europe and headed our way. Obama’s White House has a policy of appeasement and is deliberately inviting our enemies to flood into our country. It is time for Trump to lead! No more, “I think that’s terrible.” It’s time for him to stand up and say things like “Americans unite! Europe is burning. There are ‘wars and rumors of wars.’ Get ready, I will l lead you in the fight to restore America. I will let you enforce our laws. I will FREE and unleash the military and economic powers of our great nation and let you fight to win again.” Americans will take to the streets and rally in support of him if he stands up and leads. No more coaxing, cajoling, negotiating, seducing, enticing, saying whatever he thinks we will agree with…….. It’s time to lead.

        1. David

          They say that timing is everything, the Word of god says

          Ecc 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:

          Now maybe you don’t care about what Gods Word says and that’s fine, it’s your right but just as my timing is not God’s timing it is the same with Donald Trump and no I am not comparing him to or suggesting that he is God but what I am suggesting is that I believe he has his own time table, he is not a dumb man, he has been ridiculed for *speaking first* before thinking or *getting the facts* and that he needs to act more Presidential so, when he acts Presidential and checks himself in speaking, he gets criticized. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I pretty much agree with what you wrote and I’m sure you’re close to my age and have heard that old saying; “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”, Lets simply let him work within his own time line and see what happens

        2. MUG Post author

          David, I believe every Word of the Bible was inspired by God.

          This might be Trump’s time ordained by God. It may be for God to bless us or it may be for God to teach us a lesson. You have to talk that one over with God for yourself.

          The saying is a quote from Abraham Lincoln. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

          I am not criticizing people for choosing Trump. I am trying to convince them not to blindly accept him. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Make him understand that he has to demonstrate he is worthy of your support. He should never have the arrogant confidence to proclaim he could “shoot somebody in Times Square and his supporters would still support him.”