Our previous President, B Hussein Obama, did his best to flood our nation with anti-American Islamic refugees and illegal immigrants from below our southern border. Few if any of them want to assimilate and become loyal, patriotic, productive Citizens. His Hope and Change was – Hope that Islamists and illegal immigrants would loot and bankrupt our country and Change it to Third World status.

He ordered Border Patrol and Immigration Enforcement to ignore and not enforce existing Federal Immigration Law, leaving our borders open to drug smuggling and Islamic Terrorist infiltration. He openly showed disdain for Law Officers and gave his support to Black Lives Matters, a terrorist hate group that advocates ambush style executions of Law Officers.

One of the mainstays of President Trump’s platform was Respect for Law and Order, and a return to Law and Order. Another was a Border Wall to stop illegal entry into the country and plug the pipeline for illegal drugs and terrorists. Sheriff Arpaio is a patriotic supporter of President Trump and cooperated with ICE in compliance with Federal immigration laws.

So let’s see, Sheriff Arpaio was charged with racial profiling by a Mexican man who was stopped in a routine traffic stop and detained until Arpaio’s officers could verify he was in the US legally. Of course the ACLU got involved and made it a class action suit. The judge (no jury trial for Arpaio) found in the plaintiff’s favor and ordered Arpiao’s sheriffs to stop detaining illegal immigrants.

The judges verdict: “states do not have the inherent authority to enforce the civil provisions of federal immigration law.” He ordered Arpaio to stop detaining anyone not suspected of a state or federal crime — simply being in the United States illegally is not a crime, only a civil violation.

Arpaio and his deputies continued to detain illegal immigrants and comply with Federal Immigration Law and they continued to cooperate with ICE. He was charged with contempt and a US District Judge pronounced him guilty and sentenced him to prison. President Trump gave Sheriff Arpaio a Presidential Pardon.

Paul Ryan on President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Arpaio: “The Speaker does not agree with this decision,” spokesman Doug Andres said in a statement. “Law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”

I guess Ryan thinks that people who are here illegally have “rights” that are violated if their immigration status is questioned. He is next in succession to the Presidency after the Vice President and he doesn’t agree with law enforcement. He and Mitch (Senate MAJORITY Leader) have been opposing and dragging their feet on carrying out the platform that they ran on, including President Trump’s agenda to Drain the Swamp.

They have the majority in both House and Senate and they won’t even repeal and replace Obama Care like they have been promising for seven years. It’s time for them and their cohorts to go away never to be heard or seen again in the Swamp.


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