I grew up in Eastern Colorado on a dairy farm next to the Republican River. About twenty miles south of us the Battle of Beecher’s Island, a significant engagement during the Indian Wars, had taken place in September of 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War. The Island was named after Lieutenant Beecher, a decorated Union Civil War veteran, who was killed in the battle. A memorial monument marks the site.

A Cavalry unit consisting of 48 or 50 Civilian Scouts was attacked by a combined force of as many as a thousand Arapahoe, Cheyenne and Sioux warriors. The Scouts saw the attack coming and retreated to a sandbar island in the Arikaree River, a branch of the Republican River. They killed their horses for cover and used the superior accuracy and firepower of their Spencer repeating rifles to defend against the assault.

The leader, Chief Roman Nose, was mortally wounded early in the battle and the battle tactic of the Indian forces inexplicably changed from assault to siege. With their superior manpower they could easily have overrun the small cavalry force.

Two scouts volunteered to go to Fort Wallace for help and left on foot that night. I was told as a child that they hid on the open prairie the first day inside a dead buffalo carcass and only traveled at night. While waiting to be rescued, the Scouts survived on putrid rotting horse meat and muddy river water. Five scouts were killed and eighteen injured.

Troops H and I of the 10th Cavalry from Fort Wallace rescued the scouts on the eighth day of the siege. Troops H and I were made up of freed slaves that were called Buffalo Soldiers by the Indians.

Now that the racist pro-American Far Right Wing has been enlightened by the superior intelligence of the non-racist anti-white anti-American Far Left Wing, some of our history is confusing.

Does our American history of Abolition to correct the injustice of slavery need to be obliterated because just the fact that slavery existed offends some people?

How should the fact that native Africans still today enslave native Africans be dealt with. Is the Far Left as offended by African slavery as by abolished American slavery?

Are the approximately 360,000 Union Soldiers who died in the Civil War fighting to abolish slavery to be honored with memorials or despised and their deeds obliterated?

Is Lieutenant Beecher a hero for fighting for abolition or to be despised for fighting against and offending Native Americans in the Indian Wars?

Why did the Buffalo Soldiers join the Cavalry instead of fighting with the Native Americans? Are the Buffalo Soldiers heroes to be honored with memorials or despised for fighting on the wrong side and their deeds obliterated — morally equivalent to the Confederacy maybe?

Black Lives Matters promotes ambush executions of Whites, especially Police Officers. Are they morally equivalent to White Supremacists?

Is violence by racist African Americans morally equivalent to violence by racist White Supremacist Americans?

I could go on but why? Injustice is injustice on both sides. Justice is about punishing the guilty and correcting the injustice. The guilty are the perpetrators, not everyone who is the same color.  


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