Gender confusion is absolutely rampant throughout the nation. Public schools are encouraging students to experiment and discover their “true” gender. Straight adults are daily assaulted for their “sexist” attitudes and beliefs about gender. The Political Correctness Police are daily coming up with ways to punish “straights” for their straightness. Particularly Conservative straights – both Conservative men and women, but particularly straight Conservative men.

Liberal women are being urged to do what they can to see to it that straight men in the workplace are fired to make room for Liberals and the Entitled. Liberal Femi-Nazis already target Conservative men, but now are being urged to target all men, although I doubt they will target gays and transgenders.

It is becoming dangerous to be a straight Conservative white man, which is creating some gender confusion for me about whether it’s safer to decide I’m woman rather than to remain a man. It’s also creating gender anxiety because I don’t know whether I would have to have surgery if I decide I’m transgender.

I did some research and discovered that psychiatrists and other “experts” have declared that you don’t have to have surgery to be a transgender. A transgender woman can be transgender and keep all the body parts she had before she decided she was a woman. Wow, how great is that. But still, how do I deal with my marriage to a woman who is not transgender and I don’t want to divorce. Also, how do I deal with wanting to wear “men’s” clothing and use the public men’s room for well you know what.

In fact I still prefer women who are not transgender and relate to nontransgender men socially. But isn’t that the definition of lesbian. Hey wait a minute, you don’t suppose I’m a transgender and also a lesbian? Boy, that seems like it would solve everything. No being targeted because I’m a conservative man and socially I can hang out with straight men and women. Wow, and I can benefit from the PC of being LGTB, in fact doubly PC – LT. And benefit from the entitlements of being LT.  Hopefully, the PC Police don’t decide LGTB can’t be Conservative.

Now, if only I can convince my wife to be transgender and gay. Then all I would have to worry about is that I’m Conservative. Boy if it isn’t one thing it’s another. 


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