The other night I was talking with a small group of four or five people about Hillary and Trump. There was strong consensus that neither was acceptable for POTUS. One of the women made a vicious comment about Trump. A woman passing behind her stopped and hysterically proclaimed. “Trump has a lot of faults, but stop attacking him, he is God’s gift to us to save us from Obama and Hillary!”

The hysterical woman is a friend of mine. As a teenager she immigrated here with her family from Russia. They were fleeing the Communist post WWII persecution of Christians in the 50’s. She is terrified that Obama has set things up and Hillary will finish the job of making the US just like it was in the USSR. She thinks Trump will stop it from happening.

She is not an air-head. She is an accomplished musician, on the piano, organ, violin and cello. She has degrees from musical institutes. She speaks fluent Russian and several dialects as well as flawless English. She is in her 80’s and still travels to Russia and the Satellites once or twice a year to help people overcome the lingering effects of abuse by the Communists. She is an impressive woman.

In some recent polls I have seen, the majority of Democrats want someone else instead of Hillary, even preferring a third term by Obama, while the majority of Republicans want someone else instead of Trump. As easy as it should be to defeat Hillary, Trump is alienating the Republican and Conservative base, and motivating Liberals to vote for Hillary to stop him. It seems Trump’s only solid support is from those who want to defeat Hillary at all costs.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Mug, I have a really GOOD idea why …..” It seems Trump’s only solid support is from those who want to defeat Hillary at all costs.”
    It’s because there HAS TO BE millions of people / just like ME / who will seriously consider DENYING they voted for TRUMP, assuming they actually decide to.
    Face it, Trump is / in many ways / a complete JERK. That obviously is a mild criticism to the woman who is a poster child for destruction of the American Family. It pales in comparison to Chairman Hillary who already has a complete wardrobe of Mao suits. That is nothing compared with a woman who thought Americans dying in Benghazi was a “what difference does it make?” event. Trump is to consider being called a JERK an absolute compliment compared to that crazy woman and I don’t see how MOST PEOPLE can’t see this / it’s all right there / just exactly like a “reality TV” show for everyone. I’ll say it again: The VAST right wing conspiracy, if it ever occurs SHOULD BE people voting for Trump with NO plans to admit it.

    1. MUG Post author

      Kenny there are certainly people out there who plan to vote for Trump but are denying that they will. I don’t think it will be enough. But if Trump would start campaigning to win he just might pull it off.

          1. Kenny Sono

            I’m not suggesting he wrote it himself, or that he ultimately believes it or that he will actually ACT on all that or that he honestly has any chance in Heck of keeping that up but……. at least it has STARTED to get more serious.
            Most likely he’ll look for instant feedback and that may be hard to find / this late in the game.