For a political party whose symbol is an animal that has an incredible memory, any sane person would think the GOP would know better.  But no, the Republican Party is partying like it is 2006.

If the Republicans could remember anything further back than the last Chamber of Commerce lobbyist to visit their offices, they would realize the cliff they are going over.

Mention 2006 and 2008 to Republican politicians and the result should be an immediate meltdown. The Republicans should be reaching for Prozac, Jack Daniels or both.

2006 was a seminal year for the decline and fall of the GOP.  The nation had endured six years of George W. Bush.  To be blunt, the only thing that saved him from the fate of his father was 9/11.  President Bush was bright enough not to make the same “read my lips” error his father made and cut taxes.  But that was as conservative as he got.

President Bush’s reaction to 9/11 was to create another monstrous government bureaucracy.  He presided over the creation of the largest entitlement by a Republican President (and by most Democrat Presidents).  He and the Republican Congress spent money like drunken Democrats.  Fiscal conservatism was a joke for them.

Real Americans can only imagine the backslapping and laughing that went on among Republicans in Washington in the early 2000’s as they pulled another one over on the base at home.

The last laugh was on the Establishment Republicans as by 2006 the base was tired of their antics and stayed home. It got worse in 2008.  By early 2009, the pall of death hung over the Republican Party. They were on the political endangered species list and they had no clue how they got there or how to get off.

Suddenly in 2009, the Tea Party came along and the Republicans were born again fiscal conservatives.  They promised that if they ever got the levers of power again they would be fiscally conservative and oh yes, we will repeal that damn Obamacare!

Seven years later, the Tea Party base gave the Republicans everything they asked for.  And what is the GOP doing? They are listening to the insurance lobby and not their base. They are not repealing. They aren’t even replacing Obamacare. They think they can make the Obamacare trains run on time.

The problem is that most Republicans do not believe in small government. They believe in big government but that big government must be run by Republicans.

The Republican non-replacement is now being called Ryancare, after House Speaker Paul Ryan. If the House and Senate pass Ryancare, it will destroy the GOP. After promising a complete repeal for seven years, the GOP cannot pull this stunt.

If they do, voters will stay home in 2018 and 2020.

If that happens, there will never be a Republican President or Congress again.


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