The GOP Convention was not like a convention in America; it was more like a convention in a banana republic. You may know about the orchestrated reaction to Ted Cruz’s speech – a near riot – stirred up by agitators wearing bright green hats. In the witness statement below, we’re told they were Trump whips. Heidi Cruz had to be escorted out for her own safety.

We should all be aware this was actually an attack on conservatives, beginning with Cruz. He had told Priebus and Trump, weeks before that he would not endorse. Knowing that, Trump and the RNC organized this big hatefest in order to destroy Cruz forever, beginning with his Senate race in ’18, and surely will continue with a full-court press to make sure he is not nominated in the 2020 race. The GOP is out to purge all conservatives (including us). But that will be their doom, for one simple reason: we do not need two Democrat parties.

But there was another unusual event that was profoundly revealing about the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, and about the GOP.

First, some background. At the Rules Committee meeting, which preceded the convention, conservatives were completely shut out. It wasn’t just about unbinding. Kendal Unruh put it this way, in an interview with her that this reporter posted on Red State:

“We had a conservative package with reforms – they were all grassroots oriented – shutting down open primaries, Republican concepts – making sure that the numbers in apportionment weren’t including illegal aliens in sanctuary cities – they shot that down, anything they could shoot down, if it was sponsored by us, they killed it. It was just a farce.”

The resurgent delegates also sought to eliminate language, added in 2012, that allowed the RNC itself to make rules changes between conventions.

All conservatives would agree on those things. But the GOP wants open primaries, wants illegal aliens counted in apportionment.

The entire Rules meeting was controlled by establishment leaders, using text messaging to tell members what to vote down. They also added binding language to Rules 37 and 38.

At the convention, conservative delegates aimed to have the rules package rejected by the delegates, and sent back to the Rules Committee for revision. They wanted the binding language rejected, and they wanted their conservative amendments to get a fair vote.

They knew they needed a roll call vote: a voice vote would likely be miscalled, as had been done at the 2012 convention. To force a roll call vote, they needed the signatures of a majority of delegates in at least 7 states on a petition demanding it.

The delegates wound up getting ten states. While we at home watched, for a long time, the band played, and played and played. But there was no roll call vote. We found out later: the GOP and the Trump team were confronting the petition signers, one by one, to “persuade” them to remove their signatures, thus getting the number of state delegations below seven. In the end, they succeeded in forcing enough signers to drop out and there was a voice vote. Not surprisingly, the ayes had it.

To know Donald Trump, to get a preview of how he’ll behave with the Republican Party behind him, you need to see exactly how they persuaded the delegates. This reporter discovered a Facebook post that tells you all need to know. The poster said she could never vote for Donald Trump after reading this. (Names have been withheld at their request.) If you are a freedom-loving American you’re likely to have the same reaction:

This, if nothing else did, solidifies my resolve to remain #NeverTrump!
What happened at the Republican Convention should disgust every TRUE conservative!
True account from my friend and fellow patriot ______. This was the moment I felt I was experiencing what a Trump presidency would be like and then when he choreographed the boos of Ted and taunting of Heidi so badly that she had to leave [the] arena in fear for her safety, I made the decision that I could never support this bully.
Eyewitness Account
I have a story to share from the RNC. It needs to be told. And retold.
sums up the collective courage of the true and committed Cruz delegates on the floor last Monday before the voice vote to decide whether to have a floor vote to free the delegates, and unbind them (us) from the restrictions imposed by the state GOP and the Republican party.
A petition had been signed by many of the delegates from many states requesting a roll call vote, and when the delegations on the floor learned of it, the Party establishment and Trump whips went on the offensive to crush it.
The pressure to conform and to be silent, and to remove our names from the signed petition advocating freeing of the delegates was intense. Very, very intense.
The situation was chaotic. The noise level was extreme. Official A. had said that every — delegate’s name was to come off that petition, and he didn’t care how it was done (I heard this myself).
The Trump faithful from our own NC GOP leadership and a couple of the green hatted Trump whips moved in and went to work to intimidate and frighten. It was too loud to talk well, and Delegate A. texted to ask me if I would stand firm. I texted back that we would stand “like a stone wall.”
Del. A said to move back a row to sit with them for support. I climbed over the chairs and sat with Del. B. and Del. C. Then Del. D. texted to say to join h— near the delegation microphone in the aisle beside our seats, where Official A, Official B, a whip, and others had surrounded Del. E. and were insisting h– remove h– name from the petition. I made my way to Del. D. , who had made a stand beside Del. E., when I looked back…. and my heart broke.
Two or three men, including at least one Trump whip, had gathered around our own Del. F., and were leaning over and into her and were all screaming at her to take her name off the petition. I saw spit flying from a screaming mouth. Del. F. had curled up in her seat to get away from them, and her face was flushed red, and they were leaning directly over her and screaming, and she was cowering down away from them.
And then she raised her face to them and I saw her jaws clench…..and she shook her head “no”. Repeatedly.
I don’t know if anyone else saw this happen. Maybe everyone did. I don’t know. But for several seconds all sound receded, and all I could see was Del. F’s face shaking from side to side in defiance, in a mute refusal to yield in the face of what appeared to be the threat of physical violence. I was too far away to help her.
One of the bravest things I have ever seen. It probably lasted seconds, but seemed like minutes. And it is burned into my memory forever. True courage in the face of tyranny.
I haven’t spoken with Del. F. about this, or the impact it had on me. Everything was still a little too raw, and somehow it seemed so surreal. But it happened. And Del. F. and every other — delegate that signed that petition stood and never wavered. Like a stone wall.
I salute you.

This is what our party has become—the party one would find in a banana republic.


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  1. MUG

    It was obvious from the beginning that the GOP didn’t want Trump but would prefer him over a Conservative. They made a bargain with the devil that they are now regretting, and now they don’t want Trump or a Conservative.