The 2016 election is winding down to its final, miserable conclusion. Donald Trump’s son in law is shopping a Trump media network with bankers. (Memo to bankers. This is probably a very bad loan).  Trump continues to implode.  Victory in the electoral college is all but out of reach for him so his response is to try to burn the house down

Does conservatism even have a future in America after this election?

Einstein once said, “Insanity is trying to same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

We have to ask ourselves the question, does conservatism have a future.  Conservatism is the philosophy of limited government.  It is the philosophy of free markets and liberty for the people.

Can America, as we know it, survive?

It is doubtful. Now a significant minority want full on socialism.  One of the two major political parties wants it as well. The other one gives lip service to conservative values, then mostly ignores them when it gets to Washington.

The Democrats have long been the party of “free stuff.”  They promised free health insurance and free phones with Obama. Now Hillary is promising free college.  What is next?

We’ve seen this before, in case you missed it.  In 1989, Hugo Chavez won the election in Venezuela.  He became a Marxist strong man and operated under the theory of free stuff.  When his popularity dipped or he needed more power, he would order stores to sell food, big screen TV’s and other things below costs.

The results were predictable.

Today people have to smuggle food into Venezuela. There are no stores, or at least none with products in them (except, of course for the party elites).  Average Venezuelans cannot get basic medicines and surgery is often done with cellphone flashlights.  That is the only thing cellphones are good for in Venezuela, since cell service is now non-existent.

How does America stop the free stuff revolution? It will be tough with Hillary Clinton as President.  It will be tough when we have a GOP that embraces its freshly laundered white flag of surrender.  It will be tough after Donald Trump does his best to destroy the GOP on the way out.

At this point, it is hard to see the United States even surviving, as we know it today.  The hard left wants to destroy the US and make it into Venezuela.  Few Republicans are willing to stand up against this.



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  1. Kenny Sono

    Judson, I can’t help but disagree only because I see it differently:
    IF Hillary wins / it’s pretty safe to assume she WILL now……
    I predict this order of events, which would essentially prohibit your scenario:
    1. The entire world will start rubbing its hands together wondering just how much they can FROM America now. This will start the “killing” machine towards America, and that will likely be most furiously churning in the Middle East, then China, then North Korea, then Russia, then Iran, then ……oh never mind.
    2. The FED under guidance by Hillary Clinton will probably simultaneously raise the interest rate(s) it controls along with basically ALL TAXES across the country, as far as Hillary has tentacles.
    3. Jobs will be lost / businesses will close and/or move out of the previously United / now Federal America, as we may as well call it. TONS of people will apply for government jobs / they will be numerous for the first year or so.
    4. The economy will start to crash and THEN….. just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse…..
    5. We will be fighting mini – wars on several different parts of the world. Israel will probably attack Iran. We will wonder if we’re in a world war, except we will have FAR LESS leadership than we had with Obama (imagine that!) and we just won’t know. We’ll know SHE controls the media so we’ll wonder what MIGHT be happening without us knowing. We will lose confidence in the Internet too.
    6. Poor and angry people will start to commit crime(s) in record numbers.
    7. Predictions of the “end of the world?!” will start to actually make headlines / even in the New York Times.
    8. Large numbers of people will start moving out of America, to places like Australia, Denmark, Europe in general, Canada, and most of those will just feign vacationing and simply disappear when they get there; surely we all know how that works NOW!
    9. As Hillary barely survives her first four years, Fox news is starting to say, “She doesn’t DARE run again / OBVIOUSLY………”
    (IN summary; there will be NO time for actual FREE STUFF.)