Liberalism is taking over America.   What happens when liberals win? The first casualty is the truth. This was on full display last week in Philadelphia.

What happened?

The Democrat National Convention, also known as the convention of the Party of Treason, happened last week. And they gave a prime time slot to women they referred to as the “Mothers of the movement.”  These were women in the so called “Black lives matter” movement.

These women were mothers whose children died at the hands of the police. Oh wait, no, that isn’t what happened.  The mother of Michael Brown was on the stage. He did die at the hands of the police.

Michael Brown who had committed a robbery shortly before his death. The same Michael Brown who attacked a police officer, tried to take his gun and was killed by a police officer acting in self-defense.

Then there was Trayyvon Martin’s mother. Martin was well on the fast lane to being a career criminal when he decided he wanted to attack George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman exercised his right to bear arms and when his life was threatened, he killed Martin in self-defense.

Then there was Sandra Bland’s mother. Bland was arrested in Texas after a minor traffic violation escalated to an assault on a police officer.  While in custody, she committed suicide.

Then there was Jordan Davis’ mother. Davis was playing loud music in 2012 when he was confronted by a man in town for a wedding. The fight escalated and the man pulled a gun and shot Davis. He is currently serving life without parole.

The “Mothers of the movement” segment shows what kind of a fraud Black Lives Matters really is.

What is really disturbing is that two of the most celebrated “victims” were thugs. They were criminals. The mothers of Trayyvon Martin and Micheal Brown should not be celebrated. They should be out apologizing to the men whose lives their miscreant sons destroyed.

But it is the convention of the Party of Treason, so what do we expect.

In an effort to show they were not totally radical scumbags, the DNC decided to hold a moment of silence for the police officers killed in the line of duty. Had Michael Brown been successful, there would have been one more in 2015.

That went off about as well as you would expect. During the moment of silence, Democrats shouted “Black lives matter.”

That pretty much tells you the story of the Party of Treason.  Criminals matter to them, police officers don’t. Cops support law and order. Democrats don’t. Cops generally love America and Democrats generally don’t.

In any other year, had the GOP nominated a reasonable candidate such as Ted Cruz, Scott Walker or some other conservative, the only real question would be how big will the GOP landslide be.

There is a war on police and unfortunately, thanks to the incompetence of the GOP and the hatred the Democrats have for America, that is likely to continue for four more years. The only thing real Americans can say to the men and women of the thin blue line is, be careful out there.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    Judson, if Hillary Clinton wins, I believe the following things will not only continue, but will rapidly accelerate:
    * White men will become treated with contempt and blatant disrespect far more often by far more people / than ever before.
    * The economy will get far worse. We’ll probably start talking about a Depression before her term is over and it will all still be George Bush’s fault.
    * Unemployment among blacks will sky rocket.
    * Drug use will increase exponentially.
    * Violence will increase everywhere.
    * The middle class will start to invest their time and money and energy into keeping safe; buying weapons, flashlights, security products and systems, and will be less inclined to help or interact with minorities than ever before.
    * Racial tensions in America will be obviously worse than ever.
    * Women will become far less respected, especially by anyone who is not a Democrat.
    * The FAMILY will continue to disintegrate and divorces will be way up, as will women turning into Lesbians / which is what Hillary wants.
    * Religion will even more on the decline with the Government trying really hard to talk as IF they are representing God.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      One more thing Kenny, we will no longer have a republic of any sort, but Ameritopia through dictatorship.
      What you have listed only proves that America will cease to exist as we know it. On the other hand, I’m not so sure we’ll survive it with other leaders either. We are too fractured. We will need a miracle.

    2. Elaine Morris

      I fear for Our Country. I have NEVER been this afraid for our country.

      People keep telling me Clinton will be the POTUS. George Soros backs Clinton.
      Trump really IS our only hope of regaining America as it was/is meant to be.

  2. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    How many remember when Obama first took office, and the Black Professor, while intoxicated, was attempting to enter his own house, and when approached by a policeman, became beligerant to the point that necessitated his arrest?
    Rather than allow the Law to take its due course, Obama belittled the Policeman, forced him to sit with the porfessor, and share a beer, and excuse his unredeemable, and inexcusable action towards a member of Law Enforcement.
    This did more harm to our National Police Force, than all the shootings of Black Thugs following the event.
    Just last night I heard a Blcak woman say to a White man, “You cannot use the “N” word. Only “We” can use the “N” word!”
    Either we are all Americans, or we are not. Either we stop with all classification, hyphenation, and entitlement, or we will most certainly destroy our Republic from within, without aid of outside enemies.

  3. JTINS

    Can’t a case be made that the Republican Party is a “Party of Treason” to a greater extent? Lots of TPN and elected republicans are working overtime to ensure that Hillary Clinton, a corrupt liberal, gets unprecedented control of our government.
    The righteous Democrats are united in their quest. Not much treason within their ranks.

  4. Brandon

    I find this article hateful and totally devoid of hard facts. Judson Phillips you and people who think like you don’t have a monopoly on patriotism. The only people that seem to hate America are those who choose to deny the existence of the systemic racism of its founding because we can’t heal without understanding our history. The truth is that this country was founded on the genocide of 80-100 million indigenous Americans. You can only go up from there, and we have come very far which is why I love this country and consider myself a patriot. but this country was never great, this country persevered and made progress, so becoming better is what’s great, and we are still becoming a better country. Now that minority groups are achieving the dream “all men are created equal” as dictated by the constitution you seem to view it as threat. I have news for you, police do treat African Americans differently, more often than they should even when black people follow the commands given. That doesn’t mean all cops are racist, it means there is a racial bias in the systems of policing throughout the country. This country never had any real interest in racial harmony before, so our awareness of this issue is a good thing. Many police departments have admitted this themselves and are working to address these issues, do you really think you are helping anyone’s cause referring to criminal justice reform activists as traitors? Ever since we got a black President in the Oval Office, many white working class people who have felt that they are no longer as privileged as they used to be believe the country is under siege. When you are used to privilege, equality feels like oppression. That’s what you are experiencing. But you are not oppressed, the police are not oppressed, you have the power to vote for people who won’t wreck the economy. Too bad that republicans have voted for every disastrous trade deal ever. Aside from that, the wonderful thing about democracy, your voice matters, but so does the voice of others. Including those chanting “black lives matter” because their voices matter and they are as American as anyone else born here in this country whether you like it or not. Why don’t you take some time instead of hating on them to understand what their intents are and why their frustration is justified by statistics and hard evidence. Its not hard to do, we all have the internet at our fingertips. There is no longer any excuse to ignore facts so readily available to anyone.

    1. jtins

      Brandon – Making one’s life matter comes from within in this great country of ours. The majority of blacks know this and work diligently to lead successful and happy lives. Those that work the system, are poorly parented and lack character cause difficulties for everyone. Democrats put forth the proposition that government can issue respect along with welfare. Don’t drink the cool-aid.

    2. Mike

      First off, the phrase “all men are created equal” is from the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution. As a matter of fact the words “all men” do not appear as a phrase in the Constitution at all.
      Secondly, President Obama is NOT the first Black President he is the first “mulatto”, or if you prefer, the more politically correct phrase “Bi-racial” president. His father was Kenyan but his mother was Caucasian but most Democrats chose to ignore the fact about him being only “half black”. I guess the mother of the president doesn’t matter.
      But you are correct, the way black have been treated by this country throughout history was despicable, especially by the southern states. I still can’t understand where a number of cities and communities have large black populations but little to no black law enforcement personnel. If these cities want to correct this problem simply put both black and white police officers in their black and white patrol cars.

    3. MUG

      Brandon, we are the only country in the world that has the political mechanisms and the will of the people to correct our mistakes and improve. Over our two hundred and forty years we have done far better than any other country that has ever existed.

      Black Lives Matter is a group that promotes lawlessness and anarchy. They use the deliberate misperception of racism by Police to promote their agenda. They are like their predecessors the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam, and like the anti-war groups of the Vietnam era: Symbionese Liberation Army, Students for Democratic Society, etc.

      The word genocide is a hateful word that you misuse. If you want to see the results of attempted genocide, go to Australia and spend some time around the Aborigines. The Australians attempted to exterminate them by not allowing them to breed and by making them fair game for slaughter.

      The US engaged in warfare against Indians who were occupying land that was wanted for mining, agriculture or other reasons. Some wanted genocide, but there was never an agreement. The agreed purpose was to drive out, or relocate the indigenous population. Reservations were the final solution.

      The Maoris of New Zealand never surrendered. They are a proud people who maintain their culture and are law abiding productive citizens. New Zealanders are proud of their solution to clash of cultures and are proud of their Maori citizens. They live together and mix with little tension.

      My point is the Maoris took advantage of what the white immigrants had to offer and joined them to build a better country. The US Indians could do the same instead of angrily pouting on their reservations and demanding we turn over to them what we have done with the country while they refused to participate. The Australians would like the Aborigines to join their society and have them become productive citizens but their spirit appears to have been broken and they are content to be wards of the state.

      After Civil War Blacks dug in and were joining society in spite of President Andrew Johnson segregating the military. Subsequent Democrat presidents segregated schools and the rest of society. Truman integrated the military and a common experience of men during Korean and Vietnam conflicts was serving in integrated environment under NCO’s and officers of color. The country was poised to integrate naturally and peacefully but the government run Civil Rights Act was implemented in ways that created resentment on both sides and Obama has administered the Coup de Gras to racial harmony.

      I have spent time in several countries in the Middle East and things are far worse there. I can’t begin to describe the disgusting atrocities I witnessed. Living conditions and treatment by the dominant members of society are abhorrent.

      The US is by far the best, not that we don’t have room for improvement.