Though I strongly agree that we have been undergoing a vicious program of “dumbing-down” in our public schools for generations, the underlying premise of personal opinion guiding decisions isn’t new. People always bring their personal perceptions of the world as they know it into their decisions, because they’re humans, not machines. Thomas Jefferson complained constantly about the blatant lies printed in newspapers that the people more often than not readily accepted as truth.

Today we suffer from information overload. As a result we become exhausted trying to wade through it all, no matter how critical to the quality of our lives much of that information is. What is true? What’s a lie? What do I need to research to find out? Do I have time to research as deeply as the subject requires? All human questions with the common human response of there never being enough time to research everything that might impact our lives. Edward Bernays used this general ignorance of the people coupled with enticing arguments in favor of whatever he was pushing to manipulate the public. Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare, bragged about his using the general stupidity of the people to craft the healthcare bill in such language and in such a convoluted, “purposefully tortured” manner that it was rendered nearly impossible for the common person to grasp what it actually said and did.

Political parties are a result of the very human inability of the populace to be aware of the facts on many critical subjects that affect the nation generally. They expect the leaders of their party to be up on whatever those leaders propose and/or pass laws concerning; so they choose a party platform that most closely conforms to their personal beliefs and trust their party leaders to have the best interests of their constituents at heart. Yeah, right. In modern times, that is commonly no longer true, our leaders are as clueless as the rest of us or, even should they be informed on the subject, they are often led by personal greed and corruption rather than what’s best for the people they represent. Also, often our “leaders” are as easily led by carefully crafted arguments as the rest of us, even on subjects they were elected to guard our interests concerning, not recognizing those arguments are lies.

That’s why our Founders chose to tightly curtail the powers of the Federal Government, they understood human failings. The greatest sin we as Americans have committed is ignoring the Founders’ warnings and allowing our leaders to grab more and more powers away from the people, giving those usurped powers to the Federal Government. ALL increase in the power of the Federal Government at the expense of the powers and freedoms of the people is unconstitutional. However, until the people have had enough, it won’t stop. We’re all human, basically clueless on the majority of what goes on around us, because we’re busy with our own lives. That’s the barbed hook, the wide-open secret the unscrupulous use to catch us and have us for dinner.


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  1. Dennis LaGrua

    The moronization of American students has been happening for quite some time. The Communists started to take over the colleges back in the 1970’s and now have a vice grip on them. Instead of teaching about freedom, liberty, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, students are now subjected to a daily dose of totalitarian Marxism propaganda. They are taught that people who disagree will that philosophy must be silenced by violence. Only thought and speech that aligns itself with the Communist ideology is permitted.

    1. SFWhite Post author

      Exactly! The *real* Swamp that needs to be drained is our colleges! Their poison spreads out into all aspects of American life, twisting and destroying everything to do with our foundations. If we don’t do something about it fast, we are doomed. The first place to start is deluging those who control the hiring of professors, letting them know in no uncertain terms we are sick of the Marxist monsters they prefer hiring. It would seem public colleges would be subject to public control. Of course, we’re not supposed to know that or, even if we do know, not do anything to claim our rights to that control.