We are seeing the end of the American Republic and it is really hard to argue otherwise.

Americans have this belief that the Republic will simply survive forever. They think America will survive the Clintons, the Obamas, the Party of Treason and continue on as we have known it all of our lives.
The sad truth is we are watching the collapse of the Republic.

The signs of the collapse are all around us. The Constitution is regarded mostly as a joke. The constraints it puts on government are ignored by the elites. And there is a separate set of rules for the elites.

Hillary Clinton is the prima fascie example of this.  No one doubts that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified materials while she was Secretary of State. There is no doubt that she used a private email server to try and evade Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA) requests.  In doing so, she put classified information on that system that every nation, with the possible exception of Aruba, then accessed.

There is also no doubt that she did everything possible to hid this server, hide emails that were on this server and to destroy evidence when word got out about her email arrangement.

Had anyone not named Hillary Clinton done this, their name would have been front and center on a federal indictment.  Instead, the FBI director James Comey, beclowns himself claiming Clinton did not “intend” to break the law.

Really sparky?

Her team used a product called “Bleachbit” to wipe out every email that she wanted hidden.  They are all gone and as Congressman Trey Gowdy said, “Even God could not read those emails.”

Those emails were, at the time they were destroyed, the subject of several inquiries, including a congressional inquiry. Martha Stewart went to prison for far less.

Unfortunately, there is a double standard now in American justice. There are laws that apply to everyone and there are laws that do not apply to the elites in this nation.  Had the average citizen done what Hillary Clinton did, their prison sentence would be measured in decades, not just years.

Yet it is entirely possible that in two short months, Hillary Clinton could be elected President.

One of the things that made America not only great, but free, was the concept of the Rule of Law. It did not matter who you were, the law applied to everyone equally.

As the Roman Empire declined and fell, one of the stark contrasts with the past, was the rule of law. Rome had a legal system that was generally fair. But as the Empire tottered towards destruction, the laws no longer applied to the ruling class.  Then the citizens became disrespectful of the law and the whole legal system collapsed.

We are seeing the same thing today in America. How can any juror in a federal criminal case be expected to convict someone when the Federal Government ignores Hillary Clinton’s law breaking?

Laws are for the little people. Or so that is what the elites says.

And so passes the rule of law and ultimately the American Republic.



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  1. Kenny Sono

    Judson, you’re not only RIGHT / you are 100% correct. In this Washington D.C. area people KNOW you have to be careful what you say, how and where you say it, and (for most people at work at least……) IF you say it at all.
    This is because there is a clear connection to being EMPLOYED and keeping your mouth SHUT. That is because EVERYONE KNOWS that anyone could and probably WILL quote you and If you are not a Democrat / you can forget about keeping your job if you’re honest and vocal. If you ARE a Democrat, well…….. what can I say about that? They rarely if ever say anything nasty about Democrats and the worst they MIGHT say is to quote a TV personality that was compelling in their complaints. So, like God wanted to find ONE good person in a town in a Bible story….. it might well be impossible to find anyone any ONE person, to speak up with any power, against Hillary. That is a sad and fairly “scary” state of affairs. Having been to the states out West and down South fairly often, I know people are not like that all over America. Therefore, if anyone is going to make it clear just how deadly it WOULD BE to have Hillary as President / it is going to need to come from another place. It will NOT happen from anyone in D.C. because all of them want to KEEP their jobs. The worse things get / the more TRUE this will be!

  2. Dennis LaGrua

    I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis but this November does offer a choice. The candidate that I am supporting may not have everything that I would like to see, but supports enough good things to gain my support. It is based on supreme court choices, immigration/defunding sanctuary Cities, fixing bad trade deals, jobs, strong second amendment support, and the economy. Romney is a RINO but many of us voted for him as he was the better alternative than Barack Obama . Another four years of Obama policies and we are finished.

    1. Kenny Sono

      That’s right Dennis and / as we all know for certain: Having Hillary for four years would be similar to having Obama but…… the countries who used to think he was just kind of a wimp, would see Hillary as attack bait. I’m not sure we’re ready for rolling black outs as a result of rolling 911’s……. just because our UNIFORMED voters think it would be NICE to have a female in the White House. In fact, I’m sure enormous (perhaps tens of thousands) groups of people would suffer tremendously from such a reality.

      1. Kenny Sono

        Let’s not forget; Our greatest enemies think it’s perfectly appropriate to cover women with black bed sheets and prevent them from voting, driving, getting educated, and speaking unless spoken to. Those people still STONE TO DEATH women who even hint at flirting with another man. Those people are bragging about mingling with illegal aliens and Hillary is bragging about letting them IN here. I’m thinking the women joining the NRA is about to skyrocket if Hillary wins……