When historians write the story of the Trump administration, they may well say the end became inevitable on August 18, 2017.

That was the day Steve Bannon left the White House.

There are competing stories as to whether he resigned as he claims or was fired as some of the globalists in the White House would like to claim. How he left doesn’t matter. The fact that he left does.

Now, the only question will be when does Donald Trump leave the White House?

When Trump ran, many including myself, pointed out that his previous experience was that of the CEO of a closely held corporation. While there were a lot of positives in that, there were also some serious negatives.  As the CEO of a closely held corporation, Trump did not have to answer to anyone. When Trump made a decision, that was it.

That is a great system for that type of corporation. Washington does not work that way.

To be successful, Trump needed to build coalitions, which is a skill he is not good at. Trump’s brand of populism is not a majority in the Republican Party. He would need a coalition to get his agenda through.

At first, it seemed like he got that concept.  He hired RNC Chair Reince Priebus as his chief of staff and brought in Steve Bannon as chief strategist. With those moves, Trump reached out to two constituencies he desperately needed.  With Bannon, he reached his base and with Priebus, he reached the Establishment.

Unfortunately for Trump, he also added to the White House people who were absolutely incompatible with both Priebus and Bannon. These included his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.  They are both liberal Democrats.

Trump fired Priebus, severing his ties to the Establishment wing of the Party and now with Bannon gone, a major tie to his base is also gone.

The practical end here is that Trump is rapidly becoming a President without allies and the last guy who ended up like that was named Richard Nixon.

The Trump agenda is dead. The wall will not be built. Obamacare will not be repealed.  And the special prosecutor will be coming after Trump like a heat seeking missile.

Trump’s best-case scenario is that he finishes his first term. A more likely scenario is that he becomes the second America President to resign.  Mike Pence will likely become the 46th President of the United States.

Donald Trump is no conservative but he has worked for a conservative agenda in America.  When Pence takes over, will he be interested in draining the swamp and building the wall?  Or will he just be interested in getting along in DC?




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  1. DAHL

    Some very good points Judson as there are too many people working in the Trump administration that lean left or oppose his agenda. The opposition to the Trump presidency that comes from the political establishment, the hard left media, the Globalists, Corporatists and the Social Democratic party would be there with any president who is a Republican. Populism is just not part of the Washington establishments way of thinking. Elitism, the deep state rules and is entrenched. It will continue to rule over us unless the entire congress is changed. Lets hope that at the very least under President Trump, the Supreme Court is at least changed for the better. What I envision coming in 2020 is not good.

  2. MUG

    You might be right Judson. If you are, I expect Pence to be a version of Hillary lite. If you are right it seems pretty hopeless. Midterm elections won’t count and 2020 will be a disaster.

    I have some questions. Has the Tea Party become irrelevant? Why hasn’t the Tea Party been able to make it clear to Left leaning Republicans that they are doomed in the midterm elections unless the support President Trump? Can you offer any hope?