For Americans, particularly those of the baby boom generation, it is hard to accept the idea that America is dying.  Baby boomers grew up on the Pledge of Allegiance, “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  The words for the children of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s might as well have been, one nation, immortal.

Now, the end of America looms in front of us. It is coming. The only question is when.

The end will not be caused by Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton. They are both symptoms of the problem.  Clinton is the Queen of the Oligarchy and Trump has so many positions, it is hard to really know what he is.  But neither of them will address, much less do something about the factors sinking America.

The left is already planning another stimulus plan, assuming Hillary Clinton wins the White House. They are also hoping for a “QE4” from the Federal Reserve, which will have the effect of pumping more money into the economy.

America has spent itself into poverty.  The trendy libertarians love to claim that America’s wars have bankrupted the nation.  The wars have been expensive, but they are not what has bankrupted this nation.

Cronyism has bankrupted this nation. Elon Musk, Tom Steyer and Warren Buffet use the government as their own personal ATM.  Mass market cronyism keeps the nation broke and the big spenders in power.  It isn’t just the billions in subsidies that go to the left wing billionaire bandits, it is the billions and trillions that go to fund the political-redistribution axis of fiscal evil.

No one in Washington will cut spending.  It doesn’t matter who is elected this fall. No one will put the economic house in order.  With the almost certainty that the Democrats will take the Senate, and the unwillingness of the Republicans to stand and fight for fiscal sanity, we will see even more spending.

But the spending problem is like the iceberg that floats in the sea. You only see ten percent of an iceberg.  The real fiscal problem is not just the spending. The real problem is the unfunded liabilities.

Uncle Sam has been like the obliging fool who co-signs loans for all of his friends, relatives and neighbors.  America has huge unfunded liabilities.  A conservative estimate of those liabilities is $65 trillion. More realistic estimates have that liabilities north of $100 trillion.  In the age of Obama, we have figure fatigue, but to put that in perspective, the American Gross Domestic Product is only $16 trillion.  Or compare this to America’s tax revenue of $3.2 trillion in 2015.

Unfunded liabilities include everything from pension guarantees, which are the biggest ticking time bomb, to loan guarantees, to underfunding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

To give another example, the 25 largest public pension funds are underfunded to the tune of $2 trillion dollars.  The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, the government’s pension insurance company, is broke.  Sooner or later, probably sooner, government pensions will go bankrupt.  Those pensioners will demand a government bailout of their pensions. The only problem is, there will be no money for it.

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are addressing these issues. All Trump wants to do is talk about anything that will get applause from his audience.  All Clinton wants to do is not talk to anyone about anything.

For real Americans, the only thing you can do is to prepare. If you are retired, plan on unretiring.  Learn a skill. Even if you are eighty, you can learn a skill, if you do not already have an employable skill. If you are not yet retired but looking at retirement in the next one to fifteen years, forget about it. Retirement is something the World War II generation got to enjoy.

Finally, escape the dollar. The dollar can only be held up so long.  Look for assets that are independent of the dollar and that you can keep outside of the banking system. In 2013, the people of Cyprus awoke to find out they had been put into what was called the “bail in.”  To help Cyprus escape its financial crisis, a portion of citizens’ bank accounts had been confiscated.

In 2015, in Greece, Greeks awoke to find out they could only withdraw a small amount of money each day from their banks. Greeks, no matter how much they had in the bank, could only withdraw 60 Euros per day.

Imagine going to your ATM and told no matter how much money you had, you could only access $60?

This is the future of America.  An economic crisis is coming. Avoiding it is no longer a possibility. The only real issue is how severe will it be.   America desperately needs leadership to try to mitigate the damage. But we only have Hillary Clinton, who is the Queen of Cronyism and Donald Trump, whose only interest is in losing the election this fall.

Real Americans only have one choice. It isn’t either of the major candidates.

The choice for real Americans is to be self-reliant, as our forefathers were. The choice is whether or not to listen and whether or not to prepare.


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  1. Joseph White

    Buy gold, silver, platinum? Buy a house and land? Buy rental properties? What would you suggest? I’ve already figured out that I can never retire. Like my grandfather, I’m probably going to be working until I die. In his case, it was because he loved farming the land, for me it will be because no matter how much I earn, it’s because my wife (like the federal government) doesn’t know when to stop spending.

  2. Bill Wierzbinski

    Judson is actually correct about what America is looking at financially. I can and will, if you allow me, help you put your currency into lawful constitutional money. If you are also on Facebook, may I suggest that you visit your walls, and in the search box at the top, type in: @Karatwiz. My company specializes in affordable, secure, transaction friendly 24k gold bullion, private issue, in secure and transactable weights. Watch the video in the “Watch Video” button, and the others on the site. Private message me with questions. You can be either a customer or affiliate, if you want to help your fellow Americans learn what you will on that site. My other contact info is on the bottom of that page. Let us do the next right thing and get thoroughly prepared for what IS coming.

  3. Kenny Sono

    Judson, I have been accused (right here on this website) of being overly optimistic. So be it. However, I would say that Trump COULD be a reasonable link to the President after him, that might actually start to solve the problems you so clearly outlined. Hillary absolutely will not.
    Still, I think your points are valid and I’d like to offer this as well:
    9 Mistakes Typically Made by Preppers – Backdoor Survival

  4. Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    If Trump wins, America, as we, the Baby Boomers, and those before us, will have a chance to see the return of the America we once knew, and remember.
    The question is, for how long? Having spoken with our grand children, ages 30 down through 11, and many others in that age, they seem to have no issues with the, “One World Concept.” In fact, they welcome it.
    They have never been taught one iota of our history, nor the history of the Magna Carta, nor even the rise and fall of all previous civilizations before us. They know of no warning signs. They cannot concieve of being manipulated.
    They have received higher educations with debts they will never be able to pay. They have never worked on their own vehicles, nor their own homes, nor learned to worked with the same tools as our people before us did.
    For our part, we have to accept part of the blame for allowing the governments of our lifetimes to manipulate us into believing what they and their minions of media and educators have brought before us to comsume intellectually.
    As a group, we hardy went further in thought than what was for lunch. We accepted one political party as being the truth and the other as being false, and never considered that both were lying to us for their own purposes.
    Among ourselves it is more easy and simple to discuss and reason the purpose of why we must remain an Individual Nation, a Republican form of Capitalism, because we have experieinced it.
    However I find it most impossible to communicate this concept with those who will replace us. Nothing we hold sacred and dear means anything to them. Most everyone of them believe our Nation to be a Democracy, as do a hugh bulk of ur own. For this, how can we place blame on them.
    All that is left to us is to place our faith in God to accept that whatever the outcome is, it will be the right thing, and for us, all we can do is vote our mind and heart and our beliefs and vote for Trump, and pray that this attempt will be the change that will bring the reverse of what we know to be the cancer brought upon our Nation.
    All that I can suggest, no matter the election outcome is this in order to survive, “You and your connection with God first, Family second, and everything else third.

    1. Kenny Sono

      Lynn, I believe that you looking for evidence of what MAY be coming in the eyes of the young is a valid canary in the coal mine. I also believe that we are all to blame to some extent, as you mentioned. However, unlike a coal mine, the dangers are much larger, much more intentional, and purely man made; not related to a potential surprise by nature or lack of wise mining procedures.
      The dangers reflected in the eyes of the young that you’re seeing are intentional results of the LEFT. Those results are simultaneously anti-American, anti-Christian, anti- Conservative, and anti-Constitutional. Those results are / in my opinion / a direct result of an approach the Left uses that the Right does NOT use (yet):
      The Left would have everyone believe their policies and tactics often don’t seem to work (at all) because they’re not going far ENOUGH (towards the left). The Right leaves such conclusions to the thinker him/herself. There is no “push” on the Right to move the ball further down the field, it’s more like somebody might hand you the ball and smile and simply warn, “If you drop that ball you’ll be sorry.”
      As far as educating people about our entire heritage, it’s not a huge undertaking. Even though much of that issues seems to be related to the lack of emphasis on religion combined with the drum beat of the Left to “offer” all the flash / bang of the various things that lead people away from Faith in God. …. Teaching about the forming of our Constitution is fairly quick anf fairly easy / we just need to get it DONE. However, I totally agree with your final conclusion. That is the sort of statement you could repeat on your death bed and expect to “see it” in another 500 years proudly repeated by your relatives.