by Burt Prelutsky


I have written letters all my life, which, I must confess, is turning out to be much longer than I ever expected it to be. That’s because my father and my two older brothers all took their leave between the ages of 68 and 71. I have no idea why I have out-lived them. It’s not as if I eat healthy, as my vegetable-loving wife keeps reminding me. Perhaps neither God nor the Devil wants to have to deal with me, and until they come to a decision, I’ll be sticking around, even if I refuse to eat kale or broccoli.

In any case, I’ve only been writing email for about 15 or 20 years. So, whenever I have reason to write to a stranger, I still prefer writing an actual letter.

A lot of those letters go unanswered. That’s because they’re addressed to politicians and government officials, who have better things to do than respond to those of us who help pay their inflated salaries.

Earlier today, I mailed off a couple of these letters to the director of the FBI and the Attorney General.

The first of them was addressed to the Bureau’s current honcho, Christopher Wray.

“Until fairly recently,” I began, “I had been a lifelong fan of the FBI. However, in the wake of events involving the likes of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, I am feeling betrayed. I’m sure that millions of other Americans share my disappointment.

“For months, I have waited in vain to hear you make a public announcement indicating that you share our misgivings. Don’t you think it would help to restore our faith by acknowledging the misdeeds of the recent past and pledging to do everything in your power to regain our trust?

“By maintaining your silence during these troubled times, you seem reluctant to question the actions of these scoundrels who, I realize, may be your friends as well as your colleagues. But I would think that you, possibly more than anyone else, would personally resent what they have done to the reputation of the Bureau.”

I next wrote the following to his boss, Jeff Sessions:

“You were one of the few members of the Senate that I always respected, never more so than when you became the first senator to come out in support of candidate Donald Trump.

“I even understood or think I understood why you chose to recuse yourself from the phony Russian collusion inquiry. However, I am at a loss as to why you appear to be allowing the FBI and the Justice Department to behave in such a high-handed manner. Congress requests documents the Constitution states they are entitled to see, and people like Rod Rosenstein either refuse to hand them over or they’re submitted so heavily redacted that nobody can make sense of them.

“The excuse that they contain classified material is so much hogwash. Apparently, the fact that Andrew McCabe spent $70,000 our tax dollars on a piece of office furniture was one of the things that needed to remain Top Secret.

“It is obvious that these federal bureaucrats are just looking to protect their heinies, and for the life of me I don’t understands why you are allowing it; or, for that matter, why Deep Staters like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still working at the FBI and on the federal payroll.

“If the reason for your inaction is that you feel you are still recused, it might be a good idea if you made it permanent by resigning. I understand that Alabama is quite beautiful this time of year.”

⦿ North Korea made a big production of blowing up a nuclear facility which had already collapsed. It was supposed to show Kim Jong-un’s willingness to denuclearize. And while I’m sure it would have fooled liar-nObama into sending him wheat, oil and a ton of cash, Trump is not so easily played. After having to deal with mobsters and New York’s construction unions, he’s not about to fall for the clumsy moves of the hermit nation’s favorite dwarf.

It was the equivalent of Al Capone’s calling the IRS from Alcatraz to say he’d be only too happy to pay his income taxes, and no hard feelings.

⦿ In an article written by Wayne Allyn Root and published by the Las Vegas Review Journal, he writes about life behind the walls of the Anthem Country Club.

He mentions that there are 1500 beautiful homes in the gated community which is protected 24/7 by armed guards.

He has been a resident for 17 years. His kids grew up playing outside. He mentions that, thanks to the wall, gate and guards, “they were as safe as if they lived in Mayberry R.F.D.”

He reports that in the rest of Las Vegas, life, as in all the other major American cities, is full of crime and fearful people.

To add to the safety of the Anthem residents, photo IDs are now required of everyone entering the premises. As Root writes: “Don’t liberals call them racist? Yet here inside these walls sits Harry dinky-Reid and the entire dinky-Reid clan. The argument against voter ID is a scam. How do all those gardeners, maids, pool cleaners and handymen, manage to drive through the gates of Anthem every day?

“The answer: They already have government-issued photo IDs, so I guess it’s a lie when liberal politicians claim minorities don’t have them or they’re too difficult to get.

“Voter ID is an issue only because liberals want election fraud. They can’t win without it. They want illegals to be able to vote by the millions for the Democrats.”

I realize that learning that Harry dinky-Reid remains as big a hypocrite in civilian life as he was as majority leader of the Senate probably won’t come as a shock to most of you. After all, I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that the likes of Dianne Fein-stein, Chuck clown-Schumer, mad-Maxine Waters, Michael Bloomberg, Jerry Brown and the rest of those left-wing clods, spend their entire careers being protected by big men with big guns, all the while trying to invalidate the Second Amendment for the rest of us.



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