There are two things the Democrats do very well. They weaponize government against those they disagree with and they take care of their base.

While Republicans don’t want to weaponize the government, they don’t want to de-weaponize it either. And they are not taking care of their base.

The Republicans have the opportunity to do both and they seem to be uninterested.

As the Tea Party movement sprang to life, the Democrats correctly perceived they had a major problem. In response, the Democrats weaponized the IRS against conservatives.  Not only did Lois Lerner go after conservatives, but the left tried to use something the IRS refers to as “Schedule B.”

Non-profits, including conservative political non-profits, have to file a report with their annual tax filings that lists major donors and the amounts they donated.  Left wing IRS employees have leaked these lists and left-wing Attorneys General and bureaucrats have demanded copies of these lists from conservative non-profits.

The end result of this is conservative donors being harassed.   The goal is to try up funds that go to conservative groups like Heritage Action.

Congress currently has the opportunity to de-weaponize the IRS and protect the conservative base. But the GOP seems to be missing this opportunity.

In the next few days, the House of Representatives will be marking up an IRS reform bill. Right now, there is nothing in that bill to stop the IRS from further abuses of the Schedule B system.  Congress needs to abolish the requirement that political non-profits produce a list of their donors.

Congressman Peter Roskam introduced a bill to stop this abuse. His bill, HR4916, the Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act would abolish the requirement that nonprofits turn over very sensitive taxpayer information.  This one simple act would protect taxpayers from politically motivated harassment.

Call your Congressman today and demand that Congress include HR 4916, the Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act in the IRS Reform bill.



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