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A lot of people are asking why, when the FBI discovered that Sen. Dianne Fein-stein’s driver and sometime aide was a Chinese spy, she was given a head’s-up so she could fire him, but when the FBI suspected that a couple of low echelon guys in Trump’s campaign like Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were aligned with Russia, instead of alerting the candidate, they used their suspicion to get FISA warrants and give the uberpartisan Robert Mueller godlike powers to make life a living hell for President Trump.

That is a legitimate question, especially inasmuch as neither Page nor Papadopoulos has been arrested after two years of investigation. But there are other, possibly more important, questions that should be asked.

For instance, what is the nature of Dianne Fein-stein’s husband, Richard Blum’s business activities with China that have made him millions of dollars over the past few years?

Also, why is nobody investigating Mitch McConnell and his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Cho, and the strings they have pulled to benefit Cho’s father, who has become fabulously wealthy in the shipping industry, thanks to his close ties to China’s inner circle. While so many others in Washington are calling for additional sanctions on China because of their toxic trading policies, money manipulation and theft of America’s intellectual property, you may have noticed that you never hear Fein-stein or the McConnells lending their voices to the choir.

⦿ Another very vocal chorus is the one targeting Russia’s meddling in our elections. We may not like it, but we really aren’t on very firm ground when it comes to calling them out. Russia, after all, doesn’t like us. That’s a given. Whereas Israel is probably our most loyal ally, but that didn’t prevent Barack scumbag/liar-nObama from using 350,000 of our tax dollars to send political operatives to Israel in order to defeat Bibi Netanyahu in his last election. Fortunately, like most things that scumbag/liar-nObama put his hand to, it didn’t pan out the way he hoped it would.

As for Russia, nobody believes that godforsaken country is anything but a hostile nation. And please don’t bring up Donald Trump as the exemption to the rule. Judging him by the verbal bouquets he will occasionally toss Putin’s way shouldn’t fool anyone. They certainly don’t fool Russia’s stony-eyed villain. He is only too aware of the fact that Trump has hit Russia with a series of sanctions that has their economy on life support. Trump has also sold military equipment to Ukraine, provided Poland with a missile defense system, killed Russian soldiers in Syria and goaded NATO nations into contributing more money to their own security.

A constant source of amusement for me is when simpletons like Fox contributors such as Mara Liasson and Jonathan Swan announce there’s a split between Trump and his advisors in the administration when it comes to Russia. Do they really believe that it’s John Bolton or James Mattis who is calling the shots when it comes to our foreign policy? And to think they actually pay these morons good money to voice their opinions.

⦿ Apparently, commie-Bernie Sanders has overtaken loose lips-Joe Biden when it comes to the candidate most dummycrats-Democrats would like to see go mano-a-mano with Trump in 2020. They’re not alone. He’s also the guy I most want to see at the top of their ticket.

His platform, after all, would call for Free College Tuition, Social Security Expansion, Paid Family Leave, Medicare for All and Student Debt Relief.

The Manhattan Institute projects such a program would run $42.5 trillion dollars for the first 10 years and then escalate to an additional $175.5 trillion over the next couple of decades.

Because I know that numbers confuse people, I’ll explain that whereas a billion is a thousand million, a trillion is a thousand billion. That should also explain why when leftists talk about taxing billionaires in order to wipe out the national debt, they’re merely displaying their usual ignorance. The national debt today stands at $21.48 trillion. If you confiscated every dollar, including those they have stuffed in their mattresses and the loose change under their sofa’s cushions, America’s 560 billionaires would only be able to cough up $2.8 trillion.

⦿ When I consider whom the Republicans have chosen to lead them in Congress: namely, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, I better understand why our side loses so many battles to the other side. Say what you will about Chuck clown-Schumer and Nancy Pulosi — and I’ve said a lot! — they know how to crack the whip and keep their nitwits in line. Had dummycrats-Democrats opposed the agenda of someone like liar-Clinton and scumbag/liar-nObama the way that rino-Lisa Murkowski and rino-Susan Collins have regularly abandoned President Trump, they would have been stripped of their committee assignments and their new offices would have been broom closets in the basement of the Senate Office Building.

The Left understands that politics is a blood sport. They behave just like schoolyard bullies who demand you hand over your lunch money or else. Those on the Right tend to behave like the twerps who hand over their lunch money without ever even finding out what “or else” entails.

⦿ Speaking of which, Prof. Jason Nichols of the University of Maryland told Mark Steyn with a straight face that hate merchant Louis Farrakhan should not be assumed to be a leftist. Of course not. Why would anybody assume that a guy who has made a career out of Jew-baiting, cursing out white people and supporting Barack scumbag/liar-nObama and scumbag-Keith Ellison, is a man of the Left?

You might think that Prof. Nichols was joking, pulling Mark Steyn’s leg as it were. But once you discover he’s a professor of Black Studies, you immediately know he has no sense of humor or any other sense, for that matter.

⦿ An interesting trend has developed this year. A number of dummycrats-Democrats have taken to bragging about almost defeating Republicans in various elections. It’s almost as if they’ve given up politics during the Age of Trump in favor of horseshoes, where being close, I’ve been told, is very important.

⦿ I think that because President Trump has been so focused on keeping his campaign promise to build a big beautiful wall, he has been distracted from dealing with what might be a much bigger problem when it comes to illegal immigration. It seems that while we were concentrating on our southern border, 700,000 foreigners flew into the United States last year and overstayed their visas.

I think I may have a solution. It occurred to me that at bowling alleys, you have to leave your own shoes if you wish to rent theirs. So at first, I thought about making foreign visitors leave all their shoes at the airport and be allowed to reclaim them only when they were boarding a plane to go home. But even I could spot a few flaws with that plan.

But because my mind was on feet, the next thing I knew I was thinking about those ankle bracelets they shackle on criminals who have been granted house arrest while awaiting trial.

Why shouldn’t we attach them to every person coming here for what is supposed to be just a visit or a two-week vacation? If that’s too much to ask, I say let them stay home.

⦿ Just a few weeks after we all got to see the video of Jim Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia, enter his office singing “We’re a sanctuary city, we’re a sanctuary city” and exchanging high-fives with his secretary, an illegal alien named Juan Ramon Vasquez, taking full advantage of Kenney’s refusal to turn him over to ICE agents, celebrated his sanctuary status by raping a child.

To get some idea of how far this nation has declined, in 1988, dummycrats-Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis saw his chances of defeating George H.W. Bush blow up in his face when we all learned that while governor of Massachusetts he had allowed a killer named Willie Horton out of jail as part of a weekend furlough program.

Instead of returning to prison, Willie took it on the lam. Before he was finally captured in Maryland, the escapee had committed assault, armed robbery, raped a woman and pistol-whipped and knifed her fiancé.

In Maryland, he went on trial and was sentenced to two life terms plus 85 years. The judge, Vincent Femia, refused to return Horton to Massachusetts, saying: “I’m not prepared to take the chance that Mr. Horton might again be furloughed or otherwise released. The man should never again breathe free air.”

Some people felt that it wasn’t fair that Dukakis was smeared because he hadn’t initiated the program. A previous governor had. But it was Dukakis who prevented the state legislature from denying furloughs to those serving time for first degree murder, arguing: “It would cut the heart out of inmate rehabilitation.”

Only a true left-wing blockhead would have seen any reason to even try to rehabilitate someone who had been sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

After voters discovered that Dukakis was the reason that a young woman was raped and her fiancé was nearly killed, I stood a better chance of being elected president than he did.

But today, 30 years later, you don’t hear anyone calling for Mayor Denney to resign or a movement to recall Mr. “We’re a Sanctuary City” from office.

It may not constitute the decline and fall of Western Civilization, but it’s certainly a big step in that direction.

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