by Burt Prelutsky

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The Lilliputians in the media keep clamoring about the imaginary chaos at the White House, but never mention the real thing, which is the paralyzing inaction in the House and Senate.

There is nothing chaotic about getting rid of underachievers and replacing them with individuals that President Trump and I genuinely hope will do a better job.

This in no way absolves Trump of making lousy selections in the first place, but it can’t be as easy as it might seem to pick people to do a job they’ve never done before.

Still, I’d like to think that even a political novice like myself would have known better than to install Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

So far as I’m concerned, he showed his true colors when, as head of the Boy Scouts of America, he decided to change the longstanding policy and allow homosexuals to become troop leaders.

It’s no secret that Tillerson and Trump disagreed on a lot of things, including the Iran nuclear deal, the best way to handle North Korea and whether, in the words of Tillerson, Trump was a moron.

But one of their other major bones of contention was Israel. Tillerson actually blamed the Jewish state for terrorism, even though it’s the other side that gives bonuses to the families of jihadists, and Israel that puts its own home-grown terrorists on trial for their crimes.

The assessment of Tillerson’s State Department is that Arab violence is justified as “a means to redress frustrations and disappointments, such as lack of hope of achieving Palestinian statehood,” while faulting Israel for inciting their “justifiable violence.”

All I can say is, good riddance to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

· According to the Old Testament, Jews are the Chosen People. Down through the centuries, that has usually been translated to mean chosen to experience expulsions, pogroms, holocausts and run of the mill discrimination.

It seems to me that Trump might be called the Chosen Person. More than any other president, his administration has been singled out by the media, the courts, his congressional foes and even his predecessor, for lies, insults and threats of impeachment.

This is particularly despicable because Trump, like the Jews, has been responsible for bestowing great gifts on everyone, including his enemies. If you doubt this, consider that his tax cuts benefitted Democrats as much as Republicans and his deregulations relieved burdens on everyone, regardless of their political affiliation; in a similar way, Jewish advances in surgery and medical research help everyone, including Palestinian children and other anti-Semites who are no longer threatened by, among other calamities, polio.

· While listening to Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, being interviewed by Mark Levin, about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I was reminded once again how special were those serving as the midwives at the birth of our nation.

Unlike politicians these days who think they should be paid overtime if they actually have to put in a 40-hour week, those men who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence understood that so far as King George III was concerned, they had just signed their own death warrants. England’s king wasn’t just another monarch; he was at the time the single most powerful man on earth. His Army was the mightiest and his Navy was even mightier.

So, when our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, those weren’t just high-fallutin’ words. As Thomas Jefferson said, in addressing King George: “Let those who flatter, fear. It is not an American art.”

On the other hand, it was King George who said of George Washington, when he heard that Washington had accepted the presidency, but refused the crown: “Then he is the greatest man on earth.”

· That is something that cannot be said of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan and China’s Xi Jinping, who have all decided that they will remain in power until carried feet first out of their castles. What I found fascinating is that their ages are nearly identical. Putin is 65, the other two are 64. I don’t know what it means. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Or perhaps that’s the age when men first begin having thoughts about mortality, and these three dictators have all decided that when it comes to their healthcare, they don’t want to leave it in the hands of others.

· While discussing the midterm elections with a friend, he wondered if the Democrats would all try to run like Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s recent election, by pretending to be pro-gun, pro-military and anti-Nancy Pulosi.

I thought it was unlikely that they’d risk offending their base. Instead, I said I assumed they would be begging commie-Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth dinky-Warren and DNC honcho Tom Perez, to come plead their case to illegal aliens, blacks, college students, single women, Muslims and atheists.

The truth is, if voting was limited to citizens, those actually paying federal income taxes and people over the age of 21, it would be a lot easier to defeat Democrats.

Even in reliably Republican states, college towns – mainly thanks to the idiotic 26th Amendment that lowered the voting age to 18 – are nearly always more liberal than surrounding areas.

It’s actually easier to understand why that would be the case than to figure out why newspapers in all parts of the nation are more liberal than their subscribers, except, of course, in places like Chicago, L.A., San Francisco and New York City, where that would constitute an impossibility.

· Rod Rosenstein, the assistant Attorney General who greenlighted Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with the Russians, is married to Lisa Barsoomian.

That’s noteworthy because she is a lawyer who happens to be a protégé of James Comey and Robert Mueller. Starting in 1996, she has represented Mr. Mueller on three separate occasions, James Comey five times, Barack liar-nObama 45 times, Kathleen Sebelius (56), liar-Bill Clinton (40) and liar-Hillary Clinton (17).

She also represented the FBI five times.

None of these are criminal offenses, but they certainly suggest that Mr. Rosenstein was remiss in not recusing himself from any involvement in any of the pending matters involving the Department of Justice, just as Andrew McCabe should have done so once his wife accepted $700,000 for her political campaign from Virginia’s governor and the liar-Clintons’ favorite bag man, Terry McAuliffe.

They used to say that nepotism was the fuel that powered Hollywood, but in our nation’s capital, it’s more like incest.

· Speaking of the swampland, Washington, D.C. city council member and, I assume, longtime member of the Mystic Knights of the Sea, Trayon White, recently disclosed that Jewish bankers manipulate the climate as well as control natural disasters in order to maintain a stranglehold of our cities.

Damn! That’s exactly what I and my fellow Jewish bankers were discussing the other evening at our monthly meeting. I reminded my colleagues that he who controls snowstorms controls everything. I’m wondering how the hell Mr. White found out about it.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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