3 – Tax brackets over 7 – Tax brackets… I hope you’re not caught in a bracket creep… with computer technology you should be able to have a bracket for each dollar… that would be better for citizens.

But what would be better for citizens is no income tax, no IRS… 

All economist agree Income tax system is the worst system… the best system is an sales/transaction tax accross all segments of the economy… a estimated rate based on Total Economy (TE) of 3-5% and the also balances the budget…

Not to mention… the more than 20 other benefits.

  1. Low, low, low tax rates will have the economic effect of all middle class getting a pay raise
  2. By shifting taxes fairly across all economic segments will increase GDP by 6% or more
  3. No punishment tax for personal success
  4. No Income Tax for businesses or citizens
  5. No Income withholding system, business owners will no longer be the nation’s tax collectors
  6. Eliminates income taxes forever
  7. Elimination of one segment of government – IRS
  8. Eliminates hundreds of the laws on the books
  9. Eliminates Tax Courts and Tax Incarceration
  10. Eliminates Sin Taxes (Cigarette Taxes, Liquor Taxes, Gambling Taxes, Tourism Tax, Gas Tax, etc.), which is unfair to those industries
  11. Even and fair distribution of taxes across all business segments and individuals
  12. No more late, unpaid taxes or tax evasion
  13. Taxes will never have a negative impact on one segment of business
  14. Eliminate inheritance tax
  15. Eliminate capital gains tax
  16. Only one tax, no other federal taxes – This law will become an Amendment
  17. No tax forms, tax returns or extra expenses for businesses or individuals needed due to having tax accountants
  18. No more tax evasion… All people have to pay this tax, no under ground economy
  19. All illegal activities will be subject to taxes
  20. No more deductions or loop holes
  21. Taxes will no longer be used as a political device
  22. Lastly, balance the budget, and stop going into debt

Read about the One Tax, – www.OneEasyTax.com – this site does not ask for money, it is just information.


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