Jack E. Kemp

I happen to live near one of the new Target mini-stores that opened for business on July 20th. The place used to be a two story Barnes & Noble store, so I was quite familiar with the general layout before the refurbished it. Since Target boldly (read: foolishly) announced they will now have “Gender Neutral” toilets, I immediately rushed up the escalator of the store to where the old B&N bathrooms were for 20 years. Sure enough, they had signs on the two toilets saying “Gender Neutral” with both a male and female icon drawing. But there was a catch.

When I entered what was formerly the male restroom, I expected it to have the two stalls and two urinals that B&N had. But, to my surprise, it is now a single person or family one toilet restroom. So Target appears to be progressive while also protecting privacy. But this is a net loss of 75 percent of toilet facilities. And with only two total bathrooms, this is probably a similar loss in what was previously the women’s restroom which probably had an additional stall in place of the two urinals of the B&N men’s room). So Target has cut down its level of toilet facilities by about 75 percent to appear politically correct. This store is (obviously) as big as a two story Barnes & Noble or a large Rite Aid store.

This is progressivism. Less service to customers. More feel good signs. Meanwhile, not only do women alone or women with children have less facilities, but seniors, people with health conditions and pregnant women have less toilet facilities. Bravo, Target. Who is your marketing director? The guy who designed the Hindenburg?

Maybe Target can go all the way and hire Anthony Weiner as their spokesperson to advertise camera phones.


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  1. MUG

    Let’s see if I understand this right? About a third of a percent of our population feel like they are one gender but they have the body and chromosomes of the other gender. Add in the total LGBT population and it is still less than 4 percent. So to avoid offending them, we reduce access to bathrooms by 75 percent or more for everybody by making multi-stall bathrooms single toilet rooms, but the single toilet bathrooms are gender neutral and inoffensive.

    Well, maybe politically correct air-heads are not offended, but I am grievously offended at such stupidity, not to mention the more egregious situations where multi-stall bathrooms are designated gender neutral and easy prey for another small percentage of the population. Perverts! Some if not most perverts are potential molesters, but some are even homicidal!

    Bathrooms are designed for privacy and even men’s urinals have visual baffles to give some privacy from looky-loos while emptying. My military experience has left me very grateful for my privacy in public bathrooms. I don’t know what barracks are like now, but in mine the bathroom had a row of 10 or so toilets mounted to the wall spaced about three feet apart with no petitions. It was bad enough just being in the room while some men went, but then everyone had to pull occasional latrine duty and clean them when it was their turn.