by Burt Prelutsky


Our kids, by and large, are not only as dumb as a bag of rocks, they are as dumb as a very stupid bag of really ignorant rocks.

It didn’t just happen, either. It’s not as if a mysterious vapor cloud descended from outer space. It was planned and carefully choreographed by liberals. The know-nothing generation believes that life on earth began the day they were born. That’s why they have no curiosity about history, our own or anyone else’s. Heck, they won’t even watch black-and-white movies, lest they see people who speak, act or dress differently from themselves. You can hear them now: Hats? Who wears hats?

Their stupidity explains why they are so gullible when it comes to the climate hoax. If there’s less rain or more hurricanes this year than last year, they have no idea that weather isn’t static. So they are ready to panic like a million Chicken Littles screaming that the sky is falling or the earth is burning up.

Speaking of the weather, the volcano in Hawaii has already spewed more pollutants into the sky than all the SUVs on the planet. It’s as if Mother Nature has heard enough nonsense from the likes of scum-Al Gore and the U.N. Commission on Climate and is saying “You want to be scared about something, I’ll give you something that will scare the socks off you!”

Getting back to the kids, they have been the victims of the system. The government schools teach neither history nor critical thinking, choosing, instead, to indoctrinate them to accept that America is bad, white people are sexists and racists and that Republicans are bullies; at the same time, the media is complicit in assuring them that the lies they’re told in school are the truth.

It doesn’t help that they go through life getting easy A’s, the academic equivalent of participation trophies, and being told by their parents that they’re brilliant.

It’s little wonder that they wind up communicating with their equally insipid friends 144 characters at a time, writing 4 for “for,” 2 for “to” and lol for “laughing out loud.”

Is it any wonder that they don’t think twice about plunking down six bucks for a cup of java at Starbuck’s?

⦿ Instead of wasting time and money investigating Russian collusion, something that does call for a probe is the collusion between colleges and lending institutions.

Colleges keep raising their tuitions even though their costs–especially when it comes to the totally useless liberal arts departments–have little or no excuse to raise their fees, as the expenses are limited to paper and books.

The lenders are only too happy to put the kids and their parents deeper and deeper in debt.

Meanwhile, the colleges keep hitting up their alums for donations, enabling them to hire an army of gardeners to maintain the palatial grounds and lavish millions on football and basketball coaches, while serving as minor leagues for the professional teams and providing scholarships for the lummoxes who no more belong on a college campus than I or any other biological male belongs in the ladies room.

⦿ Ignorance unfortunately isn’t limited to youngsters. Just recently, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand blamed the last recession on men. She insisted that if it had been Lehman Sisters, instead of Lehman Brothers, the economy wouldn’t have gone into a swoon.

Not to be outdone by this young upstart, Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren said: “Three million more poor people voted for liar-Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump,” which she saw as a failing of our democracy. I suppose this means that Pocahontas will soon be proposing legislation that would grant people under the poverty line the right to cast 10 votes for each one of yours.

⦿ At the University of Colorado, they recently started a class that will discuss the evils of white privilege. Asked why, a department head said they want to start a conversation.

It occurred to me that people are always looking to have a conversation about race. In fact, ex-Attorney General scum-Eric Holder used to state on a regular basis that white Americans were too cowardly to have a conversation about race.

I don’t know about most Americans, but I do know that most black people do not want to engage in an honest discussion about race. That’s because they prefer to maintain the fiction that the reason that so many of them remain generation after generation on the bottom rung of society is because of slavery and Jim Crow laws, both of which ended a long time ago.

An honest discussion would involve black people acknowledging that in 2018, children being raised in fatherless homes, a 50% drop-out rate from high school and a proclivity for selling and using illegal drugs, has a lot more to do with their situation than white privilege and racist cops.

⦿ While the Democrats keep harping on Russia, hardly anyone except Tucker Carlson and I seem the least bit concerned about China. That’s the country, not Russia, that swipes $600 million worth of our intellectual property every year. Of course, they don’t always have to steal it.

Sometimes they get their hands on it because Chinese students studying science in the U.S. supply it. And sometimes, as was the case when liar-Bill Clinton was in the White House, our government hands it over in exchange for a donation to a re-election campaign.

And, of course, Chinese hackers are targeting our defense contractors. That’s so much faster and cheaper than doing their own research.

My question is whether we are stealing anything from them, aside from President Xi Jinping’s favorite recipe for kung pao chicken?

⦿ In the old days, Democrats used to buy drinks for big city voters. But once the laws insisted that bars be closed on Election Day, they went ahead and invented welfare. That way, the voters could buy their own drinks.

Penny Alfonso, who moved from L.A. to Chicago, the equivalent of going from the sizzling griddle to the frying pan, assured me that she remains unscathed by her surroundings by sending along the following: Q. How many Democrats does it take to solve a problem? A. Nobody knows because it’s never happened.

⦿ Although I trust President Trump not be bamboozled by the North Korean dwarf with the Three Stooges haircut, I am concerned that he has been heard mumbling something about the Nobel Peace Prize.

If he’d care for my opinion, he should not even covet the over-hyped award that has been bestowed on a rogue’s gallery of recipients, including Le Duc Tho, Henry Kissinger, scum-Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, the European Union, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Kofi Annan, the UN Peacekeeping Forces, Jimmy Carter and Barack liar-nObama.

⦿ I found it odd when none of the Jewish senators Chuck clown-Schumer, Dianne Fein-stein, Ben Cardin, commie-Bernie Sanders, Brian Schatz, Richard Blumenthal, Ron Wyden made their way to Jerusalem for the ceremonial opening of the American embassy.

But that was before I came across a Pew poll that exposed the disgusting fact that Democratic voters prefer the Palestinians to the Israelis by a 2-1 margin.



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