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Although liar-Bill and liar-Hillary are the most famous and toxic couple in America, they are merely at the top of the Washington dunghill. That doesn’t mean they’re alone. The capital is full of left-wingers involved with the federal government who are literally in bed with bigwigs involved with the mainstream media or other government agencies. Like European royalty in the past, these wheelers and dealers tend to marry each other. The main difference is that they don’t tend to marry their cousins, so the chances of their having hemophiliac children are very slim.

Two of the spookiest in the group are Peter Strzok and Mrs. Strzok, otherwise known as Melissa Hodgman. We all know what a rodent the husband is, but the chances are you’ve never even heard of his wife.

Mrs. Strzok is a ranking official with the Security and Exchange Commission. Because of her lofty position, she was placed in charge of investigating the liar-Clinton Family Foundation three weeks prior to the 2016 presidential election and she has been blocking a proper investigation ever since.

Perhaps because that unholy mission has kept her so busy, it would explain why she hasn’t even had time to file for a divorce from her hound dog husband.

⦿ Of course, we conservatives understand that the dummycrats-Democrats are only pushing the narrative that Russia colluded with Trump in order to undermine his presidency. If they were truly concerned with the integrity of our elections, they would stop jabbering about the Russkies and, instead, promote the notion of photo IDs and a return to paper ballots.

Unfortunately, even paper ballots aren’t a guarantee of an election free of fraud, as was proven in Al Franken’s 312-vote margin of victory over Norm Coleman in 2008, when paper ballots kept showing up in closets, attics and the trunk of a ’93 Buick, until the corrupt dummycrats- Democrats of Minnesota finally managed to get the little pig into the U.S. Senate.

Of course, it would have been a lot more difficult to cheat if some lump named Dean Barkley hadn’t decided he wanted to see his name in the newspaper by running as an Independent, thus sucking off 437,505 votes in a Senate election that saw nearly three million votes cast.

⦿ In an article titled “California: The American Nightmare,” Wayne Allyn Root writes: “Remember the famous but sad saying ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth’? Well, I have the number one lie in America for you: Diversity makes us stronger and immigration makes us more prosperous.

“California is Exhibit A. It’s filled with immigrants. Ten million, to be exact. Many of them illegal. Guess which state has the highest poverty rate in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico or West Virginia. It’s California — where nearly one out of five residents is poor. That’s according to the Census Bureau.

“While California accounts for 12 percent of America’s population, it accounts for one-third of America’s welfare checks. California leads the country in food stamp use. California has more people on welfare than most countries around the world.

“Homelessness is exploding in California — with tent encampments overrunning schools, businesses and upscale neighborhoods. California is now home to 22 percent of the nation’s homeless population.

“California leads the nation in debt. Total state and local debt is almost $1.5 trillion. Combining state debt with California’s share of federal debt produces a debt-to-GDP ratio of 153 percent — higher than the PIGS of the EU Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, which are all facing economic collapse and ruin.”

Mr. Root also goes on to mention the state income, business, sales and gas taxes, which are all the highest in the nation. He also notes the used hypodermic needles, piles of feces and cardboard shelters, that litter the streets of Los Angeles, Stockton and San Francisco, turning once beautiful cities into third world garbage dumps.

He concludes the piece with: “California is following ‘the Mexican model’ – i.e., a population with a sliver of super rich elites…and everyone else dirt poor. The middle class is becoming extinct. This is the express train to hell.”

And if the leftists can arrange it, that train will be pulling into your station sometime soon.

The only part of the article I take exception to is where Mr. Root refers to the tent encampments overrunning upscale neighborhoods. Where I live, North Hills, is anything but upscale. But you can’t drive a mile in any direction from our home without coming across bedrolls, cardboard shelters and shopping carts filled with the filthy belongings of bums, taking up entire sidewalks.

⦿ According to Pete Wick, of Woodbridge, California, he knew an elderly man and wife who went into town to do some shopping. When they came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. The man approached the cop and said: “Come on, man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?”

The cop ignored him and continued writing the ticket. So the old man called him a name. The cop glared at him and then wrote out a second ticket for having worn-out tires. For that, the guy’s wife called the cop an even more graphic name.

That so infuriated the cop that he wrote out a third ticket for having mud on the license plate.

He finally shoved all three tickets under the windshield and stalked away.

A minute later, a bus drove up. The elderly couple got on and rode off.

As the old man explained to Pete: “We look for cars with liar-nObama bumper stickers. We always try to have a little fun each day now that we’re retired.”



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