I skipped most of the Democrat Convention, but stayed up for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  Before I turned to Fox Cable News for the Convention Live, I watched a video of the Invocation by Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale.  I found the Reverends calls for support for Hillary to be flat, with little emotion or passion.  She was trying to help, but her heart was not in it.  When I tuned in, Elizabeth was taking the podium.  Elizabeth is Elizabeth, cold and calculated.  She was emphatic, but pretty much without emotion or passion.

Then came Bernie.  For three minutes he stood while the crowd wildly and loudly cheered.  He finally quieted them down enough to start speaking, and I was impressed.  He was sincere.  He didn’t conceal his emotions.  His passion was evident.  He was like an old war horse straining at the bit, hearing the bugler’s call to charge.  He barely endorsed Hillary, seeming to “damn her with faint praise”  And he made it clear he expects his delegates to vote for him.

I went to bed troubled.  All three of the speeches I watched seemed to effectively exploit Donald Trump’s vulnerabilities.  Elizabeth tried to extol Hillary’s qualifications to be POTUS, but she didn’t have much to work with.  It’s obvious the Democrats are going to make this campaign about Trump and what’s wrong with Trump, and they are making a strong case that I fear will influence a lot of people who are undecided.

On the other hand, Trump is also making the campaign about Trump and what HE is going to accomplish as POTUS.  I don’t think that tactic will be effective.  Hillary is vulnerable and Trump need to work hard to exploit it.  I’m waiting for Trump to start endorsing Conservative candidates for Congress and campaign for them  How else is he going to accomplish his magic unless he has support in Congress?  How else is Trump going to unify the party and bring the reluctant on board?


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  1. steve blades

    your a better man than me…i haven’t watched 10 seconds of the whole thing and wont….

    whats the deal with this forum??? nobody has anything to say…I blame it on unregulated inbreeding…

    1. MUG Post author

      A weak gene pool is as good a guess as any. I also watched Bill Clinton’s speech. The last time I saw him on Youtube he looked like death warmed over, but this time he looked pretty good and did a fantastic job of making Hillary appear human while overlooking all of the real issues. In fact he said the difference between his portrait of Hillary vs what the Republicans said in Cleveland was that his was true and the Republican version of Hillary was a made up cartoon. That’s all I watched. I didn’t watch Pelosi or Obama. My stomach couldn’t take it. I doubt if I will watch any of Hillary’s acceptance speech.

      1. Michael Trivisani

        MUG, I couldn’t get myself to watch. I tried from time to time, but the TV kept switching to something else. If, as you say, Bill Clinton did a fantastic job making Hillary appear human….he must also be able to walk on water.

    2. Michael Trivisani

      Hi Steve. How have you been ‘breeding’? Also, what’s the difference between unregulated inbreeding and regulated inbreeding. It’s still inbreeding. What’s with this forum you ask? It’s just that there isn’t a lot of nobodies here…yet. I tried to get here in the beginning, but this place was haunted. When all the people you don’t agree with find this place, the nobodies will have a lot to say that you won’t like. Be patient. You know how it works. If you build it, they will come.

  2. Kenny Sono

    Trump is betting that the voters will see him as a steady / consistent / “as I’ve said months ago” candidate. This is based on Trump assuming people are seeing the connection between what he said lately and what he’s saying now. Combined with that, Trump thinks it’s really OBVIOUS that since he’s successful, he must also deserve huge respect and it must also be obvious that he’s super smart and capable.
    Hillary is betting that voters will see her as steady / consistent / “like all of US on the Left ARE.” This based on Hillary assuming people will not compare what she is saying now to all the evidence of her policies, beliefs, previous actions and votes, and all the actually realities of those things and their effects combined.
    In short, both of them appear to be exclusively campaigning to the less attentive and/or less intelligent people who might vote.
    That leaves a fairly large group of people (in my opinion) who are on one side or the other of this decision:
    Stay home?
    Go vote?
    I think everyone has essentially already decided who to vote for, primarily based on which person has them convinced that we need more of the same, or a large amount of risk with possible large amounts of rewards.
    More of the same Hillary is a safe bet and will definitely favor the people who feel like they “have to” vote for Democrats, and Large amount of Risk is a great bet for those willing to take a risk, and vote for Trump.
    What I want to see isn’t so much about how bad Hillary obviously is and would be.
    What I want to see is how catastrophic all the evidence is already, that America is going DOWN as of this minute and it’s going to be nearly impossible to save it.
    Under those conditions, even though I voted for Cruz, at this point / if Cruz were neck and neck with Trump……. I might vote for Trump. This is because Cruz showed himself as more interested in revenge about Trump’s nonsense attacks on his wife and father, than being a true leader. What sort of leader is that? Not too impressive as of now.
    Trump has some seriously immature qualities, and nobody can reign that in. Maybe if he becomes President he’ll realize the most powerful thing he can do all day long is two things:
    His JOB.
    Shut UP.

    1. Agi Yaeger

      I believe Trump, from now on, needs to stop giving all those press conferences where every word he says will be turned around and thrown back at him by Hillary and her surrogates. He is giving ammunition to the Hillary camp.
      He needs to hammer on the facts of Hillary’s evil deeds. If he doesn’t have enough materials, just call on Dinesh D’Souza, who just hit the number one charts with his new documentary, “Hillary’s America…..”
      He would be more than happy to supply the material. But then the reason Trump is a meme guy is because his heart is really not into the battle with his buddy Hillary.
      He has the opportunity to turn the tide, but he’s wasting it on his self-serving self. A tremendous opportunity gone down the tube.
      Dinesh still believes Hillary will be the winner. He was the very first person to say that.

      1. Michael Trivisani

        Agi, I kind of agree. When ever I tune into one of his press conferences my first instinct is to hold onto something. I’m not sure if the quantity is as much a problem as you can just about say what he is about to say before he says it. If he is going to keep up the quantity, he has to inject some variety. Like from time to time, and often, a teleprompter conference with prepared commentary. As it is now when I am trying to absorb what he is saying, I drift off thinking about how bad I did at the range…or what the heck is my computer doing. I pay more attention to his children’s speeches. I think he is having a hard time understanding that other people are also capable and could teach him a thing or two. Anyhow, I hope all the Hillary crap hitting the fan will be enough to get Trump into the White House. There has to be a way to win with what we got.

        1. Agi Yaeger

          Michael, I know exactly how you feel. Therefore, if we have such trepidation about Trump, don’t you agree at least that Americans deserve better than both of these candidates?
          It’s that part, I can’t wrap myself around, yet. I see all the damage caused by both.
          I need some guarantees that he really would embrace the right. I still feel that he can only embrace the left trying to fool us. I’m sorry but that feeling is as strong as ever.
          I still cannot forgive the Clinton like destruction he perpetrated on Ted Cruz. Sorry, Cruz should not laugh it off. It’s not a laughing matter.
          Therefore, I believe that anyone who stands in Trump’s way or disagrees with him, will be given the same treatment, devastating destruction.
          I understand Kenny would like to whitewash his childish behavior, I’m not sure I can. I only see danger in those actions. We cannot live through such turbulence again, after Bill and Obama. America is too frail to withstand that.

      1. Kenny Sono

        No Agi, it was CLEARLY infantile / childish / beyond stupid. It was almost something that Cruz (had he been seeing things clearly enough at the time) should have LAUGHED at as quickly and as often as he had the chance to. Come on: Helped to kill John Kennedy? Cruz is SUPPOSED TO BE way smarter than that. He should / in fact / have questioned if the Tabloid papers is where Trump gets his entire education! Cruz was supposed to be so much smarter than THAT, I no longer have any plans of voting for him again. Sorry; that was a third grade test and he FAILED it.

    2. Michael Trivisani

      Kenny, you talk too much. Too much to read. However, I think you are onto something. Trump does have some seriously immature qualities. And yes, nobody seems to be able to reign that in. I for one don’t think it is a good idea for Trump to wait until he is president to realize what the job of the president entails. Trump shut up? It would be easier to get Bill Clinton to touch Hillary with a 10 foot poll.

      1. Kenny Sono

        Michael, we can live with a truly immature President. We can’t live with Hillary. I think it could be as simple as this idea, to get Trump to win:
        Figure out to start a humorous “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” (and call it that) and have it be:
        Vote for Trump and “never ADMIT IT.”