2018 is almost upon us. After finally giving the Republicans the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, what do conservatives have to show for it?

Very little.

The biggest problem has been Republicans sabotaging the conservative agenda. They come to their districts and states and talk about how conservative they are, then go back to Washington and act like drunken Democrats.

One of the Republicans that has to go is Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District. 

Is she bad? Well, let’s just say, with Republicans like her, who needs Democrats?

She has voted against the conservative agenda time and time again. She voted against repealing Obamacare. She stands with Nancy Pelosi, not President Trump.

Comstock has already drawn a challenger. Shak Hill is a retired Air Force pilot and businessman. He is a supporter of President Trump and supports a conservative agenda.  Hill wants to drain the swamp in DC and cut the size of government. He wants to repeal Obamacare. He wants to cut government spending and the size of government. He is pro-life and pro 2nd Amendment.

Barbara Comstock is so far to the left, she would be quite comfortable in the Democrat Party.

Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District needs a real Republican as their Congressman.  They need someone who will stand with the Freedom Caucus, not with Nancy Pelosi.

Virginia needs Shak Hill.

Tea Party Nation is pleased to endorse Shak Hill for Congress in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District.


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