by Burt Prelutsky

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Those shouting the loudest for gun control are lying hypocrites. They’re stupid, but not so stupid they don’t know that most murders are committed with handguns, not with long guns, no matter how many bullets there are in their magazines. What these schmucks actually seek is people control.

As Prof. Walter Williams recently pointed out, the Founding Fathers did not place so much importance on gun ownership that they made it the Second Amendment — second only to freedom of speech and religion – because they cared so much about duck hunting, but in order for American citizens to have the means to protect themselves from the inevitable abuses of government.

Today, 1,500 Americans are killed with knives, only 500 with rifles and shotguns. But you don’t hear about liberals demanding that kitchen knives be banned.

It wasn’t that long ago that you could buy guns from the Sears and Roebuck catalogue; that 12-year-olds were given 22s for their birthday; and schools had shooting clubs. But school shootings were extremely rare. So, perhaps it’s not the guns that have changed, but the morals and character of the people; especially those in the media, academia, Congress and the courts.

As for the teenaged survivors of Parkland, I have no objection to their speaking out, although I would like it if occasionally one of them showed a deeper knowledge of the subject and quit parroting the talking points of left-wing politicians. I’m sure the kids experienced trauma watching their classmates being gunned down around them, but I don’t look to teenagers or the Statue of Liberty for national policy.

I’m reminded of my days in college in the 60s when I came to despise those classmates in the anti-War crowd who tried to pass off their cowardice as principled pacifism. At the time, I was a registered Democrat, but I always made a point of letting people know I wasn’t a liberal. You could actually make the distinction in those days.

I thought it made for a good visual when President Trump sat listening to the kids vent about gun violence, but now I’ve heard a rumor that he wants to spend some astronomical sum putting policemen in every school. I think training teachers to shoot is a good idea, but it’s not the responsibility of the federal government. The feds have no business intruding on education, even when it comes to protecting students. It is the business of cities and states.

People on both sides seem to forget that after 9/11, we went all out to prevent airplane hijacking, but it didn’t do anything to prevent terrorism on the ground. Even if we were to turn every school into an armed fortress, it would do nothing to stop psychos from mowing down youngsters at parks, concerts and pizza parlors.

Perhaps the dumbest thing about the gun debate is that those on the Left want to paint the NRA as the super villain even though the group does more than anyone else to teach and promote gun safety laws in America. As you may have noticed, none of the mass-shooters has been a member of the NRA, and inasmuch as the group boasts a membership of five million, that’s saying something.

Attention should be paid to the fact that, in response to the attacks from the Left, Avis, Hertz, Budget, Met Life, Enterprise, Delta, Paramount Pharmaceuticals, First National Bank, True Car, Alamo, National and United Airlines, have all cut their ties with the NRA and will no longer offer discounts to NRA members.

It might make it difficult to rent a car, but these creeps should definitely have to pay a price for their corporate cowardice.

Besides, everyone should know by this time that the vilest of America’s super villains is none other than George scum-Soros. And he’s not even under indictment for fomenting violence through Antifa, Black Lives Matter and all the other groups he finances.

⦿ According to a recent poll, 81% of women and 43% of men claim to have suffered sexual harassment. Of course, part of the problem with numbers like that is that they intentionally blur the lines so that telling a woman she looks nice counts as much as raping her.

I don’t know what to make of those men, unless they regard it as harassment if they ask a woman for a date and she turns them down.

It seems that 30% of women insist they’ve been flashed aka subjected to indecent exposure. I suppose men could claim the same, considering the way some women dress, but they wouldn’t dare.

Apparently, at Antioch College, they are so sensitive to sexual misconduct, people have to ask and be granted permission if they wish to give someone a hug. Because once you give an inch to crazy people, they inevitably take a mile, it should come as no surprise that the hugging rule even applies to parents paying a visit to their college offspring.

⦿ Someone sent me a list of recent and pending legislation here in California, with a covering note suggesting that soon nobody will be rich enough to live here.

I assured her that so long as people like Jerry Brown, Nancy Pulosi, Gavin Newsom, Dianne Fein-stein, mad-Maxine Waters, scum-Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris, are running things, poor people – particularly those here illegally – will be able to stay, living off the welfare provided by Hollywood’s millionaires, the Silicon Valley’s billionaires and the plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills.

⦿ Someone sent me a list of comical observations: “If you call for open borders, but live behind a gate, you’re probably a liberal.” “Fergie sang the National Anthem so poorly that even Colin Kaepernick stood up and told her to show some respect.” In the third, a politician is shown speaking into a microphone, insisting: “The Russians posed as Americans and waged a campaign to hurt Democrats.” Standing to his side are two political aides, with one whispering to the other: “liar-Hillary is Russian?”

⦿ After an article appeared in Written By, the slick monthly published by the Writers Guild, in which Robert Redford claimed that he and the director of “All the President’s Men” were the actual writers of the script and that they, not William Goldman, deserved the Oscar, I couldn’t resist tossing in my two cents.

“Dear Editor,” I wrote, “Please forgive my skepticism if I don’t buy the saga of Redford and Alan Pakula having to salvage Goldman’s script. On the face of it, two non-writers having to rescue Goldman, the man responsible for “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” “The Stepford Wives,” “Misery,” “Magic” and “The Princess Bride,” is so laughable, it might be worth Goldman’s time to update his hilarious book, “Adventures in the Screen Trade,” just so he could share this latest example of an actor’s ego running amok.

“The biggest surprise to me isn’t that an actor wants to hog the credit, but that anyone thought the movie was prize-worthy. After all, aside from the fact that everyone already knew the story, it showed Woodward (Redford) and Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) constantly spinning their wheels and having to hurry back to the dimly-lit garage so that Deep Throat (Hal Halbrook) could re-direct their efforts. I suppose what it lacked in drama, it compensated for by having the perfect Hollywood villain as its centerpiece, Richard Nixon.”

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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