by Burt Prelutsky

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The way the Democrats keep seeing Russians lurking under their beds, they seem to be channeling those old maids who used to appear regularly in the movies of the 30s.

Their paranoia is so excessive, they credit Putin with having the power to control our elections and to bend our minds to his evil will.

But they fail to explain why they’re so eager to give a pass to Christopher Steele, the James Bond wannabe, who cobbled together the Trump dossier from a combination of rumors spread by liar-Hillary Clinton’s toadies and some of his own wet dreams.

Why hasn’t this anti-Trump zealot been accused of tampering with our electoral process? Why is it wrong for the Russians to influence our elections, but quite okay for an English snot to be paid millions of dollars to do it?

* In the meantime, liar-Hillary strategist Richard Goodstein defends the FBI’s setting up Carter Page as a patsy when they asked for a FISA warrant in order to spy on Trump’s campaign headquarters.

Goodstein, who could bring home the gold if smugness ever became an Olympic competition, insists that Mr. Page is a Russian agent, basing his baseless contention on the fact that he was paid to give a speech in Moscow.

Apparently, Goodstein doesn’t realize or even care that if Page is a Russian spy, so is liar-Bill Clinton, who was paid a hell of a lot more than Carter Page to deliver a speech to the Russkies. And as I recall, the timing was very suspicious, his pay day coming at about the same time that his wife was turning over a large portion of our uranium deposits to the Kremlin.

* Is there nobody in Arizona with the gumption to organize a recall campaign against rino-John McCain? He’s always been a drip in the U.S. Senate, where he has mistakenly come to believe that calling himself a maverick makes him a statesman. So far as most Republicans are concerned, if rino-McCain is a maverick, so was Bradley Manning.

In joining with Democratic Senator Chris Coons in calling for President Trump to grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to the so-called Dreamers without demanding that the Democrats vote to get rid of chain migration and the visa lottery, rino-McCain has once again gone off the deep end as he did when he co-sponsored insane legislation with Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold.

Wouldn’t it be the kind thing to do if we released Sen. rino-McCain from the stress of serving in the Senate, and let him devote his twilight years to turning out wallets, lanyards and macramé, in a crafts class, at a nice retirement home in Phoenix?

* As if the FBI wasn’t busy enough trashing its reputation as an objective, non-partisan, investigating agency in Washington, they are simultaneously looking like the Keystone Kops in Las Vegas, where four months after Stephen Paddock mowed down 58 people, the FBI still hasn’t released his autopsy report and hasn’t arrived at any conclusions about the case, aside from the number of people the bastard murdered.

* Reverend Alex Dyer, along with a number of his fellow Episcopalian pastors, is leading a movement to gender-neutralize God, meaning that God is no longer to be referred to as male. In the future, God is a man, a woman or a transgender or whatever a supplicant chooses to believe It is.

Rev. Dyer and his colleagues also seem to be opposed to Donald Trump and the Second Amendment. It might explain why the number of Protestants is down to 1.7 million in the U.S., half of what it was 30 years ago.

Although Rev. Dyer acknowledges his church is losing followers, he seems to prefer a smaller flock so long as the church is not seen as judgmental. As he puts it: “Jesus never hated anyone.”

Not being a theological scholar or 2,100 years old, I can’t confirm or deny. But I think it’s safe to assume that Jesus loved the Romans and the moneychangers a lot less than he loved everybody else, and he would have little patience with a left-wing goody-goody like this Dyer character.

* When I heard that the Pentagon is missing $800 million allocated to construction projects, my first thought was to wonder if they were still dealing with cement companies owned by the Mafia.

It seems an audit of the Pentagon could cost as much as a billion dollars. And I thought my accountant charged too much!

I do wonder, though, if it’s just a coincidence that the cost of tracing the missing money would exceed the amount they might turn up by $200 million.

* I hate having to point out that last month, I was prescient enough to point out that measuring the health of the nation’s economy by using the Stock Market as a thermometer was fraught with peril because of its volatility.

The mere fact that the Wall Street reacts badly to low unemployment out of fear it could lead to inflation makes it a very questionable gauge.

Okay, I lied. I didn’t hate having to point it out at all. In fact, I’ve thrown out my shoulder patting myself on the back.

But I would urge all the Chicken Littles to stop running around the barnyard and squawking their heads off. If companies expand and hire more Americans at higher wages, that’s a good thing. And if a few stockbrokers and hedge fund managers look a little less like financial wizards than they did a couple of weeks ago when the Market was going straight up, thanks to Trump’s deregulations and tax reform bill, that hardly constitutes a tragedy. In the world of high finance, I believe it’s referred to as a correction.

* scum-Adam Schiff, who would be my congressman if I lived about 12 miles east of where I am, suggested that the Kremlin is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment because there’s nothing that Vladimir Putin enjoys more than seeing Americans killing each other – unless, I’m guessing, it’s a morning splash in the icy waters of the Volga, followed by the breakfast of champions, Wheaties and a sliced banana in a bowl of vodka.

Before you start congratulating me for dodging the bullet, I’ll remind you that my congressman is Brad Sherman, who agrees with Rep. scum-Schiff, but doesn’t speak as well and is funny-looking, to boot.

* Although most of us had never heard of Carter Page until we recently learned that the FBI used him as a boogeyman to scare up a FISA warrant with which to spy on Trump’s brain trust, it seems that the FBI has been surveilling him since 2013. Apparently, in five years, the Bureau hasn’t been able to come up with anything indictable. That’s probably because the only thing he’s guilty of is his party registration; not Communist, as in the old days, but Republican, as it became under liar-nObama.

Hell, if it’s taken the FBI five years and they can’t even nab this poor schnook for double-parking, it makes you wonder how many years Robert Mueller is prepared to devote to his own particular witch hunt.

If you want to Comment directly to Burt Prelutsky, please mention my name Rudy. 


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